Every frame can be used as a wallpaper, “Bridge of Sighs” uses sophisticated narrative to reverse the decline of Hong Kong drama
The Hong Kong drama “Sigh Bridge” starring Lin Baoyi, Zhou Jiayi, Wei Shiya, Wu Yongwei and others is the best-known Chinese script in recent times, with a score of 8.9 points, the attention is constantly improving.This drama is broadcast on ViuTV and Youku. Although it does not have a long history and perfect production system like TVB, it also has young, pioneering, and exploring. It is completely different from TVB dramas in the Hong Kong drama.situation.”Sigh Bridge” poster.”The Bridge of Sighs” estimates the story is not complicated, that is, the separation of love and hatred between men and women in several cities in Hong Kong.But “Bridge of Sighs” is obviously any TVB urban emotional drama we have seen before, because of its narrative style and narrative technique, it is really too “advanced”.For example, the drama’s photography is completely movie-grade, and it is a kind of high-quality movie, you can take screenshots as a screensaver in almost every frame.Aiming is the photographer’s attention to the use of lighting. The lighting is delicate, even, and pay attention to. There will be no centralized positive and negative hits in some scripts. The two lenses have different effects of light.The other is composition.Symmetry, three-point method, low-angle video recording, etc., constantly changing and converting the whole script, not only constitutes a visually pleasing, the composition also echoes the plot, and can express the character’s mood.Too many viewers are accustomed to watching that kind of fixed camera, a few rough + medium shot episodes of rough play, and then look at “Sigh Bridge”, only to find that the original episode photography can be so beautiful.Looking down at the camera.In addition to the exquisiteness in form, what is more worthy of appreciation is the exquisiteness in the narrative of Bridge of Sighs.In the age of information explosion and episode explosion, the story is exhausted.The literary critics have always said that after Shakespeare, the universal story has been exhausted. In the final analysis, it is a grudge society.Innovation.So how does the story appeal?The screenwriter must either explore the breadth and depth of the story, or need to change the story to tell the story.”Sigh Bridge” has at least three changes in narrative: the picture has a sense of space.One, each episode begins with the narrative of the protagonist’s experience 20 years ago, and then cuts into the current narrative.Therefore, the play actually has two narrative clues, one was 20 years ago and the other is the present.In general theater works, linear narrative or interposition will be used. For example, when the story was told 20 years ago and then the present, such a time clue is clear.But “Sigh Bridge” is a two-line parallel, separated from Jingwei.This will first increase the acceptance of the episode, which is not easy to understand at first.But when you really enter the plot, you will enjoy a thrill of puzzle solving.Blowing away the mists of the past, it is actually the mood and choice of the characters 20 years later.The complex narrative structure also strengthens the drama’s defamiliarization effect and enhances the freshness.Break through the fourth wall.Second, the play repeatedly broke through the fourth wall, allowing the characters in the play to “talk” directly with the audience outside the screen.In the first-level drama, the audience sees only three walls in the scene, and this side of the camera is the fourth wall.The fourth wall achieves reality and virtuality, replacing characters and off-screen audiences in the play, allowing the actors to forget the audience, and letting the audience forget the virtuality, which can enhance the audience’s immersion in the drama.But now more and more episodes break the fourth wall, and some characters in “House of Cards” often tell the camera what they really think.For certain categories of episodes (“for the intended inner drama, cold style, and suspense”), “dialogue” will not destroy the reality because of the separation effect, but will attract the audience to pull into the drama situation and let the audienceA deeper understanding of the character’s heart and enhance the audience’s sense of participation and tension.”Sigh Bridge” also achieved this effect.Three, the current time and space story of Bridge of Sighs, adopts Luo Shengmen’s narrative structure.After each episode’s opening song, there will be a white title, which is the name of the characters in the play.This means that the episode mainly revolves around this character and restores the story from his / her perspective.White title at the beginning of each episode.Like the first three episodes of the play, it was the story of an ordinary girl who stepped on two boats and was discovered by two boys.But each episode of Bridge of Sighs embodies this story differently. As a result, the audience will find that there are numerous deviations in details for different existences.From the perspective of Li Ziyong (Lin Baoyi), he is clever and perfect, and he is happy with He Le’er (Wei Shiya), but He Leer is derailed, and Li Ziyong is actually a “third party”.From the perspective of Hu Qiyuan (Chen Huaren), He Le’er took the initiative to “hook up” himself. The two lived together for 8 years. He Le’er was as critical as his mother, and he proposed to break up.But in He Le’er’s perspective, it was her friend who had put her together with Hu Qiyuan and lived together for 8 years. She was like Hu Qiyuan’s “servant” and she proposed to break up.After being with Li Ziyong, Li Ziyong was very self-conscious and seldom considered her feelings. After her father became ill, He Le’er needed to behave safely, so she was with Hu Qiyuan again.Different people’s perspectives are different stories.Behind the memory deviation is the general weakness of human nature: we always habitually start from our own position, thinking that we are the most innocent, and ignore the position of others. The voices of others cause obstruction and misunderstanding of communication.How much hatred is born, and how much love is missed.”Sigh” in “Sigh Bridge” also came in series.In the urban emotional drama, the story alone is more in-depth than “Sigh Bridge”, but if you want to pick out a storytelling technique that is more splendid than “Sigh Bridge”, it is rare.In an era of endless stories, “how to tell a story” is as important as “what is told”.Along with spending a lot of money to piece together the cast, it would be better to spend more time on the introduction of scripts and post-production, “form” can also become a competitive “content”.□ Cong Yi (play reviewer) editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreading Li Lijun

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Net profit differentiation of listed insurers in the first quarter: China Life Insurance, 3 insurers rose during the safe period
As of the evening of April 29, the first quarterly reports of the five largest A-share listed insurance companies (China Life, Ping An, China PICC, China Pacific Insurance and Xinhua Insurance) have been fully disclosed.Under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the five major insurers have clearly differentiated their net profits from their mothers. China Ping An and China Life Insurance’s two major insurers have dropped by 42%.7% and 34.4%.The remaining three companies have always grown to varying degrees, and China Pacific Insurance increased 53.1%, Xinhua Insurance rose 37.7%, the PICC rose 19%.9%.According to the opinion of the Industrial Securities Research Report, the first-quarter profits of listed insurance companies have a certain differentiation. CPIC has achieved a high profit growth and exceeded market expectations due to the relatively low share of stocks and funds and the decline in handling fees and commission expenses. However, China Life and Ping AnBoth are affected by the investment end and the base number leading to a negative increase in net profit.Listed insurers’ net profit at home is now divided: Ping An, China Life fell the other three rose. Specifically, China Ping An’s net profit at home fell in the first quarter and fell by 42.7% reached 260.6.3 billion US dollars, but the profit from its mother operation still increases by 5 every year.3%.The company admitted in the first quarterly report that due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, operations faced with the obstruction of offline business development, rising credit risk, fluctuations in the equity market, and falling market interest rates.At the same time, the internal and external capital markets have fallen substantially, and the company has implemented new financial instrument accounting standards, and the increase in the gains and losses of changes in fair value has increased, resulting in a decline in the growth of investment income.Indeed, in terms of annualized total investment return rate, China Ping An had only 3 in the first quarter.4%, down from 5 in the same period last year.1% level.China Life’s net profit in the first quarter also fell by 34.4% reached 170.900 million US dollars, the company also said that this is mainly due to the combined impact of the traditional insurance reserve discount rate assumption update and total investment income decline.Among listed insurance companies whose net profit attributable to their mothers increased, China Pacific Insurance had the largest increase, reaching 53.1%.Wanlian Securities Research believes that the high growth is mainly due to the good performance of the investment side.The data shows that China Pacific Insurance’s annualized total investment income increased by 4 in the first quarter.5%.Sauna and Yewang noticed that their shares in equity and equity funds accounted for a total of the first quarter.8%, down by 0 from the end of last year.5 averages.At the same time, the proportion of time deposit investment increased by 0 compared with the end of last year.6 coins, the proportion of investment in “cash, cash equivalents and others” also increased by 1 coin compared with the end of last year.Xinhua Insurance’s net profit growth rate in the first quarter reached 37.7%, the annualized total investment income is injected into 5.1%, increasing by 0 every year.9 single, Everbright Securities research report analysis weighs, the investment growth is expected to be the company’s investment accumulation floating profit in the background of the upward trend of the stock market in 2019, the first quarter of floating profit cashing is now raising high returns;Floating losses are not reflected in profits.At the same time, the proportion of non-standard assets of Xinhua Insurance is higher than the industry average, and it continues to contribute to investment income.The first quarterly report of China People’s Insurance said that the increase in net profit attributable to its mother was mainly due to an increase in investment income.The analysis of Huachuang Securities Research reported that the reason for the expected increase in investment was the timely reduction of positions and the realization of the bid-ask spread.The epidemic affects business personnel offline. The three oldest auto insurance premium locations in the property insurance industry are under the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. The challenges faced by life insurance companies and property insurance companies are also different.The sluggish auto market has affected auto insurance, the main source of premium income.Judging from the quarterly report, in order to cope with the epidemic, life insurance companies have more or less adopted online operations such as online attendance, training, and exhibition industry, while promoting short-term insurance or high-current-priced products that are easier to sell online;Obstructed, it turned to the development of non-auto insurance business.In terms of life insurance business, China Life launched the “air customer service”, which realized multiple services such as online insurance and electronic insurance policies; thus, it also built various live broadcast sharing platforms and strengthened online training and conference operations.China Pacific Insurance also said in its quarterly report that due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, traditional offline life insurance sales, staffing, and basic management activities could not be carried out, which had a significant impact on the development of life insurance business in the short term.In the number reported, the increase in the income of CPIC Life Insurance business decreased by 1.1%.In terms of property and casualty insurance, auto insurance revenue decreased, and the growth of non-vehicle business became a common characteristic of the first three quarters of P & C insurance (People’s Insurance, Ping An Property Insurance and CPIC Property Insurance).According to China ‘s Ping An Quarterly Report, affected by the epidemic, the sales volume of new cars increased significantly, and the premium income of the auto insurance business declined slightly, with a decrease of 2.2%, but non-auto insurance business continued to grow, with premiums previously increasing at 20.9%, every time, accident and health insurance also grew by 19 years.6%.China Pacific Insurance said frankly that new car sales dropped sharply due to the impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, and the auto insurance business was hit in the short term; the suspension of business and production, personnel travel, and logistics and transportation had a relatively weak impact on corporate finance, engineering, tourism, and freight business.But at the same time, the fields of health security, resumption of production and production are also ushering in the possibility of development.According to the report’s baseline, CPIC’s insurance business income increased by 10%.4%, of which non-auto insurance business income exceeded the growth rate by 32.5%, auto insurance fell by 0.5%.PICC P & C also had a similar situation, with its auto insurance premium income falling by 3 in the first quarter.At the same time, at the same time, the insurance premium income of credit guarantee insurance, which lost nearly 2.9 billion U.S. dollars last year, also plummeted by 48% a year, but agricultural insurance, accidental injury and health insurance are still growing.How do the three insurance companies’ outstanding performance support sustainable insurance stocks?It is worth noting that after the disclosure of the report, insurance stocks with better performance in the recent quarterly report gradually merged with the growth.On April 30, as of midday closing, the China People’s Insurance reported a quarterly increase of 2 yesterday.09%; A quarterly report of Xinhua Insurance was disclosed on April 28, and the increase was 3 the following day.6%; China Pacific Insurance issued a quarterly report on April 24, with a suspected increase of 3 on the 27th.1%.This is in stark contrast to the downturn in the first quarter of insurance stocks.Wind data showed that the insurance index fell by 19 in the first quarter.At 87%, the Shanghai Composite Index fell only 9 during the same period.83%, therefore, the insurance index underperformed the broad market by about 10 subdivisions.Thai Stone Investment Managing Director Han Wei reformed the sauna. Yewang explained that the main reasons for the decline in insurance stocks in the first quarter may be threefold. First, insurance stocks were relatively strong last year and are currently expanding; second, investment income from insurance companiesSensitive to the performance of the stock market, insurance stocks will suffer additional repression when the stock market falls; trends, recent stock market adjustments are related to the epidemic, and the market usually thinks that the occurrence of natural disasters and man-made disasters will be detrimental to the short-term performance of insurance stocks.However, at the current time, the dazzling quarterly reports of some insurance companies have given the market great confidence. There is a view that the impact of the epidemic on insurance stocks has already appeared in the quarterly report, and there are many favorable factors to support it.Tianfeng Securities Research reported that the first quarterly report has fully reflected the impact of the epidemic on the denial side. We judge that the subsequent recovery of the offline exhibition industry, the increase in protection demand, and the positive business promotion strategies will bring improved policy sales.At the same time, insurance stocks currently estimate the implied investment rate of return expected, and subsequent improvements in the insurance side will bring an estimated upward repair momentum.Sauna, Ye Wang Pan Yichun Editor Li Weijia Proofreading Li Xiangling

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Semir Apparel (002563) Covers for the First Time: Children’s Wear Maintains High Growth

Core 厦门夜网 point of view Senma Clothing is a leading company in national casual wear and children’s wear. The company’s children’s wear business has maintained a high growth, and the casual business began to recover after adjustment in 2017.

It is estimated that Semir’s EPS for 2018-2020 will be 0.

63, 0.

73, 0.

84, giving Senma Clothing a 17-18 times PE estimate for 2019, the corresponding target expected range is 12.


14. The first coverage was given an “overweight” rating.

The trend of concentration of children’s clothing and casual clothing has shown that the leading children’s clothing industry and the casual clothing industry are presenting a “big industry, small company” layout.

According to data from China Industry Information Network, in 2017, the market share of leading companies in the domestic mid-range 北京spa会所 casual wear market accounted for only 1 of the total market.


According to Frost & Sullivan’s report, from 2013 to 2017, the CR5 of China’s children’s clothing industry was 6, respectively.

8%, 7.

1%, 7.

4%, 8.

0%, 8.

7%, an upward trend, but lower than the 23 in Japan during the same period.

9%, 23.

2%, 25.

5%, 26.

7%, 27.

9% and 28 in the United States.

0%, 30.

5%, 30.

0%, 31.

0%, 30.


We believe that in the next few years, the long-term survival of the fittest in children’s wear and casual wear will become more and more significant, and the concentration is expected to continue to increase.

Continuously optimized operations, brand, channel, and supply chain to comprehensively improve the product end: The company’s R & D and design investment is in the forefront of the apparel industry. In 2017, the company’s R & D expenses accounted for 3% of its revenue, exceeding the level.

Channel side: The number of children’s clothing stores opened steadily from 2012 to 2017, and the number of stores in 2018H1 reached 4,981; the number of casual clothing stores re-entered the growth track after adjustment in 2017.

The company continued to optimize the operating efficiency of its stores. In 2017, the revenue of single stores and franchised stores increased by 9 each.

6%, 1.


Supply chain: Senma learns from Uniqlo in terms of standard products, strengthens cooperation with core suppliers, improves order reversal capabilities, and reduces costs; fast-reverse companies learn from Zara, continues to strengthen enterprise data management, and upgrades fast-reverse product supply chain systems.Reduce supply chain cycles.

The internationalization of children’s clothing business is accelerating. Outward mergers and acquisitions to strengthen the competitiveness of the company and the largest children’s clothing retailer in North America TCP agreement cooperation agreement, to obtain agency rights in China.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, the company completed the acquisition of Kidiliz, a European leader in children’s clothing, which improved the company’s layout in the field of high-end children’s clothing.

We believe that the acquisition of Kidiliz will strengthen the comprehensive capabilities of Semir’s children’s clothing business in international market operations, brand management, and global supply chain.

Leading children’s wear and casual wear, the first time coverage is given to the “overweight” rating. Sema Clothing is a leading casual wear and children’s wear leader. We are optimistic about the company’s increase in the market share of children’s wear.

It is estimated that Semir’s EPS for 2018-2020 will be 0.63, 0.

73, 0.


The average PE multiple of comparable companies in 2019 is 17 times. With reference to the evaluation of comparable companies, taking into account the industry structure and future growth of Semir, the PE estimates for 17-18 times of PE in 2019, the corresponding target interval is 12.


14 yuan, the first coverage given “overweight” rating.

Risk reminder: Macroeconomic downturn, competition for children’s clothing intensifies, and inventory backlog risks.

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McGmitter (002851) Three Quarterly Report Preview Comment: Q3 Exceeds Expected New Energy and Contributes Performance
Investment points 19Q1-3 The net profit attributable to mothers increased significantly by 80% -120% and exceeded expectations.The company announced the forecast for the first three quarters of 2019, and expects to achieve net profit attributable to mothers in Q1 20192.45-3.06 million yuan, an increase of 100% -150%; quarterly, Q3 achieved net profit attributable to mothers in a single quarter1.03-1.2.6 billion, an increase of 80% -120% in ten years.Based on the median value, 19Q1-3 achieved net profit attributable to mothers2.760,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 125%; Q3 single-quarter net profit attributable to mothers1.1.5 billion, an increase of 100% in ten years.Overall profit growth exceeded expectations. Large customers of new energy vehicles BAIC continued to increase volume, driving rapid growth in performance.The company is the main supplier of the PEU system for the EU / EC series of BAIC A0 and above models. Since 2019, BAIC has rapidly contributed to its performance.GGII data shows that on January 9, 2019, the total output of BAIC pure electric passenger cars (EU + EC + EX series) was 9.870,000, a year-on-year increase of 21.7%, of which the output of the first three quarters of the EU series mainly supplied by McGmitt was 7.500,000 vehicles, +489 in the past.8%. It is expected that BAIC ‘s sales target for this year will be 150,000 units, which will continue to drive the company ‘s new energy vehicle segment to achieve high performance growth; production, Dongfeng, Geely and other models will contribute part of the heavy volume.The decline of the industry has brought some pressure on the gross margin of new energy vehicle products, but the company’s new energy vehicle products have transitioned from a single MCU to a PEU (MCU + OBC + DC-DC).Impact of gross profit margin. Household appliances have grown steadily, and industrial power has benefited from 5G construction. The industrial control 佛山桑拿网 sector has been affected by the industry, and new businesses have contributed performance.H1 revenue in the home appliance segment increased by 23%, and Q3 is expected to slow relatively as the base increases further. However, the overall growth rate remains stable.Initially, the frequency conversion shows that the initial growth has been higher and higher, with the growth rate of 40-50% in the first half of the year, which has gradually continued since Q3; the bathroom sector has a high base in the first half of last year and the growth rate is relatively low, which has improved since July.Industrial power can continue to benefit from the construction of 5G, and in-depth cooperation with European core equipment suppliers Ericsson, Philips, Siemens, etc .; can achieve the growth of commercial display power, rail power, the overall 杭州桑拿 growth of the plate is stable and good.In terms of industrial control, the industrial control industry is under pressure due to the impact of trade. The manufacturing PMI in July / September was 49.7/49.5/49.8. It continues to be below the line of prosperity and decline, but there have been improvement indicators since September. The trade war in October tends to ease and gradually increase demand. Generally speaking, the pressure of pure industrial control business Q3 is still high, and Q4 is expected to start to improve.New businesses such as photovoltaics, electric shockers, and oil production equipment have begun to grow at a high speed in the early days. Currently they are included in the industrial control section, and the overall growth performance of the section is stable. The three subsidiaries of Jardine Sanitary, Shenzhen Driven, and Shenzhen Control contributed consolidated profits in the second half of the year. In 18 years, the company will acquire 34% of Yiyihe Sanitary and Shenzhen 58.7%, Shenzhen Control 46% equity, after completion, respectively held Jardine Sanitary / Shenzhen Drive / Shenzhen Control 86% / 99.7% / 100% equity, began consolidation in September 18, and continues to contribute to Q3 growth.The three companies’ 19/20 performance commitments total 1.83/2.3.5 billion US dollars, from the current completion of the situation to achieve over-completed tasks, will continue to contribute incremental profits. Earnings forecast and investment grade: It is estimated that the net profit attributable to mothers will be 3 in 2019-21.74/4.93/6.38 billion, an increase of 85.0% / 31.8% / 29.5%; EPS are 0.80/1.05/1.36 yuan, corresponding to the current price of PE is 26 times / 20 times / 15 times.Considering the company’s cross-domain diversified layout, multi-wheel drive performance growth and entering a period of synergy efficiency improvement, it is given 35 times PE in 2019 with a target price of 28 yuan and maintains a “buy” rating. Risk reminder: Macroeconomic downturn, price reductions exceed expectations, sales volume is lower than expected, etc.

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Depth * Company * Puluo Pharmaceutical (000739): Industry prosperity maintains high performance and maintains high growth

The company has maintained last year’s high growth trend this year. The improvement of the industry’s prosperity and internal integration and efficiency enhancement continue to improve profitability, and maintain rapid growth from 2019 to 2020.

As a domestic API integration company, the company’s comprehensive competitiveness has been continuously improved.

Maintain Buy rating and continue to recommend.

Key points of the support level Internal integration has yielded significant results, and profit margins have increased quarter by quarter: After the company’s auto-coupling, the three major sectors have been fully integrated, and production and operating efficiency have 杭州夜网论坛 improved significantly.

1Q1 gross profit margin 31.

66%, an increase of 0 a year.

95 averages; net margin 6.

60%, increase by 1 every year.

95 averages, which is an increase of 0 from the previous month.

91 single, profitability has improved significantly quarter by quarter.

Industry supply may be further tightened: the recent series of incidents in Jiangsu, where the barriers to entry for the intermediate bulk drug industry continue to rise, which may lead to a new round of capacity retreat and further concentration.

The main varieties of the company are in tight supply, and prices are generally raised in different ranges.

With the release of some expanded production capacity and favorable prices this year, both volume and price are expected to rise.

At the same time, the long unit price for more than one year can be gradually reduced, which also reflects the impact of last year’s price increase.

Incremental space: The company continues to increase CDMO customer development efforts. New orders this year will return CDMO to its rapid growth track. The impact of hepatitis C drug replacement in previous years has been completely eliminated last year.

At the same time, the company increased research and development expenditures and sales promotion of preparations. At present, two of the 16 conformity assessment varieties have been declared. The first-class stroke drug sofadil has completed Phase II clinical trials and has been submitted by ANDA.

In the future, it is expected to realize the advantages of its own APIs and achieve integrated development.

It is estimated that the company has benefited from the optimization of the external environment and the improvement of internal efficiency. Since last year, gear shifting has accelerated, and it has entered a new period of rapid development.

Operating efficiency improves quarter by quarter, and internal and external driving forces drive the company’s growth.

The prosperity of the raw material drug industry is expected to remain high, and the CDMO and preparations sectors will open up a lot of space.

The company is initially moving towards the first-line enterprises of domestic API integration.

We expect net profit for 2019-2021.



540,000 yuan, EPS 0.



73 yuan, currently corresponding to the corresponding PE23.



0 times.

Maintain Buy rating and continue to recommend.
The main risks faced by the rating are the risk of fluctuations in raw material prices; environmental protection risks; the risk that CMO orders will grow more than expected; the risk of preparation product development failures and slower-than-expected 杭州桑拿网 development risks.

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Is the solid waste processing industry a highly certain layout opportunity this year?

For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!

  Source: Glenn Hui Author | Chen Xiao Data Support | Pythagoras Big Data On Friday, the highest-level meeting studied the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work, and deployed to coordinate the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development work.

  The content of the conference about focusing on economic recovery work is equivalent to the part about the epidemic situation, and the step-by-step conference will be further refined in depth before the work measures are oriented. This means that the focus of current work will be returned from the prevention and control of the epidemic situation to the economic and social restorationDevelopment work.
  The meeting also pointed out ten major industries, of which, “accelerating the shortcomings in the collection of medical waste and hazardous waste collection and treatment facilities” was highlighted, which was in line with market expectations.

  Compared to 5G, chips, mobile phones, and new energy vehicles, this hot concept of internet celebrity, the environmental protection industry has almost always been a “sinking in the bottom” and few people pay attention to it, just thanks to the national waste classification policy last year.With the advancement, the environmental protection industry ushered in widespread market attention, and some of Ford’s obscure stocks have become a highlight in the hype.

  Today, through the hazardous waste treatment business, it is once again clearly stated at the highest level that it is necessary to speed up the shortcomings, combined with various coaxial policy hair dryers. If there is no accident, the environmental protection industry focusing on hazardous waste treatment will more surely usher in business again.Flourishing highlight moments.

  1 Policies continue to be favorable and the market is vast. Before this round of epidemics, it is estimated that the annual production of medical waste is more than 15
0, with a compound annual growth rate of nearly 5%.

About 100 cases of medical waste are actually disposed of by medical waste certificate holders nationwide, and the reorganization is actually not high.

However, as far as epidemic prevention and control at this stage is concerned, the current epidemic prevention and control, whether it is treatment or prevention and control, has consumed medical supplies one after another, and from a time perspective, the future consumption will still maintain a blowout trend.

  Some data predict that in 2020, the national output of mask garbage will increase by about 16.

2 Among them, supplement other types of supplementary medical waste. It is expected that the national medical waste volume will increase by more than 25% in 2020. It is expected that by 2023, the market size in this field will exceed 100 billion.

This is definitely a big incremental cake for the medical waste disposal industry.

  In addition, in addition to the recent policy blowers for medical waste and hazardous waste treatment industries, in the past two years, policy guidelines on the environmental protection industry have increased significantly. Among them, the most noticeable ones include the “People’s Republic of China Solid Waste” often adopted by the State Council in June 2019.The Environmental Pollution Control Law, new regulations for the solid waste and hazardous waste management of industrial sectors in various sectors, and regulations for the classification and management of domestic waste introduced in various places have brought obvious policy aspects to environmental protection companies in various sub-sectors.Good.

  On February 14, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued relevant regulations on refinancing of listed companies, and the previous consultation draft further relaxed.

Due to the obvious nature of the capital-driven industry, environmental protection companies have been affected by the dual impact of PPP regulations and financing in the past two to three years, and their growth rate has changed significantly.

Environmental protection companies generally have high asset-liability ratios (mostly above 50%) and large capital expenditures, and new project expansion requires capital expenditures.

Now refinancing is expected to significantly improve the capital strength of related companies, reduce debt rates, help companies achieve sustainable development, and help companies evaluate and repair.

  In addition, in recent days, following the special debt of US $ 1 trillion issued by the Air Force in advance, the Ministry of Finance has issued an additional US $ 848 billion of local government debt limits in 2020 in advance.

Among them, the proportion of environmental protection projects in January’s special debts has increased significantly. At the same time, the Ministry of Finance has also recently requested to strengthen the warehousing and reserve management of PPP projects.

Some analysts predict that the maximum amount of special debt for environmental protection will probably exceed 100 billion yuan.

  In fact, from the perspective of investment growth rate, the national environmental protection investment in 2019 has continued to grow, and the investment growth rate of ecological protection and environmental governance in the first 11 months has increased by 36%.

3%, which is significantly higher than fixed asset investment and infrastructure investment. The policy potential is very obvious.

  As far as solid waste / hazardous waste business is concerned, according to the “Annual Report of National Large and Medium-sized Urban Solid Waste Pollution Environment 2019” released by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment recently, in 2018, 200 large and medium-sized industrial solid wastes were15
500 million tons of industrial hazardous waste was 4643.

0 samples, the amount of medical waste generated was 81.

7 digits, and the amount of domestic garbage is 21,147.


Among them, the growth rate of industrial hazardous waste production is much higher than that of general industrial solid waste production, reaching 200 large in 2018. The amount of industrial hazardous waste production in mid-city cities is 4,642, and the average output of each city is 23.

2, at least October 2014.

The output of 0 increased by 132%, and the growth rate was very obvious.

With the rapid improvement of hazardous waste treatment in recent years and the tightening of related management systems in the future, the output growth rate of industrial solid waste and hazardous waste has maintained a fairly high level.

  In terms of market size, in addition to the slightly smaller size of the medical waste market, the size of the hazardous waste treatment market in 2018 was about 117.6 billion yuan. It is expected that this year the hazardous waste market will reach a size of more than 200 billion US dollars.

  To sum up, for the environmental protection industry, finance, financing, and capital market support are all continually positive, and the industry is moving from nirvana to rebirth.

  2 The overall estimate is at a low level, and the operating performance has improved. Although the A-share market has achieved good growth overall in the past year, most industries have seen significant growth, but the environmental protection industry has expanded substantially behind, except for solid waste treatment.Industry gains 4.

In addition to the 9% increase, the sub-sector’s atmospheric governance, but the energy-saving sector, declined significantly, indicating that the environmental protection industry as a whole has been difficult to gain market recognition in the past.

  In the past few years, due to the rapid expansion of credit in the environmental protection industry, short-term debt and long-term investment, mismatched funds, under financial deleveraging and ppp clearance, loans were difficult to obtain and financing was not smooth, causing problems in the company’s capital chain. Most companiesThe company ‘s performance has continued to improve and even individual companies have made huge losses in succession, and the industry estimates have gradually fallen to historical lows.

  Around PE15x, PB is at 1.

About five times, it is estimated that they are at historical lows, reflecting the market’s pessimistic expectations for environmental protection companies.Taking the water sector as an example, some water sector high-quality operating companies have PE 10-15 times more, and the same size assets in the primary market are estimated to be far more than 15 times the PE. The primary and secondary markets are estimated to be upside down, which is surprising.

  After the pain in 2017-2018, many companies in the industry began to actively reduce the asset-liability ratio and shifted their focus to operating business. At the same time, under the various government policies such as government-led investment and project implementation, state-owned enterprises and social capital participation, environmental protection enterprises were rescued.Finally calm down, performance has also stabilized.

  From the annual performance forecast of the environmental protection companies so far, the large-scale impairment similar to the same period of last year in the fourth quarter of 2019 has rarely occurred, which will mean that the net profit growth rate in 2019 may further recover, and from a single quarterLook, the first three quarters of 2019’s revenue are higher than the same period of 2018, and the fourth quarter is generally the peak period of revenue recognition (Jin Qilin analyst) period. Therefore, overall industry revenue and net profit growth are still guaranteed to pick up.

  In terms of corporate cash flow, cash flow from operating activities has increased in the first three quarters of 2019, and internal industry companies have urged to increase their corresponding collections.

In the first three quarters of 2019, cash flow from investment activities continued to increase, solid waste treatment, and water environment treatment projects continued to advance.

The cash flow of financing activities in the first three quarters of 2019 has increased compared with the same period of last year. With the support of national policies, the tight financing situation of environmental protection enterprises has been relieved to a certain extent.

  Taking Bishuiyuan (300070), the largest sewage treatment leader in the A market by value, as an example, the company’s annual report last year estimated that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2019.

07 billion to 14.

USD 3.1 billion, with a growth rate of 5% to 15%, mainly recovered from the company’s adjustment of the development direction and business model in the second half of the year, and the progress of the project accelerated, so that the company’s performance was fully restored.

At the same time, after China Urban Construction Holdings Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Communications Construction Group Co., Ltd., has taken a stake in the company, the synergy effect on the company is gradually released, and the company’s performance has steadily increased.

  Dongjiang Environmental Protection (002672), the leader in hazardous waste treatment, has revenue of 25 in the first three quarters of 2019.

8 trillion yuan, an annual increase of 4.

21%, net profit attributable to mother 3.

32 trillion yuan, down 10 a year.

88%, the lower than expected performance was mainly due to the company’s combined provision of credit impairment of 82.18 million yuan, increased market development efforts, 都市夜网 the increase in sales expense ratio, and at the same time above the projects under construction.

At the same time, the company recently announced that due to the impact of the epidemic prevention and control, in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, the average daily medical waste treatment capacity of Dongjiang Environmental Protection’s hazardous waste disposal bases increased by 30-40%, which means that there are positive expectations for the improvement of performance in the first quarter of this year.

  In the Hong Kong stock market, China Everbright International (00257), a waste disposal leader, earned 162 in the first half of the year.

USD 2.6 billion, an annual growth rate of 38%, and net profit attributable to mothers26.

The increase of 3 billion pounds, a year-on-year increase of 20%, shows that the performance growth is stable, but the PE of this stock is only over 7 times, and the PB is less than 1 times.

  3 The concentration of the industry is too low, and the extension of extension activities is currently still in the rapid growth stage of the environmental protection industry. However, due to the industry’s certain barriers to entry, especially the solid waste / hazardous waste industry, special permit operating conditions are required.The environmental protection industry itself has the characteristics of regional monopoly, regional limitations, and social publicity. As a result, domestic environmental protection enterprises have the characteristics of “small scattered” and the concentration is obviously low.

  According to wind data, as of now, the total market value of 131 listed companies (including 46 in Shanghai and Shenzhen and 85 in the New Third Board) mainly engaged in environmental protection business in the domestic market is only 387.5 billion yuan, with an average market value of nearly 3.2 billion yuan, of which the largest market value is Bishuiyuan.It is only in its early 30s.

  The concept of solid waste in the Hong Kong stock market is about the same. China Everbright International (257), the largest market capitalization, has about 34 billion regeneration, and the rest are replaced by 10 billion. In the overseas market, 100 billion solid waste and aboveWater treatment and environmental protection giants are rare, such as WM, RSG and WCN. The three US solid waste unicorns occupy 45% of the national solid waste market. The largest WM has a market value of more than US $ 52 billion and RSG has a market value of more than US $ 30 billion.WCN has a market value of more than $ 27 billion.

From 2005 to the present, the leading solid waste compound listed in the United States has an annual increase of 13-25%, clearly outperforming the SP500 index, providing shareholders with outstanding returns.

  The American Waste Management Corporation (WM) was successfully listed in 1971, and completed 133 mergers and acquisitions in the second year. The company acquired and acquired large core businesses, replacing and continuously replacing assets with incomplete pricing advantages and non-core business assets in the solid waste industry chain.

Through continuous mergers and acquisitions, the company has become an absolute leader in the world’s solid waste industry.

Since its market value has passed through several bull and bear cycles since its listing, it has continued to soar, giving investors huge gains.

  Compared with foreign environmental protection leaders, the volume of domestic waste treatment companies is still too small to be weak. Although the Chinese and foreign market environments and the company’s operating modes are different, with such a large Chinese market, domestically cultivated thousandsThe billion-level environmental protection leader should have no pressure. Domestic environmental protection companies still have a long way to go to catch up with similar overseas leaders.

  However, fortunately, in the reorganization, the domestic environmental protection industry has made rapid progress in outsourcing mergers and acquisitions, and has continued to expand the market and extend the industrial chain through horizontal and vertical mergers and acquisitions. Within the industry, cross-industry and diversified mergers and acquisitions continue to be heard.

Although this model has left a lot of sequelae of goodwill, profit transmission and other issues, it is undeniably the most effective way to make a company grow rapidly.

  In 2019, there were more than 50 mergers and acquisitions in domestic listed companies, of which 7 mergers and acquisitions amounted to more than 1 billion, of which Bishuiyuan was 10.

18% of the shares were introduced into state-owned China Urban and Rural Holdings, involving 28 capital.

6.9 billion yuan, fresh environment to 25.

31% of the shares were introduced into Guorun Environment and involved 24 capital.

8.4 billion US dollars, a total of Xingyuan Environment, Guoyan Environmental Protection, CICC Environment and other mergers and acquisitions are also eye-catching.

  It is worth mentioning that encouraging the concentration of hazardous waste treatment and disposition to the leader is a state recognized and pushing direction. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment recently issued the “Guiding Opinions on Improving the Environmental Supervision Ability of Hazardous Wastes, Utilizing Disposal Ability and Environmental Risk Prevention Ability”., Proposed the rational deployment of regional cooperation for centralized disposal of hazardous wastes in key areas, and encouraged leading enterprises in the utilization and disposal of hazardous wastes to become larger and stronger, forming a regional layout.

Under the guidance of this policy, the benefits of hazardous waste treatment and disposal industries and environmental protection enterprises are obvious.

  4 What are the targets worth paying attention to? The first thing to point out is that the scale of the tens of billions of medical waste disposal market is not large, especially the size of the company.

It is just an incremental cake, and from the financial data tests of some companies, the gross profit margin of this business is more than 50%, and it is still very easy for companies that change the business block.

  As for the logic of investment layout, the current hazardous waste and solid waste disposal is a high light moment, which will become a magnet for attracting market attention and even a revaluation of the industry’s market value. The environmental protection policies gradually introduced will be favorable, and the industry is likely to recover.

  You can focus on medical waste and solid waste as the business point, and the basic business is solid, and the financial data is not bad. Related leading companies, especially those that have national advantages, scale advantages, and have the right to speak in the field of municipal engineering.In addition, you can also pay attention to the related enterprises with state-owned assets entering the bureau, huge mergers and acquisitions, pre-increasing performance, and harvesting large orders, which can often bring a lot of surprises.

  According to the above, through a brief combing, the main targets worthy of attention include A-share water resources, high-energy environment, Dongjiang Environmental Protection, Hanlan Environment, Runbang, Shanghai Environment, Guoxuan Environmental Protection, China Tianyu, etc., Hong Kong shares include Beijing Enterprises WaterGroup (0371), China Everbright International (257), China Everbright Green (1257), Beijing Enterprises Urban Resources (3718), etc.

  5 Summary China is the world’s largest waste treatment market. With stricter government regulations and rising public requirements for environmental protection, this market demand will continue to grow.

  It is particularly worth mentioning that 2020 is the key routine of the 13th Five-Year Assessment for environmental protection (including 10 water, 10 air, and construction plans for domestic waste treatment facilities during the “13th Five-Year Plan”).To complete the target planning, this year’s government budget environmental protection work will inevitably make a difference, which means that there will be at least a lot of heavy content such as agenda policies, conferences, data, etc. on the environmental protection industry in the year, which will also bring continuity to the marketThe rise in the hype is of great significance to the company’s estimation of the repair.

  It is undeniable that in the critical environmental protection stocks, due to the adverse effects of some “mouse shit” companies that have burst into thunder, many investors in the market have changed their opinions about the environmental protection stocks, which has a certain bias, leading to the entire environmental protection.Plate estimates have not been well recognized.

But in fact, in the context of “World Factory” + 1.4 billion population base, the domestic environmental protection industry has the largest market space, and it coincides with favorable policies + the improvement of the operating performance of many companies in the industry, and the overall expectation is relatively long-termLow, but there are too many investment opportunities worth exploring.

  At present, domestic environmental protection companies are still in a rapid growth stage, and the industry concentration is still too low. What is missing is not the market but time.

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112 surveys on insurance capital in the past month
Original title: 112 surveys on insurance, capital, and technology companies in the past month. International Financial News reporters have incomplete statistics based on Oriental Fortune Chioce data. For the past month from November 6 to December 6, financial institutionsInvestors surveyed 4,441 listed companies, and 339 listed companies were investigated.  As the second largest institutional investor in the A-share market, equity investment strategy is the focus of market attention.Specifically, the insurance funds surveyed 112 listed companies in total, of which 23 were information 淡水桑拿网 technology companies, 22 were consumer goods companies (food and clothing), and 21 were pharmaceutical and biological companies.In addition, local banks, such as Changshu Bank, were also surveyed four times by insurance.  An insurance company executive said that in the future, the competition between companies and the market will be the competition of technological capabilities. The electronics and computer industries will be the top priority, and they are optimistic about the growth potential of technology-related sectors.In addition, as a long-term fund, insurance capital has always been stable and focused on risk control. Therefore, the industry’s leading stocks are considered as investment targets.  Ganfeng Lithium has been interviewed by leading financial institution investors 8 times for 4,441 investigations of listed companies, a reduction of 3977 times from the previous period, which is almost a “slash.”Among them, the number of main board research decreased by 467 times, the number of GEM research decreased by 1085 times, and the number of small and medium-sized board research decreased by 2531 times.  However, the number of listed companies studied has risen slightly. In the past month, 339 companies have been studied, an increase of 16 from the previous period.Among them, the main board decreased by 4, the GEM increased by 12, and the small and medium-sized board increased by 4.  In terms of different industries, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and the computer software industry are very popular, each receiving 311 visits by financial institution investors; the food industry was surveyed 222 times; the rare metal industry was found 204 times; and the special equipment industry was interviewed 167 times.Followed by general equipment, electronic equipment manufacturing, other building materials, medical equipment, small household appliances industry.  In terms of branches, listed companies such as Ganfeng Lithium, Xianyang Pharmaceutical, Zhongshun Jierou, Huayu Software, Puluo Pharmaceutical, Dongfenghonghong, Sanquan Food, Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical, Guao Technology, Chen’an Technology, etc.Has affected the attention of institutional investors.Among them, Ganfeng Lithium has been surveyed 204 times in the past month, an increase of 204 times, and has pushed the rare metal industry into the top four on its own.  Among these institutional investigators, a total of 7 insurance companies investigated 8 times, accounting for 7.2%, ranked first.The seven related insurance companies are Guohua Life, Hengan Standard Life (2 times), Ping An Annuity, Qianhai Life, Tianan Life, Wing On Property Insurance, and China Life.  Ganfeng Lithium is the leader in domestic lithium product processing, the third largest in the world and the largest lithium compound manufacturer in China. It is currently connected to the new energy vehicle industry. Due to the cold sales of new energy vehicles, consumer battery demand is less than expected. The company’s third quarter resultsPoor performance.  Xianfeng Pharmaceutical Agency visited 105 times, an increase of 100 times over the same period of last year. A total of 4 insurance companies were found and found 4 times; Zhong Shunjie was investigated 102 times, and a total of 1 insurance company was found 1 time;Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical is the “new continent” for institutional investors. It has been researched 79 times and found by 5 insurance companies and 6 insurance companies.  Stepping on information technology, statistics from food consumption “International Financial News” reporters show that 19 insurance-related institutions surveyed listed insurance companies 112 times in total, of which 23 were information technology companies and 22 consumer goods companies involving food, clothing, and housing (food 11Times), 21 times for pharmaceutical and biological enterprises.  Among them, Ganfeng Lithium, Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical, Puluo Pharmaceutical, Sanquan Food, and Xianquan Pharmaceutical received attention and were found more than 4 times. In addition, Changshu Bank, a local bank, was also surveyed 4 times by insurance.Information technology, biomedicine, and consumer sectors have become the focus of attention.  Obviously, it is expected that the number of surveys on beverage and food companies will increase by the end of the year, and the number of surveys on food companies will reach 11 times.  The data of the research conducted by the insurance capital on listed companies reflects the new investment trends of long-term funds.Some people have pointed out that insurance companies will seek potential partners that are consistent with their own strategies through research and investment, and that emerging companies will be the top priority of their future layout.  In the past month, when talking about what insurance companies have found that listed companies are the most diligent, the several pension insurance companies at the top of the list are hard to ignore.China Life Pension is ranked 1st, with a total of 12 investigations; Changjiang Pension is ranked 3rd, with a total of 8 investigations; Ping An Pension is ranked 5th, with 5 investigations.  At the same time, China Life is the most diligent of all insurance companies.A total of 20 listed companies have been studied, including China Life Pension and China Life.China Life Vice President Zhao Peng officials said at the interim results meeting that there are three main considerations in investing in the open market: First, the long-term core assets are estimated at a low level, including stable profitability and better dividend potential.The second is that most of them will be mainly financial investments, which currently do not meet the requirements for long-term equity investment accounting. The third is that in the future, they will continue to pay attention to high-quality investment targets in various industries including investment stocks, and do not rule out the company’s investment based on future strategic considerations.A business.  During the year, the insurance funds were listed nine times. On December 4, China Pacific Insurance announced that the company was managed by China Pacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd.-Dividends-Individual Dividends and China Pacific Life Insurance.Co., Ltd.-Traditional-General Insurance Products “two accounts respectively subscribed for 61.6 million and 50.4 million shares of Shanghai Lingang Non-public Offering, with a total subscription amount of 26.USD 857.6 billion, which together accounted for 5 of the equity of listed companies after the completion of this non-public offering.33%, trigger a placard line.  Different from the “crazy” that the insurance capital had listed in the market in 2016 and 2017, since this year the listed insurance companies have been listed in the leading insurance companies, and the small and medium insurance companies have chosen “storage for the winter”.  Since the beginning of this year, only China Life, Ping An of China, and China Pacific Insurance have listed 7 listed companies 9 times.Specifically, China Life Insurance listed Shenwan Hongyuan, China Guangdong Nuclear Power, CPIC, Wanda Information, among which Wanda Information was raised three times; Ping An Life held the China Huaxia Happiness, China Jinmao.Statistics show that during the year, the insurance capital placards cost more than 15 billion yuan.  PICC President Wang Hao said at the mid-year performance meeting that in the second half of the year, he will focus on long-term equity investments and fixed income investments in asset allocation.High dividends and undervalued stocks are also the 都市夜网 focus of insurance institutions.For listed companies that optimize the company’s investment structure and can integrate with insurance business, the company will also consider raising a brand.

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Is the Acupuncture Torture Exaggerated in Wind Sound?

3 shots down, confession of guilty, hua gua’s hua guaBlood.

In order to force the increase of “old guns”, the pseudo army began to shake the handle and used electric shock torture.

The sound of the gurgling current made the bones tremble. Captain Wu trembled, his cheeks snoring, accompanied by screams.

However, the screams came down and it was all right, Captain Wu survived.

  The puppet spy chief secretly showed white teeth: “Captain Wu is hard-bodied and not afraid of electricity!

“Jiang Jianglangzhongliuye appeared at this time.

Liuye opened the small box, took out a small silver needle lightly, dipped some potion, and went to Captain Wu’s heel.

  With a worse cry, Captain Wu began to twitch; another shot was pierced in the temple, and Captain Wu took a breath; the most terrifying needle was pierced in the chest, and Captain Wu sprayed blood like a waterfall and fainted.past.

  It ‘s really scary. Is acupuncture so amazing?

Or is it like a sunflower?

  The screenwriter Mai Jia was not interested. The reporter dialed the original phonetic work of Feng Feng and the screenwriter Mai Jia’s mobile phone.

Regarding the acupuncture in “The Sound of the Wind”, Mai said, “There is no such thing in the original book. This episode was added by the director.

“As for why the director added this terrifying acupuncture scene, the specific reason is not clear,” I’m not interested in this scene either! ”

One of the directors, Chen Guofu, said his creative ideas. The “acupuncture” of Captain Wu was indeed a re-creation of the script. “Maybe because I am afraid of acupuncture. This acupuncture looks horrible because the imagination space is veryBig.

And the creative idea of this episode is inspired by the martial arts novels. In a martial arts novel, acupuncture points can cure diseases, but in the opposite direction, some people will retrograde meridians, and they ca n’t bear the pain, even go into magic.A little Ouyang Feng practicing Jiuyin Zhenjing down.

“The script was created based on traditional Chinese meridian medicine.

“Acupuncture cannot be so painful. Sun Jianhua, director of the Department of Acupuncture of the Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, listened to the reporter’s detailed description of the film, instead of asking:” Where is his prick? ”

“” There are many acupuncture points on the feet, I don’t know where he stabbed.

However, acupuncture is sore at best, and it won’t be worse than electric shock.

“Director Sun carefully carried out science education for reporters. What acupuncture points on a person’s body will be painful during acupuncture?

  ”Yongquan point on the sole of the foot, Lao Gong point on the palm of the hand, these two points are more painful to pierce; Shixuan point with ten fingertips is also more painful; in addition, Tianzong acupuncture point located on the scapula, feels sore, butIt won’t hurt too much.

“Acupuncture is so painful that it screams, smokes, and even vomits blood. Director Sun said that this is a bit exaggerated.

  Yu Qiyu, an expert in Chinese medicine methodology at the Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences, is also very good at acupuncture. After listening to the movie plot, he thinks that acupuncture cannot be so painful. Even if the plot is true, it may be the effect of the dipped potion.

  In the movie, “Six Lords” is creepy and despicable: “Average people, 3 shots down, confession of guilty, painting and painting.

“It really seems to be a performance.

  Although acupuncture treats four types of diseases, although the film is a bit exaggerated, but the efficacy of acupuncture has been passed down for thousands of years.

“In the United States, acupuncture from China is publicly acknowledged to be able to treat more than 40 diseases. Some states in the United States have replaced acupuncture treatment with medical insurance coverage.

“Yu Qiyu said.

  For modern young people, acupuncture is relatively unfamiliar, and even watching this “Wind Sound” is their first exposure to acupuncture.

What diseases can acupuncture treat?

  Sun Jianhua said that acupuncture in modern Chinese hospitals mainly treats four major categories of diseases: pain-related diseases, including muscle pain, joint pain, neuralgia and other types of pain; neurological diseases, including nerve damage, stroke, etc .; visceral dysfunction,It is mainly diarrhea, constipation and other functional diseases; metabolic diseases, there are now more popular acupuncture to lose weight.

Because metabolic diseases include lipid metabolism, sugar metabolism, etc., acupuncture is effective for obese patients.

Therefore, young people now understand acupuncture much more than men.

  It is best to use silver needles for acupuncture. I believe many people can remember them after 70s. When they were young, barefoot doctors in the countryside mostly carried a white cloth in their pockets, and put a few needles on the white cloth.

This needle is made of authentic silver with a spiral texture.

This is the ancient silver needle.

  What kind of needle is used by Liu Ye in “Wind” is really unclear, but Sun Jianhua said that the hospital’s acupuncture department now uses all stainless steel needles.

  Yu Qiyu said that acupuncture is best with gold and silver needles, and silver needles are more expensive.”From a physical point of view, silver has the best electrical conductivity, and the acupuncture points on the human body are good guide points and the lowest resistance.

“In fact,” acupuncture “and” moxibustion “are separate.” Acupuncture “is performed in” The Sound of Wind “, and moxibustion is heated with wormwood near the acupuncture points.

Clinically, acupuncture points can be acupunctured, and then “moxibustion” is performed.

Can also be based on a single moxibustion or acupuncture.

  Acupuncture and sunflower Qi acupoint hand Yu Qiyu talked about acupuncture because the acupoint had the legendary “acupoint”, because acupuncture uses acupuncture to acupuncture points without holding a needle, that is acupoint.

  ”The martial artist believes that a person’s body has so-called dead, acupoints, and dumb points, and being clicked into these points can achieve a certain effect.

“Yu Qiyu said, but it is difficult and difficult to acupoint.” People are alive, and the meridians are not the same. Acupoints need speed, strength and precision to be exactly the same. In short, deep work is feasible.

“Of course, you can’t really make acupuncture points, so come to acupuncture, the needle is more straightforward, and it is pierced casually.

“Sunflower Point Acupuncture” has become a legend, and it only appears in martial arts novels. Nowadays, the acupuncture is brilliant and the elite are rare.

  Yu Qiyu believes that the reason why acupuncture is slowly being neglected, “Some people are dizzy, and they are afraid of seeing the needle, so they do not choose acupuncture; there is too few real acupuncturists now.

“The main basis of acupuncture is the meridian, but what is the meridian?

Western doctors used anatomy and microscope to find where the human meridians are.

Acupuncture requires a long experience.

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Purple vegetables are good for women’s health

The nutritional level of vegetables follows the law from deep to light, and the general trend of the division order is: black, purple, green, red, yellow, and white.

In the same type of vegetables, darker varieties are more nutritious than lighter varieties.

  The nutritional level of vegetables follows the law from deep to light, and the general trend of the division order is: black, purple, green, red, yellow, and white.

In the same type of vegetables, darker varieties are more nutritious than lighter varieties.

The easiest thing to ignore on our table is purple food after black, including purple eggplant, purple corn, purple onion, purple lentils, purple yam, purple cabbage, purple pepper, purple carrot, purple okra, purple endivePurple asparagus and more.

  Purple vegetables contain the most special substance anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins have a strong antioxidant ability, prevent high blood pressure, slow liver dysfunction, etc., and its effects of improving vision and preventing eye fatigue are also recognized by many people.

For women, anthocyanins are a good helper to help prevent aging. Its good antioxidant capacity can help regulate free radicals.

People who use computers or read books for a long time should take more.

  In addition, for people who want to lose weight, they should also eat more purple food, because purple food can properly suppress appetite.

  Among purple foods, blueberries are the highest in anthocyanin content, and purple carrots and purple grapes are next.

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Thin people gain weight gain and pay attention to 5 major problems

Thin people gain weight gain and pay attention to problems such as: gaining weight means increasing muscles, not increasing those aunts of Matsuba; friends who gain weight or lose weight should drink 3000-4000ML of water every day; nutrition absorption should be balanced and so on.


Adding weight means increasing muscles, not increasing the aunts of Matsuba.

So don’t blindly eat more food, or eat food indiscriminately, which is not good for your body’s function absorption.


Friends who increase fat or lose weight drink 3000-4000 ML of water every day. Only when they absorb enough water every day, the body’s metabolic function will work well, which will improve the absorption capacity of their own nutrition.


Daily exercise is inevitable, and you don’t have to go to any gym to exercise. Just stick to 30-40 minutes of exercise every day, such as palm pressure, sit-ups, etc. (these exercises can be done at home), when the body produces enough nitric oxide.When these “life vitality gases” are free to spread to every part of the body, the body’s function will gradually increase and the body will get better and better.


Nutritional absorption should be balanced, because it is protein, because protein is very important for the body to make muscle, daily protein can be absorbed in soybeans, fish or eggs.


The body detoxification should be normal. Whether it is through stool or urination, the body’s toxins must be removed in time. It is recommended to eat more roots. This is the most fibrous area. It is often used to help defecate or improve constipation.

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