2018 World Footballer top 3 preset list revealed that Messi missed
On September 3, Beijing time, FIFA announced the last three candidates of the seven FIFA best practices in 2018.In London on September 24th, FIFA will announce the final winners of 7 awards.  Among them, the most notable list of the last three men of the world’s men’s footballers is to unveil the suspense. The final three-person list is Ronaldo of Portugal, Modric of Croatia, and Salah of Egypt. They will compete for the final laurels.  Candidates for Mr. World Football: Ronaldo, Modric, Salah. The top three best men’s coaches are the French Deschamps who won the World Cup, Zidane, who won the Champions League three times by Real Madrid, andDalic, who became the first time democracy reached the World Cup finals.  Candidates for the best male coach: Dalic, Deschamps, and Zidane’s best goalkeepers are respectively faced with France’s captain Lori, the World Cup gold glove, and Courtois.Leicester City and Denmark performed the brave Schmeichel.  Best goalkeeper candidates: Courtois, Lori, SchmeichelOriginal title: World Footballer’s top 3 list: C Rodriguez Salah Messi missed

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No gender, they are all human angels in the world
Answer: All played.The first line is Audrey Hepburn, Ben Stiller, Cecilia Cheung; the second line is Juliet Binoche, Lin Xinru, Mao is not easy.They have all played nurse roles in film and television dramas.The International Nurses Day is held on May 12 each year to commemorate Florence Nightingale, the founder of the modern nursing discipline.This day is also of great significance to China. Today, 12 years ago, an earthquake gave medical workers time to celebrate the holiday and began to save lives, and this year’s epidemic made them the focus of everyone.Although not directly deciding life or death like a doctor, nurses are also silently guarding the recovery of everyone with their white clothes.The first line corresponds to the work stills.Audrey Hepburn played a nun in “Nun’s Biography”, and was later admitted to medical school as a nurse. After graduation, she was sent to serve in Columbia, Africa.Modern nurse uniforms evolved from nun uniforms, because many of the initial manual nursing jobs were nuns and monks.The nurse who also worked in the war also has the role of Juliet Binoche in “British Patient”. Because the lover and friend died in the war, she thought she was threatened with a curse, so she took the burned “British”The “patient” stayed in a house to avoid harm to more people.Lin Xinru also played a nurse in the TV series “Love and Rain”. When Japan invaded China, she let go of the life of the young lady and went to the battlefield hospital.The second line corresponds to the work stills.Ben Stiller is a male nurse in “Meet Your Father-in-law”.Since the Industrial Revolution, nursing work has been considered to have feminine qualities and should be occupied by women among nurses.But now there are redundant male nurses, and the identification of their gender traits is relatively one-sided.Singer Mao is not easy to play a male nurse in “Sha Hai”, he was a nurse before becoming a singer.The image of Cecilia Cheung’s nurse in “Star Wish” should be everyone’s expectation in peacetime.She is beautiful and kind. I look so pitiful and crying is beautiful. This kind of nurse image is believed to help patients get comfort both physically and psychologically.Numerous nurses are doing preparations and aftercare before and after doctors save the disease. Their contribution should be affirmed.Taking stock of movies and TV dramas related to medical care, we found that the literary and artistic works focusing on nurses are still going on, and we hope that more works will reflect their lives in the future and show their dedication to patients.Written by Wu Longzhen, proofread by Li Lijun

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New natural gas (603393): Asian and American energy performance steadily grows Xinjiang city gas business turns losses

Event: The company released the third quarter report of 2019.

The company achieved operating income of 17 in the first three quarters.

7.4 billion, an increase of 105 in ten years.

2%, net profit attributable to mother 2.

70,000 yuan, an increase of 116 in ten years.

5%, in line with Shen Wanwanyuan’s expectations.

Key points of investment: Asian and American energy performance has grown significantly, and Xinjiang’s urban gas business achieved profit in the third quarter.

The company achieved net profit attributable to its mother in the third quarter.

14 trillion, an increase of 0 compared to the same period in 2018.

920,000 yuan, an increase of 0 from the second quarter of 2019.

US $ 3.5 billion, mainly benefited from the growth of Asian and American energy performance (also with consolidation factors, only in September in 2018) and the profitability of Xinjiang’s urban gas business.

In the first half of the year, Asia-US Energy’s coal-bed methane volume and price rose, and revenue from January to June increased by 38 in the past ten years.

8%, net profit attributable to mothers increases by 64 each year.


According to the forecast for the third quarter results, Asia-American Energy’s revenue from January to September increased by 27%, while operating costs fell by 5%, helping the mother net profit increase by 83% to 5.

39 trillion, of which the net profit attributable to mothers was about 2 trillion in the third quarter, and the performance showed an accelerated release trend.

From this we calculated that the company’s Xinjiang city gas business realized a profit of about 10 million yuan in the third quarter and successfully realized a loss (the first quarter and the second quarter decreased by about 10 million and 3 million yuan, respectively).

Asian American Energy continued to supplement and phase out, and the cooling in winter is beneficial to the reduction and promotion of coalbed methane.

Asian and American Energy began to continue to add holes in the initial stage. Panzhuang Blockchain completed 22 holes in the first half of 2019. It is expected that the number will gradually increase in the third quarter.

In October last year, the Development and Reform Commission approved the coalbed methane development plan for the southern region of the Mabi Blockchain. The Mabi Blockchain has a design capacity of 1 billion cubic meters per year. It is a block of the Panzhuang Blockchain.During the construction period, the output is expected to increase rapidly from the fourth quarter.

Since October, the temperature of the north has fallen sharply before the heating season, leading to a rapid increase in natural gas demand. The average national market price of LNG has risen rapidly from around 3,000 yuan / ton at the end of September to around 3700 yuan / ton in late October.

In this context, the company has the advantage of saturated coalbed methane, and the rapid growth of the market’s LNG price is also expected to provide some support for the company’s substantial upward movement.

The national oil and gas pipeline network company was established soon, and unconventional gas mining companies are expected to benefit first.

With the continuous deepening of market-oriented reforms in the energy sector, national leaders have repeatedly stated their position since the early days of the oil and gas pipeline network independence, and directional policies have emerged frequently. We judge that the national oil and gas pipeline network company will establish a probability breakthrough this year.

After the establishment of the pipeline network company, the monopoly of the “three barrels of oil” in the field of natural gas supply and transportation will be broken. In the future, the upstream and downstream pricing mechanism of natural gas will gradually move towards marketization.

The overall minimum value of Asian American Energy CBM purity, the average value of the Panzhuang blockchain in 2018 was 1.

67 yuan / cubic meter, the price of the benchmark gate station in Shanxi Province is 1.

77 yuan / cubic meter (usually 20% higher in peak season).

CBM has 南京夜网 obvious advantages under market-based competition. After the long-term transmission pipeline network is fairly opened, it will try to achieve both volume and price increases.

In terms of location, the transition of the West-East Gas Pipeline to the Mabi Blockchain will directly benefit the subsequent release of the Mabi Blockchain.

Earnings forecast and estimation: Based on the progress of Asia-American energy capacity release, we maintain the company’s net profit forecast for the mother company for 2019-2021 to 4.

16, 5.

05 and 6.

0.6 billion.

Corresponding to the current expected PE is 13, 11 and 9 times.

Natural gas consumption continues to grow at a high rate. After the establishment of the National Oil and Gas Pipeline Company, it is expected to directly support the release of the company ‘s performance 北京会所体验网 and maintain a “Buy” rating.

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Weichai Power (000338) 2018 Annual Report Review: Continuous Improvement and Steady Growth

Net profit attributable to mother 86.

600 million, +27.

2% of the companies achieved revenue of 1,592 in 2018.

5.6 billion, +5.

07%, net profit attributable to mother 86.

580,000 yuan, +27.

16%; return to mother deduction is not 80.

09 million yuan, +23.


A total of 36 heavy truck engines were sold in 2018.

30,000, basically the same; 15 heavy trucks.

30,000 vehicles, +2.

7%; speed 90.

90,000 units, + 8.

9%; KION national income 80.

0 billion euros, +5.

2%, each segment achieved solid growth.

The company expects sales revenue in 2019 to be approximately RMB 17.5 million, an increase of approximately 10% over 2018.

The profit level improved steadily and steadily.

36%, 0 less than the same period last year.

19pct, of which selling expenses cost 6.

67%, a decrease of 0.

15pct; the management expense rate is controlled at 3.

93%, a slight increase each year; benefiting from the increase in interest income from bank deposits, the financial expense ratio fell to 0.

34 points; R & D expenses 2.

71%, an increase of 0.

25pct, the company’s high R & D promotes the continuous creation of a moat.

Infrastructure + update, heavy truck sales may be infrastructure: Minister of Finance Liu Kun stated at the “China Development High-level Forum” that in order to cope with the downward pressure on the economy, the scale of infrastructure will continue to increase, which will significantly promote the sales of heavy trucks.

Update: In July 1988, the “Blue Sky Defense Plan” will accelerate the elimination of old vehicles and replace them with stocks. This “compulsory phase-out” is expected to promote the replacement of more than 2 million China IIIs within three years, and the annual sales volume of heavy trucks is expected to continue to remain high.increase.
In September 18, Mr. Tan Xuguang, chairman of the company, has also strengthened a series of corporate cooperation since he became chairman of Sinotruk Group. The company’s engine products have successfully entered HOWO, Shandeka and other models.

Liu Jiayi, secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee of the two sessions this year, said that it would promote the reorganization of Shandong Heavy Industry, China National Heavy Duty Truck and Weichai.

The leadership of Shandong Province has a clear purpose, integrate high-quality assets, and build a world leader in the heavy truck industry chain.

Leading heavy truck industry, steady growth, overweight rating, underestimation of outstanding blue chips, perfect storage and logistics 南京桑拿网 and fuel cell layout, restructuring expectations or building a world-class heavy truck company, the company’s performance achieved steady growth.

We expect the EPS for 19/20/21 to be 1, respectively.



36 yuan, the corresponding PE is 10 respectively.


2x, maintaining the overweight level.

Risk warning: heavy truck sales continue to grow significantly

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Zhongke Sanhuan (000970): Price increase of raw materials squeezes product profit, new energy permanent magnet demand breaks out

Event description: The company released its semi-annual report for 2019 and achieved operating income for the first half of the year18.

800 million, down 4 every year.

48%, net profit attributable to mothers was 10,000 yuan, a decrease of 10.

66%; of which, the company achieved revenue 9 in the second quarter.

600 million, down 6 every year.

09%, net profit attributable to mother 0.

56 ppm, a decrease of 19 per year.


Event Comment: Raw material prices have squeezed product profits, and new energy permanent magnet demand has exploded.

In the first half of the year, the company’s revenue and profits fell slightly for two main reasons: (1) the total demand for permanent products continued to increase, but the industry was still at the bottom of the demand inflection point, and competition in the traditional field has intensified.

We believe that with the global volume of new energy vehicles, the magnetic material industry will usher in an inflection point in demand.

We estimate that the proportion of magnetic materials for new energy vehicles in the world will reach 9% in 2019, and this stage can be compared with the cobalt-lithium market in 2015-2017.

The special exception is that the competitive landscape of the global permanent industry and internal resource monopoly advantages are more obvious.

In the process of cycle reversal, leading companies will take the lead to break through, enjoy the excess dividend of the industry reversal, and further expand their competitive advantage.

(2) Driven by national policies and the external environment, the prices of rare earths (rhodium, neodymium, praseodymium, and thorium) rose rapidly in the second quarter, while the order adjustment cycle was relatively lagging, temporarily reducing product profits.

We believe that in the second half of the year, the appreciation of rare earth stocks and product price adjustments will lead to improved corporate performance and the industry’s prosperity.

During the period, the expenses were 天津夜网 well controlled and the operating efficiency was gradually improved.

In the first half of the year, the company’s sales, management and financial expenses were zero.

5.8 billion, 1.

29 ppm, 0.

06 million yuan, maintained at the highest level overall, and operating efficiency has gradually improved.

With the smooth establishment of Tesla’s Shanghai plant in the future, the company as a core supplier of Tesla’s permanent magnetic materials will fully benefit.

Profit forecast and investment recommendations: The company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 is expected to be 2 respectively.

71, 3.

80, 6.

03 ppm; EPS is 0.

25, 0.

36, 0.

57 yuan, with a daily corresponding P / E of 39X, 27X, 17X on August 16, 2019, optimistic about the company’s future outbreak of new energy vehicle demand, advanced layout of advanced rail transportation equipment, and the application prospects of permanent magnet materials”Buy” rating.

Risk warning: weak macroeconomic growth, fluctuations in rare earth prices, new energy vehicle development is less than expected.

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不止于外表:黑皮肤患白斑症 她证明美丽超越肤色
­  中新网7月31日电 据外媒报道,美国路易斯安那州非裔妇女琼森从小因黑皮肤遭奚落,25岁时又因患有分节型白斑症而担心会因2种不同肤色遭霸凌。直到12年后,她才学会接受自己,了解美丽不是那么肤浅。­  现年37岁的琼森说,她曾每天花1小时时间化妆,掩盖不同肤色。她几乎因此想要自杀,但为了孩子而撑过来。她在回忆时称:“我很崩溃,感觉我的世界瓦解了。”­  资料图片:加拿大著名模特儿温妮?哈洛4岁时被诊断出患白斑病。但她勇敢面对自己,如今已成为西班牙时装杂志的封面女郎。­  琼森说:“人们会看着我的手,但不想碰我,也不跟我握手。人们盯着我看,对我说刻薄无礼的话,而小孩子则怕我。”­  但现在她表示,喜爱与人不同,这个转变主要来自家人支持。深圳spa会所她说:“我的未婚夫告诉我不须再化妆,不论我是否化妆,他都爱我。有天我醒来看到白斑女模温妮·哈洛(Winnie Harlow)的照片,我想:天啊,她真美。”­  “她有着和我一样的皮肤病,她拥抱自己的美丽,所以我想我也应这么做。”­  琼斯说:“我决定不再化妆时,我都市夜网妈妈哭了,她说她为我感到骄傲。我爸爸和姐妹告诉我,我很美。”­  “我的孩子们不管我皮肤如何,他们爱我,是因为我这个人及我的表现。他们是我最大的支持者,鼓励我做我自己,拥抱自己的美。”­  报道称,全世界仅约1%的人患白斑症,像琼森这样渐进式白斑症的人数更为稀少。她希望她走出来后,可帮助其他人理解并接受这种病。 责任编辑:纪玮维

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China Merchants Bank (600036): The performance has steadily improved, the retail sector has shifted to user traffic management, and the application of science and technology has been accelerated.

Event: China Merchants Bank announced its 18-year annual report, and the net profit interval in 2018 increased by 14.


Operating income grows by 12 per year.

52%, net interest income increased by 10 in ten years.

72%, net fee income increases by 3 per year.


Total assets 6.

75 trillion yuan (+7.

12% year-on-year), of which loan +10.

Year-on-year growth of 32%; deposit +8.

A year-on-year increase of 28%.

Net interest margin 2.

57% (+ 14bps, year-on-year); NPL ratio 1.

36% (-6bps, QoQ); loan-to-loan ratio of 4.

88% (+ 66bps, year-on-year), provision coverage rate of 358.

18% (+32.

2pct, QoQ); ROE16.

57% (+0.

03pct, YoY), ROA1.

24% (+0.

09pct, YoY); capital adequacy ratio 15.

68% (+ 20bps, year-on-year).

Proposed cash cash dividend of 0.

94 yuan, cash dividend ratio of 30.


Ping An’s point of view: The performance in 18 years has risen steadily, and the contribution of interest margin has changed from negative to positive. The company’s net profit in 2018 increased by 14.

84%, an increase of 0 compared to the first three quarters of 18 and 17 years ago.

26pct, 1.

84pct; 18-year revenue increased by 12 in ten years.

52%, an increase of 7 compared with 17 years.

19 points; profit before provision increased by 10 in ten years.

28%, an increase of 7 compared with 17 years.

21 points.

The 18-year company annual report announced that ROAA and ROAE were 1.

24% and 16.

57%, increasing by 0 each year.

09 and 0.

03 averages.From the perspective of performance split: 1) the change in interest rate spread becomes negative compared to 17 years, and it is the second largest positive contribution factor for profit in 18 years; 2) the decrease in provision contribution is mainly due to the company’s worsening bad assets in 18 yearsRecognition and disposal, etc., but continued to increase the provision and increase the safety mat; 3) Affected by changes in accounting standards, non-interest income is contributing significantly, which is a significant increase from 17 years, replacing the provision for accrued profitsQuick positive contribution first.

4) The cost-income ratio was the biggest factor that dragged down the growth rate of performance in 18 years, but narrowed a little earlier than 17 years.

Operating highlights: 1) The retail business focuses on user traffic management and builds an open platform.

The retail business has advanced in terms of digitalization and intelligence, shifting from customers to users, and focusing on user traffic management. At the same time, it has realized card-free outlets and started the “elimination of bank card” campaign. The business transformation has been significant on the company’s two major apps.

2) The number of retail customers is “300 million flying together”, and the profit contribution has remained over half.

In terms of customer base, the total number of customers saved and retail customers reached 100 million and 1 respectively.

2.5 billion, an increase of 17% and 18% respectively; “China Merchants Bank” and “Handheld Life” two app conversion users reached 1.

4.8 billion, an increase of 43%.

The expansion of high-net-worth customers and the exploration of value are a strong support for CMB’s future retail business space.

3) Speed up the application of fintech to the layered system of public construction customers.

China Merchants Bank focuses on strategic customers, builds a layered service system for corporate customers, expands in depth, and accelerates the integration and innovation of technology and business. In the future, wholesale business will continue to focus on the two product systems of transaction banks and investment banks.

Financial analysis: 1) Revenue growth has picked up significantly, and profit growth has been steadily increasing.

The 18-year average revenue and profit have achieved double-digit growth, and net interest income has increased by 10 each year.

72%, its good performance stems from the steady growth and structural adjustment of the scale of interest-earning assets, and the company’s interest margin has improved quarter by quarter.

2) The growth rate of assets in the fourth quarter increased significantly, and debt-side deposits performed well.

At the end of 18, the quarter-on-quarter assets increased by 3.

64%, with a slight contraction in the third quarter, a significant expansion.

Banking business returned to traditional credit under the influence of regulation.

The debt side has stepped up efforts to capture reserves, and the deposit share has increased over the past 17 years2.

5pct to 65.

3%, both incremental and structurally 佛山桑拿网 excellent.

3) Interest spreads: Asset and debt pricing exposures drive interest rate repairs.

The interest rate spread for 2018 is included 2.

57%, 14BP thicker than 17 years, Q4 single quarter increased 12BP.

4) Asset quality: The degree of non-performing double decline continued to decline, and the coverage ratio increased to 358%.

Both the size of non-performing loans and the non-performing ratio in 18 years decreased, and the non-performing deviation in 18 years decreased by 0 compared with 17 years.

73pct to 78.


Investment suggestion The company’s 18-year performance turned in a beautiful answer sheet: the profit growth rate is stable, the asset quality industry is ahead and more consolidated, and the provision is accelerated to increase thickness and increase safety margin.

In general, we believe that under the positioning of the benchmark fintech company by CMB, the deep integration and innovation of technology and finance will comprehensively improve the company’s business experience, service boundaries, management efficiency, development space, etc., combined with the company’s stable operating style and strategyInertia, the future can be expected.

According to the results published in the company’s annual report, and considering the pressure on the future company’s interest margin from a series of policies of the regulatory agency on financing structure and costs, we have also increased the provision coverage ratio indicator. Due to the impact of these two aspects, weLowered profit forecast, forecasting growth rate of 14% in 19/20.

2% / 13.

2% (was 21).

9% / 25.


At present, the total corresponding 19/20 PB is 1.

43x / 1.

27x, PE is 8.

87x / 7.

84x, maintaining the company’s “Highly Recommended” rating. Risk Tips 1) Asset quality is affected by the economic beyond expected range, and credit risk is exposed centrally.

The banking industry is closely related to the national macroeconomic development, and its asset quality is even more affected by the overall macroeconomic development growth rate and quality.

If the macro-economy exceeds expectations, it will inevitably cause the industry’s overall asset quality pressure and affect the disposal and recovery of non-performing assets, thereby affecting the company’s profit growth rate.

2) The policy budget is stronger than expected.

In the context of deleveraging and risk prevention, the breadth and depth of industry supervision have been continuously strengthened. Similar policies and regulatory plans such as new asset management regulations have been introduced. If the overall regulatory trend or the adjustment of policies in a certain area exceeds expectations, the industry andThe company’s operating stability caused adverse effects.

3) Systemic risks arise from market decline.

Bank stocks are an important component of large-cap stocks, and their overall rise and fall are closely related to market investment style.

If the overall market systemic risk declines, it may drive the industry to reduce the decline, thereby affecting the company’s performance.

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What do you think of marriage?

Almost in the 1960s, people had too many heavy shadows of destiny. In the 1980s, people were disturbed by too many directions of life. People born in the 1970s were a kind of people who existed in the cracks of history. One of the sandwich biscuits was in the middle.That layer.

People in the 1970s didn’t seem to be “great.” In the eyes of the 60s, they were a rebellious generation. But in the eyes of the 80s, they were outdated.

  Until the 1980s, most people were unmarried, and most people in the 1970s were not married or planning to get married, and maybe some people were busy divorcing.

Of course, there are still many people who are still unmarried in the 1970s.

Therefore, the marriage of the 70s, that is, the “post-70s” marriage should be the latest marriage in the society. Their marriage has been marked by the 70s, and it is quite unique with the old marriage.

  As described by Tang Yan, the author of the popular novel “Heart”, “The marriage of the post-70s is a silver-like gunhead that looks trendy and stylish.The surface layer melts.

In the past, the traditional concept of ‘holding hands, and the old man’s marriage’, and the concept of love after the 1970s were all different.

“Marriage is happy, a final state that everyone desires.

However, in the 1970s, people treated marriage with mixed flavors. They had some traditions and old-fashioned bones, but the pursuit of liberation of personality has become more and more their yearning for emotional life.

Many of them have experienced premature love and explored the way of love in a passionate and direct way, but they went too fast, so it is inevitable that sometimes they will get confused.

There are also some people who go their own way and let love become an impassive game. For them, marriage is a way of life without ending.

Love is also a way of life, not ideal.

  Love is a bit like a bank, less ● Liu Kun, male, 29 years old, manager of the company ‘s human resources department ● Xiao Li, female, 27 years old, foreign company clerk ◆ Wedding time: two years this week, my wife and I had two fights and went to work on FridayXiao Li still had a dark cloud when she went out.

I wanted to find a ladder to let both of them down, and when I saw the dark cloud, when I got to my mouth, my throat went down again.

  The company was very busy that day, and there was no chance to use the toilet in the morning.

I didn’t go to eat at noon. I brought a glass of water to paralyze on the chair, and the dark clouds of my wife’s shin fluttered in front of my eyes.

Actually now, when we think about it, what are we arguing about?

  The incident happened last Monday night. I called Xiao Li and said that a new restaurant was opened under “Pride”. After work, I tried it. My wife was very pleased to be coquettish.

Two years of marriage, like this two people go out to find something delicious, how to have it once a week or two.

After eating home, I was a bit tired, and the two of them picked up the remote control board.

There was a tennis match that night with my favorite Ferrell, but my wife wanted to watch “The Story of Cats and Dogs”.

  I never liked to watch San Francisco. Somehow that day, I just held the remote control board without letting go.

His wife was hairy and stood in front of the TV like a child.

I suddenly felt that Xiao Li was not pleasing to the eye and threw the remote control board onto the sofa and entered the study.

His wife didn’t follow in and said, “I’m not mad, what’s your anger?

Did I usually fight with you?

What you want to watch is what you want to watch. You buy a TV and watch it by yourself!

“It was so good at night.

  The one on Wednesday was a bit clueless, just because my wife said that my scrambled tomatoes and scrambled eggs didn’t taste right?

I don’t know why, we seem to be getting more and more repeated recently.

Sometimes she calms down and says, can we not be noisy?

But encountering some trivial matters is another battle.

I was so angry that my wife was crying for divorce. I was angry and followed her to the police station. Fortunately, I helped a friend come and scolded me for a meal before persuading me.

  Every time I quarrel, I don’t want to go home and hang around with a group of friends in the bar.

Everyone feels quite the same, can not help but stand on the same front, drink and groan, complain.

Mixed up, the words of a man made me agree.

The buddy said that love accumulated before marriage, and also accumulated until the time of marriage, and then died out. On the wedding day, the money was saved the most. At one point, I slowly withdrew money. After the quarrel, I got a lot of money.Therefore, try not to quarrel after marriage, otherwise, the relationship bank will be overdrawn by the husband and wife at a loss.

When I heard it, I felt that if I was like this now, I would probably overdraw sometime, and then it would freeze.   I really didn’t think about the problem and I was going to work again.

While I was in the bathroom, I decided to think clearly. Is it going to go home tonight with a cheeky face to talk, or continue to hang out for a while.

Just got up and the phone rang.

I picked it up and it was my wife calling.

I picked up the phone and suddenly felt sorry for not being able to go to the nightclub.

  What kind of love, family, security, feelings, community of life do people want from marriage in the 70s . what do people want from marriage in the 70s?

Are the needs of people in the 1970s brilliant?

On May 18, in response to the marriage needs of people in the 1970s, the reporter conducted a sample survey with analysts of Chongqing New Thinking Psychology Company.

  ◎ Subject: Hu Xiaorong, female, 28 years old, civil servant of the government ◎ Keywords: love 1, why did you decide to get married?

Answer: Because of love.

From the moment I saw him, I knew he was the lover I wanted.

  2. What do you want from your marriage?

A: I belong to the old-fashioned woman, or do I want the kind of love that can be shared by people.

  3. Did you get what you needed in your marriage?

A: My husband and I are in good health, and the kindergarten children are also very sensible. I am already satisfied.

  4. What do you think is the most ideal state of marriage?

A: If you can’t love each other for a lifetime, you should at least respect each other.

  ◎ Subject: Song Rui, male, 31 years old, tour company tour guide ◎ Keywords: family 1, why did you decide to get married?

A: There is a long way to go in life, and a beloved woman is accompanied by endless fun.

  2. What do you want from your marriage?

A: A warm feeling of home.

  3. Did you get what you needed in your marriage?

A: I am very lucky. After 5 years of testing, I have received care and confidence.

  4. What do you think is the most ideal state of marriage?

A: Two people go hand in hand in their careers. They care for and trust each other in life and work together to build a small family.

  ◎ Subject: Chen Hongyu, male, 29 years old, self-employed ◎ Keywords: living community 1, why did you decide to get married in the first place?

A: After struggling for many years, she began to yearn for a family. After getting along with her for a long time, both parents were satisfied.

  2. What do you want from your marriage?

A: She can share some work for me. Of course, feelings are also important.

  3. Did you get what you needed in your marriage?

A: Not everything I thought about before my marriage, but I learned to be tolerant.

  4. What do you think is the most ideal state of marriage?

A: Life itself is not optimal, and so is marriage.

  ◎ Subject: Zhang Xuelu, female, 26 years old, middle school teacher ◎ Keyword: sense of security 1, why did you decide to get married in the first place?

A: After two years of love, I just felt that we should have a warm home with each other and we got married like this.

  2. What do you want from your marriage?

Answer: Life is sweet after marriage.

  3. Did you get what you needed in your marriage?

A: He is a patient person. When I am at a loss with my children, he can coax them into obedience, and marriage gives me a sense of security.

  4. What do you think is the most ideal state of marriage?A: A little sense of distance is the best. He often travels in other places. Seeing him after a small farewell has a sense of freshness.

  ◎ Subject: Zhao Zheng, male, 33 years old, surgeon ◎ Keywords: Emotion 1, why did you decide to get married?

A: My wife is a college student. Marriage is an inevitable result of emotional development.

  2. What do you want from your marriage?

A: To get affection is my sole purpose.

  3. Did you get what you needed in your marriage?

Answer: Ideal and reality are basically in sync with each other, which is different from imagination.

I think marriage will have a break-in period.

  4. What do you think is the most ideal state of marriage?

Answer: Blind love each other, I can’t tolerate the other half of the spiritual world and my spiritual world.

  Walking between classical and modern — the unity of radical personality and conservative sentiment Some people describe that people born in the 1970s left “Readers”, picked up “Sales and Markets”, and were dazed by the shelves of bookstores full of Harvard MBAs.Generation.

This sentence is indeed quite appropriate if it is set on Holling. She is 30 years old and was born in 1975. She is a standard white-collar worker.

After resigning from a middle school in Nan’an a year ago, she dropped the “Chinese” textbook, picked up “Sales and Marketing”, and became a vice president of sales for a digital products company.

  ”Our generation managed to get admitted to university, but the country did not include distribution. They had to resume holding resumes with the title of former outstanding student cadres. Better, like I have tried hard to get into a public institution, but found hereIn the era of passion and entrepreneurship, when a working salary earner is really pitiful, I choose to leave smartly.

On May 18, in the Mino coffee shop next to the metropolis, Holly sipped her coffee elegantly and relaxed.

  When she was studying in the 1990s, she studied teacher education. “Educators always say that a person is an important age between 13 and 15, and the education they receive will have an impact on their lives.

All of our generation at this stage received orthodox education in black and white, but everything changed when they entered college.

“Xue Hao was also born in the mid 1970s, majoring in civil engineering.

Many of his classmates are still in this major, but when he graduated, he did not want to work step by step.

Because he loved clothing and photography since he was a child, by chance, after a friend’s introduction, he tried to write an article for a foreign clothing newspaper. As a result, Fuxing has been a well-known freelance writer.

Normally, he often took to the streets in the afternoon, took photos to find writing inspiration, then went home to listen to music, read a book, and started working at night in the dead of night.

  ”Because I have some classmates abroad and friends online who often send me e-mails, it is a must-do before I go to bed every night to receive and send e-mails and browse the online information.

“When not busy, he will invite two or three confidants to sit around the house for coffee, chat, or go out to play tennis.

Go to a fast food restaurant for a hamburger, steak, and cola.

For love, he confessed that he longed for freedom, romance, and belief in feelings, but was unwilling to consider marriage. Marriage brought him restraint after the feeling of fear disappeared.

  Zhu Shan, working in a bank, was born in 1978 and is a lively and opinionated girl.

Since the working time is two days off with three days of work, there are more long hours.

She studied finance in college, but she dresses herself in her finished clothes-she likes some loose “alternative” casual clothes.

When reporters interviewed her by phone during the day, she was sleeping.

Usually she sleeps during the day, goes to aerobics at night, swims, bars, and surfs the Internet at night.

Many people are envious of her work before it is too late, but she disagrees. She is thinking about changing the court, thinking that this work is too stable, also depressed, and lost the opportunity to try other jobs.

She said that if she had the chance, she would open a small shop herself and addiction to the “boss”.

  By the time of 2005, people like Huo Lin in the 1970s had gradually become the backbone of social development. They were both conservative and radical, and nostalgic and popular.

They may have elongated appearance contrasts, but they have similarities in psychology: they do their own thing and choose a personalized life.

They believe that life has a traditional promotion as the goal, and there are too many uncontrollable factors, so why bother looking for trouble?

Earn money by doing things and enjoy life, this is the real life.

Work should not be painful, but work happily. If there are many factors that make you unhappy, it is better not to do it.

  ”People in the 1970s have not experienced the suffering of the 1960s, nor have they experienced the avant-garde mentality of the new and new humans in the 1980s.

“Wang Zhenhai, the author of” Chongqing Solitary Man and Widow “, is also a man from the 1970s. From this, he said deeply,” They walk between classical and modern times, traversing between sensibility and rationality, especially for new things, new knowledge, new skillsSensitive and easy to learn, this is an inevitable phenomenon in the period of social transformation.

“However, he believes that in the 1970s, there were too many idealistic things in marriage.”The thirst for truth, the state of life, and the longing for the spiritual world are all very different from those in the 1980s.

Most of the girls in the 1970s were gentle, hard-working, hard-working, family-friendly, and the virtues of traditional women were more or less reserved, but these were less in the 80s.

Not long ago he asked a 32-year-old “old” 70s old friend, “when exactly do you get married?”

The old friend replied, “Most of the good girls of the same age are already married. If they are not married, they are either inappropriate or impossible to see.

Based on how the girls in the 80s did not dare to marry at home, expecting them to honor their parents and to marry their sons and daughters may be even more difficult.

“This suddenly reminded me of the lyrics‘ It ‘s not that I do n’t understand, but the world is changing fast. ‘

Wang Zhenhai said with a smile.

  Marriage is not a children’s play. Weddings can be played in a new style. Marriage is about love and affection. Zeng Junxiong is 28 years old.

Although he fell in love with his girlfriend for 5 years, he was not in a hurry to get married.

“A marriage without a career and material foundation will eventually crumble.

“He plans his marriage age at 30.

Like him, Li Ke, who has entered the “Ben San” age group, has worked in a state-owned steel factory for many years. Although his career is stable and he has some savings, he believes that marriage will take time.When the person who loves me waits for me, it is my wedding period.

“They don’t seem to think carefully about the reasons for marriage.

  In Li Ke’s eyes, single status indicates that there is more than one marriage status, another life status and self-feeling, “I am the group of people who have the ability to choose a marriage without choosing, or not to choose a marriage for the time being.
The important point is that I am free. I can do what I want to do without being tied by anyone.

After busy work, I can meet friends and join the party, playing higher than anyone else.

“Ji Chuan, a senior psychological counselor of Chongqing New Thinking, believes that in the 1970s, there is actually such a thought: Marriage is a matter of two people, and affection is in harmony with nature, freedom. Late marriage is becoming a new attitude toward marriage.Marrying and having children is a matter of righteousness, and it is also the responsibility of the heirs to pass on the line. Beyond this age will be considered alien.

Now, alien hats are given to people who get married prematurely.

In fact, in the 1970s, people were more willing to regard marriage as a lifestyle choice. They could choose their marriage period and partner according to their economic strength, emotional needs, etc. The content and form of marriage had also changed dramatically.

“Zeng Junxiong plans to run his wedding in a tourist way.” If there is too much money, we are looking forward to enjoying an exotic romantic atmosphere abroad.

“In his opinion, the traditional way of banqueting is suddenly clichéd and overhyped.

Of course, this does not mean that people in the 1970s no longer value the form of marriage, on the contrary they are more inclined to be fresh and exciting.

“Marriage cannot be a child’s play, but a wedding can be a game, some honeymoon trips, underwater marriage, church baptism, parachute marriage, I like to try if conditions permit.

Li Ke said.

  In the 1950s and 1960s, a few grains of fruit candy, a plate of peanuts, two rolls, and singing revolutionary songs were the wedding scene of the time.

After the 1970s, bicycles, electric fans, sewing machines, radios, and televisions, refrigerators, and washing machines were the “three big things”.

Today, when it comes to getting married, you can’t live without a house. The cost of a car has increased dramatically.

  A survey conducted by the China Social Research Institute in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chongqing showed that for this “most beautiful moment in life”, most people spent about 5,000 yuan to buy clothing and banquets of about 10,000 yuan.Bin Peng, add jewelry at around 5,000 yuan, pay the wedding company at around 3,000 yuan, and rent a wedding dress at around 100 yuan. This is just a “popular” increase. Without 30,000 or 40,000, a wedding ceremony cannot be “decent”.

  Compared to the cost of adding hardware to the marriage, the extra cost of the wedding ceremony is insignificant.

Zeng Junxiong budgeted that his minimum marriage cost was 250,000 yuan. The main purpose was to buy a new house, about 200,000 yuan. The rest was used for weddings, home appliances, and tourism.

He temporarily put aside the idea of buying a car, thinking that “after a small middle-class family is completely established, the savings will be almost zero, and we will have to fight again from the beginning, making it more realistic to buy a car after marriage.”

  Wedding and home, behind the scene of “Fenghuaxueyue” is the life problem of Chaimi oil and salt sauce vinegar tea.

After forming a home, the various possible costs are countless. If you want to have a child, you will surround a bottomless investment abyss.

For those born in the 1970s, whose careers have not yet taken shape, and who are now at the age of marriage, the dual pressure from economics and careers has led them to be reluctant to enter the halls of marriage.

So another way of marriage has also quietly risen among them in recent years, which can be regarded as a return to life.

  Wang Zhenhai said that some young colleagues around him have chosen a frugal way of getting married. For them, since the two have decided to stay together for life, things in form can be omitted, and a friend is invited to have a meal in private.Even if married, “This is a bland and happy way. As personal choices increase, the ritual function of marriage is diminishing, and love and affection are what people really care about.

Marriage also has a variety of costs-operating with happiness to maximize happiness. Qin Xiaochuan, who was born in 1979 and graduated from the Department of Mathematics of Chongqing University four years ago, is now called a “owner.” But in fact, the house was bought by his parents.With his monthly salary of 1,500 yuan, he only continued to maintain a simple life with his wife.

When he mentioned this, there was a hint of helplessness in his eyes, but he soon recovered his natural and even proud look.

“I just graduated with a small salary and want to fall in love. It is good not to reach out to my parents.

Qin Xiaochuan told reporters that most of the students who have graduated for many years are like this, and their lives are not much better than when they were in college.   Manager Zhang of Chongqing Marriage Crisis Management Center pointed out that from the background of social changes, since the mid-1970s, due to the implementation of the basic national policy of family planning, more than 90% of couples in the city have only one child.Especially those born in the mid-to-late 1970s became the first generation of only children. “They have nothing to worry about, do n’t experience much hardship and suffering, and they entered society from the ivory tower.

They seem to be mature, and they are trying to be stable, but their hearts and behavioral abilities are not yet “weaned”, and they still cannot be separated from their parents’ care.

When faced with problems that adults should solve on their own after independence, they feel comfortable accepting parents’ help and everything is logical.

“Not only that, many people in the 1970s not only needed their parents to invest heavily in new marriages, but most of them also had” poor housework. ”

Although they are fully adults, they still need parents to help each other.

The center conducted a follow-up survey of dozens of married 70s people. The results showed that 20% of these families hired part-time workers to do housework, 10% were regularly arranged by their parents for housekeeping, and 50% of the families stayed at both parents’ homes for a long time.30% of couples have to take their own dirty clothes to wash at their parents’ homes. Half of the families have conflicts. The main reason is that they complain about each other and do not do housework and do not know how to take care of people.

  ”Most men and women in the 1970s, around 30, were inside and outside the siege.

Manager Zhang told reporters that if you look closely, you will find that the marriage characteristics of this generation are gradually becoming two extremes: they are either married or divorced, or they are particularly happy, and the world of the two is extremely happy, otherwise it is particularly unfortunate.”Reef hit” broke up.

  In the records of the Marriage Crisis Management Center, such examples are endless: Ms. Zhao, 30, had fallen in love with her husband for 5 years, but found that she still could not keep her life forever, and divorced after one year; Pang, 28After his marriage, Mr. had a heartbreak for another girl. He felt guilty, and expressed divorce to his wife in the state of unrequited love. Later, his relationship was hopeless, and he planned to “turn back to shore.”Madam, after experiencing a violent extramarital affair, her husband also said that he could forgive her, but for more than a year, the relationship between them became increasingly indifferent, and they decided to divorce.

  Manager Zhang said, “Perhaps you would think that these 70’s people are divorce as a joke, but it is not necessarily true.

If economic costs can be reduced, the spiritual cost of marriage varies from person to person.

In previous years, the use of baby bottles as portable water bottles was popular among college students. At the time, some psychologists pointed out that this situation showed a tendency of young people to become younger.

Many of the men and women who entered the marriage age in the 1970s also tended to be psychologically younger. Although their biological age has reached the requirements of marriage, their psychological status is far from the level of a responsible husband or wife.

“He believes that, like other behaviors, there are also costs and benefits. Marriage behavior of rational people also intentionally or unintentionally maximizes benefits.” The cost of marriage for two people is directly related to the cost of marriage and family formation. “cost.

Benefits include actual benefits and psychological benefits. The two people who make up the family live together to achieve economies of scale. Both the cost of living is reduced and working together to increase income. This is the actual benefit. The enjoyment of family life is psychological benefits.

It is amazing that the information in this era is so developed. While accepting new ideas, we also have the opportunity to learn how to manage happiness.

Families who are good at running happy families benefit the most from each other.

When getting better, loyalty and responsibility are choices that do not require determination.

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Homemade fruit moisturizing toner

Oily skin removes excess oil. It is not enough to rely on cleansing water to cleanse and moisturize the surface. Toner can further clean the residual dirt on the face and adjust the pH value of the skin. The following will teach you to diy moisturizing toner, to help you maintain healthy hydrationskin.

  Efficacy: Clean the dirt and impurities in skin cells, promote skin cell metabolism, prevent skin bacteria from breeding and cause skin ulcers; and effectively absorb and lock water, make the skin more supple and plump, necessary elasticity.

  Ingredients: 1 kiwi, 1 lemon, 50 ml white vinegar, 200 ml cold water.

  Utensil: Juicer, glassware or bottle, stirring rod.

  Diy moisturizing toner: 1. Wash and peel the kiwi and lemon, put it into the juicer to squeeze the juice, remove the residue and juice, and put it in glassware.

  2. Inject cold water, white vinegar, and stir the liquid evenly with a stirring rod or chopsticks.

  How to use: 1. Wash your face.

  2. Use your finger or cotton pad to apply toner and gently pat the face.

  Preservation method: Put the toner in a clean glass container and seal it, and put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate.

  When the skin is in an unbalanced and unhealthy state, it is often too dry or too oily, so it is easy to produce acne.

In order to restore the skin to a healthy state, it is necessary to add sufficient moisture to dry skin. Diy moisturizing toner is the healthiest moisturizing product.

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Anti-renal fibrosis

In the remote end, in-depth research on the pathogenesis of renal fibrosis, especially cell biology, molecular biology research, and research on single-traditional Chinese medicine and its effective extracts against renal fibrosis are also deepening.Anti-renal fibrosis.

  Astragalus induces the production of hepatocyte growth factors, inhibits the expression of TGF-β mRNA, transforms the degradation of extracellular matrix, and transforms the effect of anti-renal fibrosis, thereby delaying the progression of renal disease.

  Centella Asiatica can reduce 24h urinary protein excretion, lower blood lipids, increase muscle fiber clearance, inhibit ECM proliferation, down-regulate the expression of LN, FN, IV collagen and TGF-β in the kidney, and has a glomerular sclerosis effect.

  Rhubarb Rhubarb and its extracts can effectively reduce the proliferation of renal tubular epithelial cells and reduce their cellular metabolism, thereby improving the damage of the healthy nephrons by the high metabolic state.

At the same time, it can effectively inhibit the division and proliferation of human renal fibroblasts, and promote their cell division. At the same time, it has a dose-dependent relationship.

  Cordyceps sinensis can significantly reduce the serum urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine (Scr) levels of CRF, inhibit the compensatory hypertrophy of glomeruli, and significantly reduce the pathological changes of hypertension, especially in the tubulointerstitial lesions.

Inhibits glomerular sclerosis and tubulointerstitial injury of residual renal tissue to delay the progression of CRF.

  Salvia miltiorrhiza can improve renal function by improving the osmotic pressure difference between the inside and outside of capillaries, improving blood flow, reducing blood pressure, and thus improving the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system.

It has an inhibitory effect on the proliferation of fibroblasts, and can induce cells to move forward by high-level expression of c-myc protein.

So as to prevent or reduce the formation of scars and delay the occurrence of CRF.

  The total protein of Panax notoginseng can obviously inhibit the proliferation of fibroblasts, significantly promote the overexpression of c-myc protein, lead to the transformation of renal interstitial fibroblasts, reduce the number of fibroblasts to survive, and play a role in preventing renal interstitial fibrosisEffect, it was also found that it secreted type I collagen, and at the same time significantly reduced the expression of integrin β1 in fibroblasts, thereby eliminating the occurrence of renal interstitial fibrosis.

  Rhizoma Curcuma can inhibit the proliferation of renal connective tissue, increase renal blood flow, significantly reduce the rate of glomerular hyaline degeneration and sclerosis, the percentage of protein deposition, and at the same time reduce urine protein excretion, thereby improving renal function.

  Ligustrazine Ligustrazine can inhibit the proliferation of glomerular cells and the production of large amounts of ECM. It has the effects of improving creatinine clearance, improving renal blood flow, and anti-renal fibrosis.

In addition, ligustrazine significantly reduced the α-smooth muscle actin (α-SMA) of renal interstitial fibrosis, and reduced the expression of myofibroblasts, indicating that it inhibited the fibroblast transformation in the state of renal injury.The formation and development of progressive renal interstitial fibrosis also have inhibitory effects.

  Taoren decoction has the effect of promoting fibrinolysis, but the chromogenic peptide free radical method has not seen the promoting effect, which may be that it acts on fibrin clot and dissolves instead of increasing the cellulase activity.

It can increase the activity of type I collagenase secreted by KFB, inhibit proliferation, promote decomposition, and reduce the secretion of type I collagen. It is believed that it plays an important role in preventing and reversing renal interstitial fibrosis.

  Tripterygium wilfordii can inhibit the production of proteinuria, increase MMP-2 in kidney tissues, and divide the expression of type I, IV collagen, TIMP-2 and TGF-β, improve histological complications and increase its survival rate.

It has obvious protective effect on glomerular sclerosis.

  Ginkgo biloba can alleviate the degree of glomerular sclerosis, and reduce the number of tubulointerstitial PCNA cells and the content of hydroxyproline in renal tissue per unit of dry weight.

According to its mechanism of action on renal tubule mesenchymal cells, it may be related to reducing complications such as monocytes, macrophages infiltrating into the stroma and reducing cytokines such as platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), angiotensin II, orThe expression of mediators is related to tubulointerstitial cells.

Ginkgo biloba inhibits renal tubular interstitial cell proliferation and can reduce the accumulation of interstitial collagen or matrigel in the interstitial, thereby preventing renal interstitial fibrosis.

  Gynostemma pentaphyllum can lower blood lipids, improve hypercoagulability, promote the dissolution and absorption of collagen fibers in kidney tissue; inhibit anti-plasma ET and TNF-α, and inhibit mesangial cell proliferation and anti-fibrosis.

  Rhodiola reduces the expression of α-actin, exerts an anti-renal interstitial fibrosis effect by reducing the number of renal tissue or fibroblasts, and has a better protective effect on renal interstitial damage.

  Fangfangji can increase KFB secretion of type I collagenase activity, inhibit proliferation, promote decomposition, reduce type I collagen secretion, and play an important role in preventing and reversing renal interstitial fibrosis.

Has a significant reduction in glomerular ECM.

  The hollyhock flower can promote the regeneration and repair of renal tubules, leading to its prevention of renal fibrosis. It may work by replacing the dilated renal microvessels with its effective flavones, increasing the rate of renal transplantation and glomerular filtration, and eliminating the deterioration of tubulointerstitial substance.

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