CBA team domestic player registration ended today, Gong Songlin did not return to Fujian team
Minnan News September 17 Today is the end date of the registration of domestic players of the CBA team. Yesterday, Fujian SBS Men’s Basketball Club General Manager Wu Bolan went to Beijing to deliver the list of domestic players to the Chinese Basketball Association, except for the introduction of defender Sun Weibo from the Xinjiang team.The Fujian team also promoted Wang Zengjie and Huang Yichao from the youth team.Gong Songlin, who left the Zhejiang Men’s Basketball Team, did not return to the Fujian team.  Because Wang Zhelin and Zhao Tailong entered the national hands among registered players, Wu Bolan went to Beijing yesterday to carry out registration procedures for moving players.For this year’s signing, she said: even only one player was introduced, but we are still adequate in staffing.Fan Song’s whereabouts of Gong Songlin, there was still no result yesterday.Wu Bolan said that the registration list on hand does not have Gong Songlin’s name.In an interview with a reporter last night, Gong Songlin was not in a hurry even though the registration deadline was about to come: he still has no results and is still talking.Maybe I will sign at the buzzer.  This season, the most competitive position for the Fujian team is the point guard. In addition to foreign aid Fisher, three domestic players Sun Weibo, Xie Yacai and Jia Junlong will compete for the post, the club also intends to give Jia Junlong more opportunities for exercise.The head coach Prada has not yet determined who will be the first point guard among domestic players.The Fujian team does not lose any domestic opponents. The center has Wang Zhelin, Sun Zhe, the power forward position has NBA stars Harrington, veteran Guo Lei and Li Hang.In addition, the team did not have a bonus pitcher. Zhao Tailong performed well in the national team. Veteran Zhou Qixin and teenager Chen Linjian undertook most of the tasks in the summer warm-up match.The senior team hopes to use this set of goals to hit the playoffs.(Reporter Shi Leilei)

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Kashuai “class” spread to the national football team, the new issue list was re-published
Zheng Zhi became the acting head coach of Guangzhou Evergrande.Figure / Operation Due to the spread of Cannavaro’s “class incident”, the new national football training list has also been announced.Sauna, Yewang learned from the team that this list is expected to be announced before Friday.After a 2-2 draw with Henan Jianye on October 27, Evergrande Club announced that coach Cannavaro went to the group headquarters to attend a corporate culture class. The captain Zheng Zhi temporarily acted as the head coach and led the team to complete training.It is understood that Zheng Zhi was originally in Lippi’s new list of issues, and the sudden role of acting coach may make Zheng Zhi doomed.As soon as the news came out, the Chinese Football Association communicated with Evergrande Club, and the training list originally planned to be released on the 28th was also replaced.The reporter learned from the team that the relevant process has been basically completed, and the training list will be announced before Friday.Twenty-five players were selected for this training, and the staff has not changed much from the previous list.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Li Ming

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Sinopec (600028): Minutes of 1H19 Performance Analyst Meeting; Maintain Outperform Rating

At the company’s recent 1H19 performance analyst meeting, Sinopec announced more details about the company’s cost reduction plan and 1H19 cash flow status, and also detailed the company’s future hydrogen energy strategy.

The company stated that it will work hard to achieve stable 2H19 performance and cash flow in the context of the macro environment and the industry’s continued uncertainty, and more importantly, create stable cash dividends for shareholders.

Commentary All business segments in 1H19 achieved cost reductions.

1H19 successfully achieved further cost reductions in various business segments, of which the cash operating cost of the exploration and development segment was reduced by 2%.

At 6%, the unit cost of the refining segment has fallen by 7 per year.

4%, the operating cost of the sales segment decreased by 13.

1%, the unit processing cost of the chemical sector fell 2 per year.


We expect this trend to continue to 2H19.

The decline in profits and the impact of repayment of taxes caused the company’s operating cash flow to decline.

The company’s operating cash flow in the first mention of 1H19 exceeded 38.7 billion yuan, mainly due to the company’s profit drop of 142 yuan and the impact of paying taxes of 252 yuan.

It is initially expected that the company’s preliminary operating cash flow for 2019 will basically meet the company’s internal budget, and the tax impact has gradually subsided in 2Q19.

Upstream exploration and development has been progressing steadily.

The company’s upstream exploration activities have improved and accelerated and made good progress. The company’s oil reserves replacement rate has reached 144%, which is 104%, which is the best level in recent years.

The company is actively exploring hydrogen energy.

Sinopec’s hydrogen production capacity reaches 300 units / year. The company is the largest domestic hydrogen energy supplier with a market share of 10%.

Most of Sinopec’s sulfuric acid 成都桑拿网 comes from the company’s refining and chemical plants. The company is actively exploring new ways to realize hydrogen energy.

Estimates suggest that we keep our earnings forecast unchanged.

Based on the segment assessment method, we maintain Sinopec’s H-share target price.

50 reconstruction (64% upside compared to the previous overall), maintaining Sinopec A-share target price of 7.

RMB 30 (47% upside overall compared to before).

We maintain “Outperform” rating on Sinopec’s H and A shares.

At present, Sinopec H shares and A shares correspond to 0 respectively.

7x 2019 P / B ratio and 0.

8 times 2019 P / B ratio.

Risks Oil prices have fluctuated sharply; excess refining capacity.

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Experts: The optimistic that the social security fund will enter the market is expected to reach 6 trillion yuan within the year

Expert: Social security fund increased funds into the city optimistic is expected to reach 600 billion U.S. dollars. On July 10, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council convened an executive meeting of the State Council and decided to fully promote the transfer of some domestic capital to enrich the social security fund.

This means that the expansion of social security funds in developing countries will further accelerate.

  According to data released on the official website of the National Social Security Fund Index on May 7, as of the end of 2018, the scale of fund assets managed by the Social Security Foundation reached 29632.

4.5 billion.

  Regarding the investment of social security funds, Wang Ercheng, the secretary of the party group of the National Social Security Fund intervention party, wrote on May 22 that the cumulative investment income of the National Social Security Fund was 9,598 by the end of 2018.

5.5 billion yuan, with an average annual return on investment of 7.


  In this regard, Yong Yongzu, deputy director of the Industrial Department of the Chongyang Institute of Finance of Renmin University of China, told a reporter from the Securities Daily that as a large institution, the investment situation of social security funds is very good. Since its establishment, it has gradually generated nearly one trillion US dollars, and almost all yearsBoth have received positive returns.

  Liu Xiangdong, deputy researcher of the Economic Research Department of the China International Economic Exchange Center, told a reporter from the Securities Daily that the existing annual rate of social security funds is still performing well, and it remains relatively large under the background of external uncertain risks overcome and economic downward pressure penetrating.The pressure on income growth is increasing. Therefore, the social security fund has adopted a variety of measures to 深圳桑拿网 achieve value appreciation on the basis of value preservation to ensure high profitability without replacement.

  ”But overall, the current profit of the social security fund remains higher than the benchmark interest rate, but there is still a gap with a growth rate of more than 10%. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the sound domestic investment channels to guide the social security fund to improve its profitability.

Liu Xiangdong said.

  According to Wang Ercheng, from the perspective of fundraising channels, the existing social security fund assets have been transferred from the original single central budget allocation to the central government’s allocation of lottery public welfare funds, reduction of total shares, transfer of state-owned capital, and local entrusted investments.Diversified pattern.

  In order to enhance the sustainability of social security funds, Wu Yongzu said that as a long-term investment fund, the main objective of social security fund investment is to maintain and increase value, and it will pursue a long-term and stable investment style.Industry or stock.

  From Liu Xiangdong’s point of view, the future investment direction of the social security fund will be more market-oriented and diversified, and higher returns should be achieved while avoiding risks. This requires opportunities in this area for external investment channels, so the development of the stock market is very importantIf the stock market develops healthily, it is expected that the funds invested by the social security fund in the stock market will increase more.

  So how much space does the social security fund have in the market?

Yongzu said that from the perspective of the country, there is still a lot of room for the increase in the entry of social security funds. The total accumulated balance of some retirement pensions has reached 5 trillion, but most of them are placed in banks to earn interest and recoverThe speed at which pensions are invested in the stock market is accelerating. It is expected that the incremental funding for social security funds entering the market this year will exceed 600 billion yuan.

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Kanghong Pharmaceutical (002773): Compaq Rapid Growth in Traditional Chinese Medicine Sales Stabilizes

Performance summary: The company achieved operating income in the first half of 201915.

2 ppm, an increase of 9 per year.

8%; net profit attributable to mother 3.

4 ‰, an increase of 9 in ten years.

7%; realized non-net profit deduction of 3.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 18 in ten years.


The overall performance was in line with expectations, and sales of traditional Chinese medicines stabilized.

1) From the perspective of product structure: In 2019H1, the company’s proprietary Chinese medicines achieved revenue of 400 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 1 year by year.

5%; income from chemical medicines is 5.

6 ppm, an increase of ten years.

8%; biological products achieve income 5.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 26 in ten years.

8%; 2) From a single quarter point of view: the 10-year growth rate of the company’s Q1 / Q2 in 2019 was 2 respectively.

4% / 17.

3%, the annual growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers is 2 respectively.

4% / 24%. The significant increase in the single quarter was mainly due to the significant increase in net profit margin of biopharmaceuticals, while the sales of traditional Chinese medicines stabilized; 3) From the perspective of sales regions: East China sales revenue4.

80,000 yuan, an annual increase of 25.

7%, accounting for 31% of operating income.

9%, which is said to be mainly due to the increase in patient’s ability to pay for Compaq’s sales.

Compaq’s rapid growth has broad potential for new approvals.

1) Compaq Rapid Growth: In 2019H1, Compaq Ship realized sales revenue5.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 26 in ten years.

8%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 1.

7.3 billion, an increase of 62 in ten years.

The net interest rate was 24% from the same period last year.

1% to 30.

9%, a significant scale effect; 2) The scope of newly approved indications is broad: In May 2019, Compaq’s ophthalmic injection was approved for the third indication “Treatment of vision caused by diabetic macular edema (DME)Damage “, this indication is expected to be reached through this round of medical insurance 北京夜生活网 negotiations, and the potential volume of about 4 million patients can be expected.

During the period, expenses were well controlled and gross profit margin was basically flat.

1) In terms of period expenses: the three expense ratios total approximately 67.

2%, slightly down 1.

1pp, of which the cost of sales costs 50.

2%, down 3.

5pp; administrative expenses 18%, up 1.

8pp; financial expenses are 14.78 million yuan, a decrease of about 33 each year.

1%, mainly due to the decrease in interest income during the current period; 2) In terms of gross profit margin: the gross profit margin for 2019H1 is 92.

4%, basically the same as the same period last year, mainly due to the increase in gross profit margin of biological products and the traditional Chinese medicine gross profit margin basically offset.

The core treatment areas are in-depth layout, and many new drugs enter the late clinical stage.KH906 eye drops are mainly used to treat trauma, chemical burns, corneal transplantation-induced neovascularization, and patients have been enrolled for phase 1 treatment. KH903, mainly used to treat colorectal cancer and other organ tumors, has beenEntered clinical phase 2; KH901, a therapeutic tumor vaccine, is currently in clinical phase 2; KH110 has obtained clinical approval.

Profit forecast and rating.

It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 will be 8 respectively.

500 million, 10.

400 million, 13.

20,000 yuan (referring to the sales of the interim report, slightly reducing the profit forecast, the original forecast was 9.



7 ppm), corresponding to the current market value of 32.5 billion, PE is 38 times, 31 times, 25 times respectively, optimistic about the company’s DMP indications to gradually replace the current round of medical insurance negotiations, to achieve a price premium to maintain “overweight”grade.

Risk reminder: the risk that the core product may continue to fall in price, the sales volume may not be as expected, the risk of research and development progress or expected.

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Qianfang Technology (002373) Semi-annual Report Review 2019: “One Body and Two Wings” with Performance 淡水桑拿网 in Accordance with Expectations to Promote Long-term Growth

I. Event Overview Qianfang Technology released its semi-annual report with revenue of 35.

86 ppm, an increase of 24 in ten years.

74%, net profit attributable to mother 3.

740,000 yuan, an increase of 30 in ten years.

46%, deducting non-net profit 3.

1.3 billion, an increase of 37 in ten years.


The company’s previous disclosure of the performance report’s attributable net profit growth rate was 30.

2%, this performance is in line with expectations.

Second, the analysis and judgment of the “One Body and Two Wings” strategy continued to advance, and the synergy effect helped the two major businesses of overseas high-growth companies to develop smart traffic. The growth rates of smart security were 23 respectively.

25% and 26.


The 杭州夜网论坛 gross profit margin of the smart transportation business was small.

8%, the gross profit margin of smart security business dropped 2.


The synergy of transportation and security helps the overseas business continue to grow rapidly.

The company has undertaken Indian smart city projects, successfully delivered projects from highways, seaports, airports, and other fields. It has given full play to the synergistic advantages of transportation and security business, and its overseas business has grown at a rate of 64%.

The smart transportation business blossoms at multiple points, and key projects in multiple fields set benchmarking effects. Key projects create benchmarking effects in the field of urban transportation.

In the company’s traditional TOCC strengths, the benchmarking effect of the Huizhou project is prominent.

In the ETC field, the company has launched a full range of products such as OBU, RSU, CPC cards, covering more than 20 provinces.

At the same time, the company intensively cultivates in the field of urban transportation, strives to create a solution to alleviate traffic congestion, and wins the bid for the Northwest District Beijing CBD traffic optimization demonstration project.

In the fields of high-speed, rail transit, etc., the company has created major benchmarking projects such as Beijing Daxing International Airport Expressway Informationization, and plans to increase capital to Zhejiang Transportation Planning and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd., and strive to continuously improve its own design and project acquisition capabilities.
The comprehensive development of smart security is expected to continue the “AI + industry market”, which is the foundation for long-term development prospects.

The company’s best results in the global competition traffic scene detection in the multi-target tracking (MOT) challenge show the highest recognition accuracy rate and the lowest false alarm rate.

In the industry market, the company launched the “IPC + remote supervision + cloud service” bright kitchen lighting stove solution, which can be placed in schools, factories, restaurants and other scenarios, and the industry’s horizontal expansion capability is constantly improved.

The capacity of large-scale projects has been verified again, and multiple measures have been adopted to diversify overseas risks.

In 2019, the company participated in the Boao Forum for Asia, the security construction of the second Digital China Construction Summit, and demonstrated strength and industry integration.

In terms of overseas business, in addition to continuously deepening channel construction, the company has diversified the risks brought by overseas transfers through the construction of Indian smart cities and the five state capitals of Mexico.

The company’s security business gross margin fell by 2%.


The competition in the security industry is fierce. At the same time, the company’s expansion into multiple sub-sectors and overseas may temporarily drag on the gross profit margin.

However, the market space for high value-added products converted into AI and other products has opened up, and gross margin forecasts have gradually stabilized and rebounded.

Third, investment recommendations According to this interim report, the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 will be adjusted slightly to 0.



08 yuan, corresponding PE is 22X, 17X, 14X.

The average PE (TTM) of the company since 2018 is 38X, and the current PE (TTM) is 26X.

Maintain the “Recommended” level.4. Risk Warning: The security business has failed to grow faster than expected due to fierce competition, and the overseas expansion has fallen behind

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Zhengbang Technology (002157) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Profits Improve Sows Pick Up

Indicators of productive biological assets, inventory, and advance payment show that the company has solved the problem of scaled breeding pigs and pigsty, and has reached the bottom in the short-term, and the future volume can be expected.

The pig price exceeded expectations, revising the company’s 2020/21 profit forecast.

Maintain target price of 25 yuan and maintain “Buy” rating.

   Pig prices have risen and earnings have improved.

The company released the 2019 third quarter report.

According to the reported amount, the company realized revenue of 17.6 billion yuan (down 0).

1%), a profit of 50.25 million yuan (the same increase of 4344%).

Of which 19Q3 achieved revenue 61.

900 million yuan (same increase of 15%), profit 3.

2.5 billion (a 44% increase).

The increase in pig prices led to the improvement of the pig business was the reason for the company’s 19Q3 revenue and profit growth.

In 19Q3, the company produced 1.4 million live pigs (down 2).

2%), with an average profit of about 230 yuan.

The highest head-to-head profit is mainly due to the short-term interference of the epidemic, which leads to lower endpoints and higher costs.

Exploration 19Q3 average selling price of hogs is about 20.

2 yuan / kg, the average cost of fat pigs is 17.


8 yuan / kg.

The performance was in line with expectations.

   The sow’s stock has risen, and the amount of live pigs can be expected.

As of the end of the third quarter, the book value of the company’s productive biological assets reached 18.

100 million, an increase of 45%.

The company’s breeding sow inventory has grown to 35.

20,000 heads are expected to escort the company’s hog production in 2020.

At the 天津夜网 same time, the company’s inventory increased by 28%, we judge that its hog inventory may have increased from the previous month, and the number of pigs released in 20Q1 is expected to increase from the previous month.

In addition, the company’s prepaid account increased by 578% from the beginning of the year, which was mainly due to the company’s increased prepayment for the purchase of feed ingredients, and the expansion of the pig breeding scale, prepaid pig farm lease payments and sow introduction payments.

Based on this judgment, the company is expected to accelerate the expansion of scale by leasing pig farms, and the volume of live pigs can be expected.

   Risk factors: epidemic risk, cash flow risk, pig price rise is not up to expectations.

   Investment suggestion: Pig prices are rising rapidly, and the company’s 深圳spa会所 profit is expected to increase quarter by quarter.

Taking into account that pig price performance exceeded expectations, we revised up our net profit forecast for 2020/21 to 68.

500 million / 48.

800 million (was 58).

4 billion / 43.

800 million), maintaining 2019 net profit forecast at 18.


Maintain target price of 25 yuan and maintain “Buy” rating.

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Five reasons for newborn babies

The baby’s belly will be larger than an adult, and it looks bulging. That is because the baby’s abdominal wall muscles are not yet mature, but they have to accommodate as many internal organs as adults.

what is the root cause?

  There are reasons for the baby’s stomach bulging. 1: The abdomen will be more prominent when the abdominal muscles are not strong enough to bear it, especially when the baby is replaced, the abdomen will suddenly sag.

In addition, the baby’s body is round before and after, not slightly slender like an adult, which is one of the reasons why the belly looks bulging.

  Reason 2: Babies are more likely to inflate than adults.

The baby eats and sucks too quickly, increasing the intake of air in the abdomen; the nipple hole of the bottle is not appropriate, and the air will enter the baby through the gap between the nipples; therefore, the baby inhales the air by crying too much; eating milk or other food, digestingThe tract is fermented by intestinal bacteria and other digestive enzymes, and a large amount of gas is generated to promote abdominal distension.

  If the baby can eat and pull, there is no vomiting, the belly is soft to the touch, good mobility, normal venting, and normal weight gain. This type of bloating is mostly functional bloating. No special treatment is needed, as long as preventive measures are taken.That’s it.

  Reason 3: Indigestion and constipation cause the body to accumulate feces due to the accumulation of fecal bacteria, or to cause milk protein allergy, lactose intolerance, enteritis, etc., which cause digestion and indigestion, and easily produce a large amount of gas.

  Reason 4: Organs in the abdominal cavity are enlarged or have tumors, such as hepatosplenomegaly, liver cirrhosis, etc. Organs and tissues in the abdominal cavity may grow tumors, and the longer the tumors cause abdominal distension.

  Reason 5: Baby’s lower inertia is dominated by abdominal distension.

Intestinal tuberculosis in infants and children is severely doubled, and it is often found shortly after birth because of obvious symptoms.

But if it is only incomplete, it may still be missed after a long delay.

Such as congenital colitis, it is because the initial ganglion development in the developmental stage is not completely stopped and the end of the large intestine cannot relax, so the normal large intestine swells greatly.

In addition to the symptoms of the baby’s significant abdominal distension, usually there will be delayed release of feces or constipation.

  Parents’ response measures 1: Do not let your baby be too hungry before feeding.

Babies are too hungry for too long, and will suck too much air when sucking.

Therefore, it is necessary to feed the baby on time, and after feeding, gently pat the back of the baby to promote snoring, so that the gas from the stomach is discharged from the esophagus.

  Measure 2: When the baby is crying, it is easy to inflate. In this case, parents should give more comfort, or hug him, to avoid the increase of inflation by adjusting his mood.

  Measure 3: Massage the baby’s abdomen more, and massage it clockwise for 5 minutes.

Or use wind-repellent oil on the abdomen. Covering it with warm towels is also helpful. These help gastrointestinal motility and gas discharge to improve digestion and absorption.

  Measure 4: If there is too much sugar in breast milk, the sugar is over-fermented in the baby’s belly, and it is easy for the baby to have flatulence. At this time, the mother should pay attention to limiting her sugar intake.

In addition, if you suspect that your eating may cause your baby’s bloating, then mothers who replace breast milk should remove suspect foods such as beans, corn, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and spicy foods.

  Measure 5: For babies who are fed artificially, fill the front of the mouth of the bottle with milk and do not have a bevel to prevent the baby from inhaling air.

If a baby is breastfeeding, if the baby’s mouth and the mother’s breasts are not positioned properly, then the baby may inhale too much air and cause belching or bloating.

The correct posture is to have the baby’s face facing the mother’s breast to ensure that his mouth covers both the nipple and areola.

  Action 6: Certain solid foods may also cause belching and bloating.

For example, whole grains, some vegetables such as pea puree, soybean paste, etc. contain fibers that can cause flatulence.

And kiwi, pear, pineapple, fruit juice and other high-concentration sugars are also the cause of bloating in infants, and should be eaten less.

  Measure 7: If the baby has abdominal distension with vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, poor anal defecation, or even fever, deflection of hemorrhage, or tenderness in the stomach, or combined with shortness of breath, or similar on the bodyThe lump should be paid special attention and be taken to the doctor for examination and treatment as soon as possible.

  TIPS: Method of degassing Actually, babies also have some ways to dissipate gas, for example: after feeding, gently pat the back of the baby to promote snoring, so that gas from the stomach and stomach is discharged from the esophagus; Some babies are very good at venting and can exhaust gas through the anus;  In addition, continuous absorption of the dialysis wall can also relieve the phenomenon of bloating.

  Need treatment?

  Since inflation is not a disease, no treatment is needed. In principle, the baby’s clinical symptoms should be taken as the criterion.

If the baby can eat, pull, and not vomit, the belly feels soft, has good mobility, normal venting, and normal weight gain, then this type of bloating is mainly functional bloating and does not require special treatment.

  If your baby is sick, such as a respiratory infection, enteritis, or constipation, it can easily lead to peristalsis, poor digestion and absorption, and flatulence in boots, even affecting appetite.

If these symptoms appear, then the doctor should be included in the treatment.

  Dangerous body warnings. Under what conditions should bloating be given special attention and treated by a doctor?

  1. Abdominal distension with vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, etc., and even fever, hemorrhagic symptoms.

  2. Tummy tenderness.  3, the stomach is bloated with tension.

  4, combined shortness of breath.

  5. You can feel something like a lump in the abdomen.

  If the above situation occurs, it may be caused by pathological factors, including long abdominal tumors, enlarged parenchymal organs (such as liver, spleen, kidney), ascites, and problems with the urinary system.

If so, they must be immediately sent to the hospital for further examination.

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May 4 International Consultation Day of Beijing Kidney Disease Consultation Center with Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Consultation Center International and domestic expert consultation consultation in Beijing Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Kidney Difficult Diseases Consultation Center under the leadership of the Beijing Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine has successfully completed cases of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, multidisciplinary experts, to provide precision for patients with diabetesThe diagnosis and the development of individualized treatment plans have brought new hope to many patients with kidney disease.

  In order to further improve the quality of consultation and serve the world’s most advanced diagnosis and treatment technology for the majority of patients, our center plans to launch an international multidisciplinary joint consultation on May 4, 2018. At that time, Professor Uchida Uchida of the Department of Medicine of Teijin University will enter the consultation center to participate in consultationShuta Ishibe, a well-known kidney disease expert in the United States, will participate in a remote consultation and jointly consult with a well-known kidney disease expert in Beijing.

Relevant indicators for the collection of current medical records are as follows: 1. Subjects for consultation: ① Patients with kidney disease who have multi-system disease and need multiple specialists to coordinate consultation.

  ② Patients with renal disease whose diagnosis is unclear or difficult to diagnose after consultation with a local medical institution.

  ③ The diagnosis is clear (if there is pathological or genetic diagnostic data), but the patients with renal disease are not satisfied with the treatment effect.

  ④ Patients with kidney-related diseases who are not satisfied with the results of pure western or traditional Chinese medicine.

  ⑤ Other special patients with kidney related diseases that need joint consultation.

  2. Consultation time: May 4, 2018 3. Consultation location: Beijing Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Kidney Difficulty Consultation Center, 102 Shikou District, Shijingshan District, Beijing 4. Reservation method: Patients can call the consultation center to inquire about related matters and transmitMedical record information; Appointment phone: (see contact information in the following figure) Mobile phone and WeChat synchronization number: (see contact information in the following figure) 5. Consultation costs: In order to reduce the burden on the majority of patients with diabetes, this international federation consultation only requires each patient3,000 yuan consultation fee.

  Six, matters needing attention: 1.

In order to ensure the quality of the joint consultation, the number of patients on the day of the consultation is not more than 8 people, and the quota is full: 2.

In order to confirm whether the relevant inspections are complete, please make an appointment before April 25.

The Director of Beijing Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tu Zhitao, said: (Nephropathy) The consultation center will integrate the strongest and top team of experts in Beijing to serve patients for consultation!

This article only represents the author’s opinion, and does not represent the opinion of the old Chinese medicine health network. If it involves copyright issues, please contact the administrator to delete it!

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Share with you the tips of driving away hands and feet

As soon as winter arrives, some people are prone to chapped heels and heels (to be called cracks). The skin around the cracks is dry, rough, thickened, hardened, and even bleeds when deep cracked.The pain is unbearable and very inconvenient. Faces with rough, dry, peeling, and even cracked skin.

  How to use simple maintenance steps to make you lazy, or can you take care of your skin easily?

In fact, there are skills, and see the following tips to share, try it, I believe that your hands and feet skin can also easily moisturize the winter!

  Indispensable sun protection work Sun protection is taken for granted in summer, and sun protection in autumn and winter is an indispensable important protection work. Because the ionic layer in the air in autumn and winter is thinner than in summer, ultraviolet rays can penetrate into the surface layer of the skin more easily, so it can protect the skin appropriately.Through the moisturization of sunscreen, dry skin can also be slightly improved.

  Once-weekly exfoliation maintenance Due to the dry and cold climate, the body’s metabolism slows down, and the relative cuticles are not easy to peel off. When the skin is dry and dehydrated, it will accumulate ugly and thick hard skin tissue; therefore, it must be done in a timely manner.Exfoliating cleansing and maintenance, such as using bath salts or scrubs and other bath products, but do not exfoliate excessively to avoid thinning the skin and resist the counter-effects of resistance. It is recommended to use it once a week.

  When using a moisturizing ingredient bathing series, do not use a bathing series with strong cleaning power and significant oil removal effect. You can use some bathing series rich in moisture absorption, bath oil or flowers and plants essential oils.Afterwards, apply it to the moisturizing lotion that can moisturize the body (especially the elbows, fractures, feet and toes, etc.), so that the body is fully moisturized and penetrated to prevent water loss. The temperature of the bath water is not too much, and the water temperature is not too hot.The sebum protective film made by the skin is easy to dry the skin after washing, and even itching may occur. Therefore, if you want to avoid these conditions, you should refuse excessive bath temperature.

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