Ding Junhui returned to the top ten in the world ranking, the goal is still the world championship
Ding Junhui held up the championship trophy.Picture / Visual China In the early morning of the 2019 Snooker Championship, Ding Junhui defeated Maguire 10-6 to end his 806-day championship.After 10 years, he finally won the British Championship for the third time.At the moment when the Barbican Centre won the championship, Ding Junhui shouted with fists, venting the pressure and the doubts he had suffered in the past 806 days.In the cheers and applause of live fans, Ding Junhui held up the championship trophy of the British Championships.”I still believe in myself, I still want to impact the World Championship.There have been a lot of doubts about me in the past two years, but now that I have won the game, this is a good start.”Ding Junhui said after the game.In this victory, he has forever ended the history of untitled for more than two years. He has also become the first three-time champion of the “post-80s” British Championship, and the number of champions in the ranking reached 14.Then he pointed out: “I believe more and more parents are watching snooker and watching my game in China.Maybe their children don’t understand what snooker is, but they will discover it slowly and try to pick up the club.”Ding Junhui hopes to let more and more people fall in love with this sport.”After the game ended, the World Taiwan Federation also updated the latest world ranking. Ding Junhui won the British Championship and received a prize of 200,000 pounds.

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Liu Tianchi: Actor’s acting skills are criticized, “pot” should not be backed by actors
On November 21st, the “New Wave Forum” antiques in Beijing.This issue of the New Wave Forum focuses on whether “actor variety shows can make the market return to acting as king”.Liu Tianchi, a teacher in the acting department of the Central Academy of Drama, said that the actors ‘acting skills were criticized. The“ pot ”should not be borne solely by the actors.The role is king, and now many times the actor has come to the front of the role.”At the same time, above Liu Tianchi, the director should also help the actor more to complete the role.Liu Tianchi.The picture comes from a webcast. Through the rise of variety shows such as “Actor’s Birth”, “Actors are in place” and “Acting School”, “Acting Skills” was brought directly to public view for discussion.Talking about the original intention of producing the “acting skills” program, Song Binghua, the general director of “Acting Skills”, admitted that in the art category, there are competitions in music and dance, and there is no competition in “performance” because everyone understands the performance differently. “WeI also hope to popularize what the performance is and give the audience more content than they expected.In Song Binghua’s view, the purpose of “acting skills” variety shows is to expand the audience’s performances and enhance the audience’s appreciation level. “Although it is not necessarily the most ideal way, but the effect is accelerated.”Talking about such performances, Liu Tianchi, who once “sited” the “Birth of Actors”, believes that the show’s PK mode does not show acting skills. She said that she would have “academic spirit” when she first started this kind of show.It will be harder, but I slowly found out that this is a variety show and a reality show. “The so-called PK of the actors should not be true. It is also a good thing if you can spread some performance knowledge in a show.”Niu Junfeng, a young actor who has just participated in” Actors in Place “, said that he regarded the show as an opportunity and never thought about winning or losing the game.” The show is a stage where teachers can guide themselves.”Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Wei, Tong Na proofreading Li Shihui

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­  新华社加拉加斯8月1日电(记者李文清 吴昊)委内瑞拉最高法院7月31日晚宣布逮捕两名反对派领导人,据当地媒体报道,这两人均于1日凌晨被从家中带走武汉夜网论坛,目前关押在米兰达州拉莫韦德军事监狱。­  委内瑞拉最高法院7月31日晚宣布,撤销对反对派领导人莱奥波尔多洛佩斯和安东尼奥莱德斯马在家中监禁的判决。­  洛佩斯是委内瑞拉反对党人民意志党领导人,因2014年组织大规模反政府示威活动造成大量人员伤亡,被判刑13年9个月。委最高法院今年7月8日发布公报说,基于洛佩斯的身体原因,决定对其采取人道主义措施,批准他从在狱中服刑改为在家接受监禁。­  据最高法院公报,洛佩斯被要求不得参与任何政治活动,但他未能遵守,因此撤销对其在家监禁的判决。­  根据公报,最高法院此前判处另一名反对派领导人莱徳斯马不得向任何媒体发表公开声明,而他也未执行该判决。­  最高法院公报说,根据情报机构的报告,这两名反对派领导人均有逃跑计划,因此启动紧急措施将其逮捕。­  7都市夜网月30日,委内瑞拉举行制宪大会选举。而反对党联盟竭力反对,并组织大规模游行、全民公投等以示抗议。­  今年4月以来,马杜罗领导的左翼政府与反对派之间的冲突愈演愈烈,委内瑞拉国内不断爆发大规模示威游行,截至目前已有百余人死于游行中的暴力事件。 原标题:委内瑞拉两名反对派领导人被逮捕

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Bank of Changshu (601128): Intensive cultivation to create a small and micro moat

The county-level agricultural and commercial leader, and the expansion in different places led Changshu Bank to be restructured from the Changshu Rural Credit Cooperative Union. It is the first batch of joint-stock rural financial institutions in the country.The first bank to go out of the registered area to implement cross-regional operations, and the first bank to be approved for the establishment of an investment management village bank.

The company’s business is mainly concentrated in the province, but it is at the forefront of comparable peers in terms of expansion in other places. In 2018, the company’s proportion of regional revenue in provinces outside Changshu.

88%, operating profit accounted for 46.

63%, and the operating income of rural banks outside the province, operating profit ratio was 12 respectively.

32%, 9.


Profitable for 10 years in the same industry, and the first to meet the turning point in 2018, Changshu Bank12.

62% of ROEs ranked second among listed rural commercial banks, 1.

The 01% ROA ranks first among all listed rural commercial banks, and it is also the only listed rural commercial bank above 1%.

From the historical sequence point of view, the company’s profit level was not outstanding before 2014, but after experiencing a profit decline in the interest rate marketization process from 2014 to 2015, its profit has gradually improved since 2016, and it has taken the lead to stand out from listed rural commercial banks.
From the perspective of DuPont analysis, the company’s ROA higher than comparable peers is mainly due to the contribution of interest margin and net fee and commission income. The contribution of interest margin is particularly prominent, and its advantages continue to expand in recent years. The main drag is from the comparativeHigh business and management fees and impairment losses.

The main business focuses on micro-loans, and the ultra-high interest margin of differentiated and competitive companies is mainly because the company’s general loan yield is far higher than that of its peers, which is derived from the business focus on “micro-loans” and has strong pricing power.

As of the end of 2018, the average bank loan size of Changshu Bank was only 36.

610,000 yuan, single-family loans 四川耍耍网 below 10 million loan proportion as high as 64.

27%, so whether it is retail or corporate loans, the level of yield ranks first among listed banks.

At the same time of having a high interest margin advantage, the company also well controlled the credit risk of small and micro businesses, and its asset quality was in a leading position among listed banks.

Headquarters, the company’s business is concentrated in Jiangsu Province, the geographical advantage of ownership; reduced, the company’s risk control system established from the three dimensions of personnel, systems and data is very complete, leading from the asset quality in the province, and leading several companies in southern JiangsuThis is evident from listed farmers.

Investment suggestion: optimistic about the long-term competitive advantages of differentiated operations. The company’s business has always focused on small and micro entities, bringing absolute high interest margin advantages. At the same time, the company has innovatively established a customer manager team, big data technology and a credit factory.The core business competitiveness of the differentiated business model, excellent asset quality, and guarantees stable and high growth performance; the existing company’s profitability is at the leading low position among listed rural commercial banks, and at the same time, it ushered in the ROE upward inflection point before comparable peers.Will continue to expand, so we are optimistic about the long-term competitive advantages of the company’s differentiated business model.

The outstanding deterioration of corporate profits affects the quality of bank assets; 2.

Financial regulations have become more stringent.

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Depth * Company * 璞 泰来 (603659): The first quarter profit is flat and the profitability has improved

The company released the first quarter report of 2019 and achieved profit1.

29 megabytes, basically flat for one year.

The company’s midstream platform strategy for lithium battery has achieved initial results, and maintains its overweight rating.

Key points to support rating The highest profit in the first quarter of 2019 was flat: the company released the first quarter report of 2019 and achieved operating income10.

29 ppm, an increase of 79 in ten years.

52%; realized profit 1.

29 ppm, an increase of 0 in ten years.


Replenishment volume has achieved high growth, and the gross profit margin has increased: The initial increase in operating income in the first quarter was the increase in the allocation of supplementary materials and alternative segmented processing business. The replacement of profit growth over revenue growth was the increase in the price of raw material needle coke.As well as increasing demand for fast-charging products, increasing the number and cost of carbonization processing has led to a decline in profitability, and the overall gross profit margin has gradually decreased10.

05 averages to 26.


The final material capacity is continuously released, and self-built graphitization reduces costs: the company is a domestic artificial graphite leader. As of the end of 2018, continuous material capacity 3 conversion, new 2 replacement continuous material capacity is expected to be released in 2019; the company stepped up supporting supporting graphitization capacity.The company’s Inner Mongolia Xingfeng 5 additive graphitization capacity is expected to be put into production in the second quarter of 2019. The self-built key processes overlap Inner Mongolia’s low electricity price advantage, which is expected to significantly reduce the cost of alternative materials.

Expanding the high growth of alternative scales and integrating the layout to improve profitability: The company’s restructuring business constrained strategic large customers such as CATL, benefited significantly from the high growth of 上海夜网论坛 industry demand and achieved rapid growth through scale.

The company has realized the integrated layout of base film-embedding material-inserting machine-inserting processing, which has significant synergy effects and is expected to improve the profitability of embedded business.

Lithium battery equipment is tied to major downstream customers and is committed to maintaining stable growth: domestic lithium battery leaders have started a second wave of production expansion, and the company has tied strategic large customers such as CATL and ATL to promote significant benefits.

While maintaining the leading edge in replacement equipment, the company has accelerated R & D expansion and market promotion in the field of lithium battery front-end dispersion, mixing and dividing and cutting equipment, and the lithium battery equipment business has promoted stable growth.

We estimate that the company’s estimated earnings for 2019-2021 will be 1.



58 yuan, corresponding to a market surplus of 30.



5 times, maintaining the overweight level.

The main risks facing the rating are that the demand for new energy vehicles is not up to expectations; the price competition is higher than expected; and the merger and acquisition business is not up to expectations.

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Yixintang (002727) Research Report: Look at each other and never tire of Taoism

Key points of the report: Response to policy changes: Promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, and adapt to local conditions. Facing changes in retail pharmacy policies, focus on strengths and avoid weaknesses, adapt to local conditions, and have the ability to respond.

Licensed pharmacists: Existing pharmacies mainly use remote reviewers, supplement pharmacies to strengthen personnel training, and choose regions with a higher density of licensed pharmacists to expand. Mergers and acquisitions should consider licensed pharmacists on the job.

Outflow of prescriptions: DTP pharmacies were first deployed, chronic disease management pharmacies were actively established, and attempts were made to acquire primary medical institutions.

Medicare: The coverage rate of Medicare is as high as 79.

77%, South China still has room for improvement.

Adjust sales scope in accordance with local medical insurance policies.

Volume purchase: The short-term impact is small, and subsequent methods such as clearing inventory, finding alternatives, and renegotiating supply prices with suppliers to increase profits and actively undertake prescription outflows.

Internet pharmacy: vigorously develop online sales, strong logistics and information systems are the guarantee.

Development of key areas: Consolidate Yunnan, focus on Sichuan, and focus on developing a scoring model for key areas in Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, and divide each province into key areas, key areas to be developed, and relatively weak areas.

Adopt different development strategies for different regions: Yunnan should consolidate the bones of the leading sheep and make the store sink.

The proportion of Sichuan’s breakthrough mature stores has increased, and the expansion of new logistics use is expected to become a breakthrough point in performance.

Guangxi, Shanxi and other places are stable and stable. Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia have friendly policies. High density of licensed pharmacists can be used as key development areas. Chongqing, Guizhou and other regions have high competition pressures. They can combine local characteristics to develop Internet pharmacies and other special services.

The strategy of strategic management: precise market strategy, expansion of dividends is expected to fulfill the company’s strategy of entering the middle of the market, and is a pioneer of urban-rural integration.

The preliminary budget financial indicators are positive, the expansion is more reasonable, and the operating efficiency is significantly improved.

With the rapid expansion of stores in the mature period, the company is expected to realize the dividend of the expander in the next two years, and the profit margin will promote a rapid recovery.

Investment advice and profit forecast The remote reviewer fully implemented the part-time rehabilitation practising pharmacist. The company is expected to complete the gradual goal of opening 1,200 new stores in the second half of the year, which will have little impact.

After 2020, the rapid expansion period 杭州夜生活网 stores will gradually enter the mature period, and profits will enter a period of rapid growth.

It is expected that from 2019 to 2021, the company’s net profit attributable to mothers will be fine-tuned to: 6.

52 (-0.

04), 8.

34 (+0.

26) and 10.

42 (+0.

68) Ten thousand yuan, the corresponding basic budget benefits are: 1.

15 (-0.

01), 1.

47 (+0.

05) and 1.

84 (+0.

12) Yuan / share, corresponding to the current maximum PE of 17, 13, and 11 times.

Maintain target price of 40.

95 yuan / share, give the company a “buy” investment rating.

Risks indicate insufficient supply of licensed pharmacists, the off-site expansion is not up to expectations, and store integration is less than expected.

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Ten Commandments in the Workplace-White Collars Should Not Cry

Editor’s note: There are so many rules and regulations in the office. You must not be furious or angry; you must not perform unpredictable actions by others; you must not be born with affectionate people; you should not cry, and tears are one of them.

  Because the overreaction will bring pressure to the people suffering from Zhou; office love will disturb the level of OFFICE; and the crying that is too strong or slightly changed will gradually be classified as poor psychological endurance.Weakness will ultimately affect his career.

Is it really?

  Office tear bag case tear bag case-tears represent a non-professional Laura looks a perfect professional woman, smart, beautiful, motivated, and strives to be perfect, the only dead spot is crying.

Laura had a nickname since she was a child. When she was in high school, many students gave her graduation message: Sister Lin, please correct the problem of crying at every turn.

  Unfortunately, after all these years, Laura has not changed.

After working hard for a month, the boss rejected it, and Laura couldn’t help secretly tearing away. I thought nobody knew it, but it took me mascara to sell her completely.

As a result, BOSS warned her severely: bringing personal emotions into the workplace is a sign of non-professionalism.

  Case of Tearbag-Crying soon, it is two hours before the cut-off time continues. Lara Ben thought that everything was OK, but the important manuscript of the article was rejected by the leader, and an additional interview was needed.

The first time I encountered this situation, I couldn’t open the sunroof, right?

La Ramon.

Then Lala rained heavily, and everyone in the office was stunned by the loud weeping of Lala!

After 5 minutes, Lala’s tears were still dry, and she started racing against the draft.

  Ten Commandments of the Office-Don’t Cry?

  What does tears represent?

The lacrimal gland is a difficult thing to control.

It is more difficult for crying people to cry out and for crying people to cry than it is to let thin people gain weight and make fat people lose weight.

It doesn’t make much sense that some people are born with lacrimal glands. Once they cry, tears are like leaking valves and they keep dripping.

Puzzling those with lacrimal gland inactivity.

  In fact, to those who cry, tears are a catharsis and a normal response to stimuli.

Those MMs like Lin Daiyu are sensitive and affectionate. They prefer to express their mood through tears. Sadness, surprise, stress, and fatigue will cause their tear gland reactions.

  From the traditional point of view, crying has always been considered a similar thing.

From an early age, we are educated: be strong, be patient, and control ourselves.

In fact, personality is infinitely good or bad. Sensitive people have better insights into many details and problems that are often overlooked. Therefore, in some cases, it has become their advantage.

Therefore, if you are naturally sensitive and affectionate, it is not a bad thing, and if you are distressed, you should try to accept it and understand it with tolerance.

  Should we be more understanding in the face of crying colleagues?

  In fact, the impact of crying in OFFICE is not all the same. For example, if you are unreasonably criticized by your boss, or if your crying is occupied by unequal occupation, then your tears will cause sympathy for others.and support.

  Joke: The four sociology tricks of women’s tears are how to deal with the tears of the boss as a boss and the tears of subordinates or employees. What do you do?

Go away?

Ignore it?

Criticize her?

  Then maybe you should reflect on it.

Correctly, the relationship with employees reflects the professional ability and professional qualities of the boss.

Conflicts and contradictions in work are not rare, but crying is also a signal that indicates a gap and indicates that there is a problem. If you blindly ignore and leave it alone, in some cases, it will exacerbate the problem.

The wise move is to strengthen communication, solve problems, and build closer relationships with subordinates.

If the lacrimal glands of more than one employee have become more and more fragile recently, you should also consider whether the internal environment of your company is too depressive, and whether the recent performance evaluation standards are somewhat unreasonable?

  Expert advice: Ask the workplace to find the cause of crying. If you have become particularly sensitive at this time, then you must also find the cause.What always makes you cry?

Is it a criticism of the leader?

Is it overworked?

Is the pre-menstrual emotional tension?

Or physiological low tide?

Analyze and look for patterns.

Get ready for your emotional management.

  If your lacrimal glands are active due to your boss’s unfair attitude, then, for your “opposite” in your work, accompanied by crying in his face in front of his head, it is better to tell him when you are calm: you always underestimateThe results and capabilities of my work make me feel very unfair.

If the attitude of the other party is still serious, or the smell of gunpowder in the air is about to approach the storm, before you lose control, use a firm and decisive tone to stop the personality: I think we are no longer suitable for this.

Let’s talk when you are calm.

If the other party is still struggling, get up and leave.

Such behavior is neither weak nor irrational, but rather quite decent and professional.

  First, take a small work stress test. If the work stress is too high, then let the pressure transition to an unbearable level at the same time. It is better to quickly decompress yourself, not to accept work outside the scope of your ability, and not to please the boss or colleagues too much., Let yourself repeatedly struggle for perfection, not put too high demands on yourself, increase resistance in the face of pressure.

  Many times, stress does not only come from work. Family problems in your life can also make you vulnerable. If you bring the impact of family interests into the workplace, then without your knowledge, it will inevitably cause colleagues orThe boss’s incomprehension and trivialities, you need to be alert at this time.

If the situation is complicated, you can ask a professional psychiatrist to help you find the crux of the problem.

  Xiaobian intimate reminder-crying, crying, the office is a public place, after all, if your crying caused everyone’s resentment and glances, then you have to think about whether you violated the game rules of the office.

  For example, under emotional impulses, you can hide in the bathroom, but it ‘s best not to cry endlessly while you are attending; you can be beside and shed tears to your closest colleague, but do n’t cry in front of the customerRunning away makes it difficult for the boss to step down; if you bring your emotions to the negotiation table and mess up important work, you will find it hard to justify yourself.

  It really doesn’t matter if I can’t help crying, but remember to properly clean up the scene of the wolf howling.

Eye drops will modify your red and swollen eyes, foundation, eyeshadows, and remover fluids, which can help you clean your crying makeup.

Perfume and beautiful music in MP3 can help you change your mood as soon as possible.

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Most Hot Aerobic Dance Weight Loss

Aerobic exercise is a kind of rhythmic exercise, and it is also the right weight-loss exercise promoted by the health room. Mastering its weight-loss characteristics can make you choose the aerobic fitness exercise that suits you more effectively!

  Give young people good physical fitness and have weight loss requirements. Fitness story: Liu Fang’s 27-year-old clerk joined the work and gained weight over time. So Liu Fang followed the colleague into the gym to practice yoga.

  After one time, my colleague’s insomnia improved, and people became more beautiful, but Liu Fang lost sleep.

Finally, after the coach’s advice, dance training started, and soon ran away.

  Solution: strength + aerobic exercise through the exercise of strength to achieve the role of shaping muscle lines.

Aerobic exercise is to better consume excess feces.

The combination of the two can achieve the effect of weight loss + shaping.

  New attention: The upgraded version of aerobic dance aerobics is also richer than Latin dance, belly dance and other dance types. It is a combination fitness program that includes tap dance, jazz dance, belly dance, Latin dance, street dance and other dances.
It also exercises different parts through different dance types, which can comprehensively affect the whole body strength.

Just twice a week.

  Your fitness story for those who wish to lose weight and have a poor physical condition: Lu Qing’s 36-year-old first weight loss began with eating a diet meal.

Although she lost 7 pounds in two months, her eyes became green and her condition was extremely poor.

After returning to a normal diet, weight quickly rebounded.

I heard that spinning bikes have a good weight loss effect, but the body can’t afford it.

Finally, I found a personal trainer, which made me a training plan for treadmill + yoga.

Since it’s just started, the effect is not very obvious, but I think the fitness has become relaxed and interesting.

  Solution: Aerobic + yoga aerobic exercise is an excellent weight loss program, but you need your own physical energy to choose, and the item that consumes little physical energy.

And yoga is very effective in regulating body functions. Practicing it is effective in restoring physical strength and increasing physical energy.

  New concern: In addition to those who are prone to gain weight, postpartum mothers now also account for a large part of their weight. Postpartum exercise should not be too much, but they are annoyed by the need to reduce the aunt in the confinement.

Postpartum yoga is designed for moms in yoga.

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Honeysuckle soaking water can not drink overnight

A few days ago, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine announced the Chinese medicine formula for children, pregnant women and other groups to prevent a stream of influenza. Honeysuckle has been selected many times.

Some citizens even use honeysuckle to soak in water for daily health care. This is a hot sale of honeysuckle. In some places, the retail price and wholesale price of honeysuckle have increased to varying degrees.

TCM experts remind that honeysuckle may not be suitable for daily diet, people with spleen and stomach deficiency should use less honeysuckle to drink water.

  Li Jian, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, pointed out that honeysuckle can clear away heat and detoxify and evacuate cold.

Compared with Huanglian, Astragalus, Phellodendron, etc., which can clear lung fire, clear lung heat but mainly bitter cold, honeysuckle is sweet and cold, and does not hurt the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, people who have dry mouth or red tongue, sore throat, dry stool, etc., can match honeysuckle with chrysanthemum, golden lotus soaked in water, and can also add rock sugar to taste.

  But not everyone is suitable to drink with honeysuckle.

Experts pointed out that honeysuckle is suitable for people with moderate constitution or internal heat.

Deficiency of the spleen and stomach (such as frequent stomach pain, diarrhea, cold abdomen, cold hands and feet) should not use honeysuckle to soak.

Moreover, honeysuckle soaked in water and brewed tea is similar, brewing two or three times, and should not be placed after overnight.

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The right curtains help sleep

In terms of materials, curtains are made of cotton, hemp, gauze, satin, flocking, bamboo, man-made fibers and so on.

  Among them, cotton and linen are common materials for curtains, easy to wash and replace, and are suitable for bedrooms; decorative replacement of yarn curtains can enhance the sense of depth in the room, good light transmission, suitable for use in living rooms and balcony; satin, flockingThe curtains are delicate in size, luxurious and gorgeous, and have good shading and sound insulation effects, but the price is relatively high; the bamboo curtain has clear texture, good lighting effect, and is wear-resistant, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, and does not fade, which is suitable for living room and balconyHard, easy to wash, durable, and good shading. Blinds are currently popular. When choosing, you can first touch whether the leaves are smooth and have no burrs, and then hang the curtain flat to try to see if it can be flexible. Finally, turn the adjustment lever.Check whether the blades are tilted freely. In addition, some wooden curtains will use adhesives, which may easily cause indoor pollution. If you have children at home, the elderly or pregnant women should be carefully replaced.

  When people buy curtains, they usually think about its decoration. In fact, they should pay more attention to the following aspects.


Studies have shown that when indoor continuous voice pollution reaches 30 decibels, it can interfere with normal sleep.

Therefore, it is better to choose a curtain size with sound absorption effect. The size is flocking, cotton and linen.

At least, the thicker the curtain, the better the sound absorption effect. Good-sized curtains can reduce external noise by 10% -20%.


If you want to take a comfortable nap during the day, it is best to choose a curtain with blackout effect for the bedroom, the best is cotton or flocking fabric.

In the study, the interior of the restaurant generally does not require too much light. You can replace the shutters and brake the light.

  Keep warm.

In winter, the curtains need to consider the issue of thermal insulation. The flocked curtain fabrics are thick and have better thermal insulation.

According to research by Japanese interior designers, crimson is the warmest of all colors and suitable for winter use.

  Regulate mood.

If the color of the curtains is too deep, it will be accompanied by depression for a long time; if the colors are too bright, it is not good. Some newlyweds like to choose brightly colored curtains, but over time, it will cause visual fatigue and irritability.

In fact, you can go for simplicity, choose natural, fresh colors such as light green and light blue, which can make people feel happy; people who are prone to insomnia can try to replace red and black curtains to help them fall asleep as soon as possible.

  Don’t choose curtains that are too low, because some cheap curtains are flammable when exposed to fire, and good quality curtains usually have fire resistance, so family safety can be guaranteed.

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