China Jinhua Aussie Open Badly Signed, Wang Qiang May Meet Xiaowei
It is not easy for Wang Qiang to want to be upset in Melbourne this time.Data Map / Osports2020 Australian Open Open main draw is released tonight, and the competition is about to open in Melbourne on January 20th.After Li Na retired, although China Jinhua has not achieved much in the Grand Slam in recent years, the thickness of the entire Chinese women’s net has gradually increased.This year the Australian Open, Wang Qiang, Zhang Shuai, Wang Yafan, Zheng Saisai, Peng Shuai and Zhu Lin brought the rankings directly into the main game.In addition, there are 9 women, 3 men and a total of 12 players shortlisted for the Australian Open Qualifying Tournament, the largest number in the calendar year.In the women’s singles signing form, “Golden Flower Sister” Wang Qiang played with the 27th seed.After spending the best season of his career in 2018, Wang Qiang had mixed results last year to achieve the season goal.This season, Wang Qiang scored the quarterfinals in the Shenzhen Open, losing to Alexandrov who won the championship.After the Adelaide Open, Wang Qiang was swept by Corbel in the first round, and went to Melbourne with a two-game losing streak.On January 14, Wang Qiang just finished her 28th birthday.This season, Wang Qiang hired French foreign teacher Thomas, a few have once taught Bartoli, Tsonga and others.Thomas has enough expectations for Wang Qiang, “Our goal is to train Wang Qiang to become a Grand Slam champion within two years. She definitely has this strength.”However, Wang Qiang’s current Australian Open signing is not good. She fell in the 2/4 area against French player Parmentier in the first round.If he can successfully pass the first two rounds, Wang Qiang’s potential opponent in the third round is No. 8 seed Williams.Last year’s US Open quarter-finals, Wang Qiang lost 1 to 6 and 0 to 6 against Serena Williams. This time it is not easy to want to be upset in Melbourne.Another Chinese player, Zhang Shuai, improved slightly at the beginning of the season. Although she stopped in the second round of the Shenzhen Open, she reached the top 4 in the Hobart Open this week.The top 4.However, because the world ranking has fallen to 40th, Zhang Shuai can only play non-seeds in the Australian Open.Badly signed Zhang Shuai won the No. 24 seed in the first round, former US Open champion Stephens.If the first round pass, Zhang Shuai’s opponent in the second round is likely to be a good girlfriend Stosur.Last year at the Australian Open, Zhang Shuai / Stosur won the women’s doubles championship.

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Inspur Information (000977) In-depth Tracking Report-Expected Demand Inflection Point Adds 5G to Help Sword Point Globally

The company has significant advantages as an absolute leader in servers. The sword refers to the number one in the world. The inflection point of CAPEX in the downstream industry overlaps with the expected inflection point of the company’s rack due to rights issue.

It is predicted that the net profit attributable to mothers in 2019-21 will be 8 respectively.



4.2 billion, corresponding to PE 36x / 25x / 18x.

Give a target price of 30.

6 yuan, corresponding to 19/20 years of PE 45x / 32x, raised to “Buy”.

Company profile: The server industry is an absolute leader with rapid growth in performance.

Inspur Information is a large IT enterprise group with good overall software and hardware strength in China. It ranks among the top three in server sales worldwide and China’s first.

From 2014 to 2018, the company’s average annual compound revenue growth rate was 60%, and the net 杭州夜网论坛 average compound annual growth rate of its parent company was 18%.

The server market is 100 billion yuan, and the industry has ample growth momentum.

1) The server market scale is 100 billion.

In 2018, the global server market capacity reached 12 million units, with revenue of 75 billion US dollars, equivalent to RMB 520 billion.

China’s X86 server revenue is 17 billion U.S. dollars, growing 55% annually.

2) Cloud computing has become the core driving force for growth, and AI and 5G create new requirements.

According to Synergy data, in 2018, 40% of the world’s large data centers came from the United States, and China accounted for only 8%. In the long term, there is room for improvement several times.

In 2018, China’s GPU server market size was 13.

US $ 0.5 billion, an increase of 131% in ten years.

CAGR is 武汉夜网论坛 expected to reach 27% in the next five years.

3) The strength of both the brand and the white card, the company’s overall rapid improvement: 2019Q1 company’s global market wave market share increased rapidly, in order to (4.

7% → 6.

2%), budget amount (6.

4% → 7.

9%), 2022 is expected to hit the world number one.

4) The CapEx Q2 market is expected to rise, and the upstream chip architecture upgrade is expected to drive Q4 to pick up.

Building multiple barriers, the sword refers to the world’s number one.

1) Customer strategy: JDM + overseas expansion, opening up room for growth.

The company integrated the JDM (Joint Development and Production) model to achieve deep binding with large large customers, increasing research and development efficiency by 3-10 times and reducing the time to market for products by half; Inspur’s overseas business has a strong momentum of development.Revenue growth.

2) Scale effect: price advantage creates competitive barriers.

The cost ratio of the products to be allocated during the period was significantly higher than expected, and the sales scale was expanded in combination with price advantages.

As the scale of the company’s restructuring increased, the costs were further allocated during the period, and costs fell.

3) AI and edge computing servers improve overall profitability.

The company’s AI service market share exceeds 50%, and it is expected to continue high growth in the future; it will be the first to launch two edge computing servers, which will fully benefit from the development of edge computing in the future.

Risk factors: demand forecast of domestic Internet vendors, uncertainty in overseas trade policies.

Investment suggestion: It is predicted that the company’s net profit attributable to its mother in 2019-2021 will be 8.



42 trillion, the corresponding EPS is 0.68/0.


35 yuan, corresponding PE is 36x / 25x / 18x, the average PE of comparable companies in 2019/2020 is 53x / 49x.

Considering that the company is an absolute leader in the server field, and the industry has been fully and fully growing for a long period of time, the current estimation level is relatively inaccurate. Based on the industry’s comparable and PEG, we give a target price of 30.

6 yuan, corresponding to 19/20 years of PE 45x / 32x, raised to “Buy”.

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Longji shares (601012) Interim report comments: Interim report high-growth silicon wafer production expansion speed-up module business is expected to become a new growth pole
Interim report high growth in the first half of 2019, the company achieved operating income of 141.100 million (+41.09%); net profit attributable to mother 20.100 million (+53.76%); net profit after deduction to mother 19.96 (+59.15%). The industrial chain has a good pattern, the rapid release of production capacity, and the cost reduction have brought about a rise in the company’s volume and profit. (1) The company’s single-crystal silicon wafers, components are relatively better alternatives to the current industry chain’s competitive landscape, demand is good and prices increase.stable.(2) Silicon wafers and component production capacity are being accelerated.The first phase of Chuxiong’s 10GW silicon wafers and Quzhou 5GW modules have all been put into production, and the current capacity under construction is also expected to further accelerate the release.(3) The company continued to improve the company’s profitability by tapping its cost potential. The non-silicon cost of silicon wafers fell in the first half of 201931.75%, non-silicon cost is a cost leader in the industry. Expense control ability was further strengthened, financial statements continued to be stable, cash flow improved significantly in the first half of the year, and the company’s period expense accounted for 8% of revenue.66%, reducing by 0 every year.27 units.At the end of the reporting period, the company’s assets and liabilities were restructured56.54%, a decrease of 1 from the end of 2018.04 averages.Net cash flow from operating activities of the company24.27 ppm, a 107-year increase.63%. The release of monocrystalline silicon wafer production capacity has accelerated, and the leader has further consolidated. According to the company’s “Product Capacity Planning for the Next Three Years (2019-2021),” the company plans to have silicon wafer, battery wafer, and module production capacity at the end of 2021 reaching 65GW, 20GW, and 30GW, of which siliconThe chip capacity is expected to reach 65GW by the end of 2020, which is one year ahead of the original planned time, further consolidating the company’s monocrystalline capacity advantage, and can fully enjoy the market product premium and scale effects. The overseas sales of modules increased rapidly, and the module business is expected to become a new growth 重庆耍耍网 pole. In the first half of the year, the company’s overseas sales of monocrystalline modules reached 2,423MW, an increase of 252%, accounting for 76% of the total external sales of monocrystalline modules.According to the company’s capacity planning, by the end of 2019, 2020, and 2021, the company’s battery capacity will reach 10, 15, 20GW, and the module capacity will reach 16, 25, and 30GW, respectively. At this point, the company will fully realize the transition from monocrystalline silicon to cells and components.The extension of the integrated single crystal full industry chain leader is about to take shape.In the future, the module business is expected to become the company’s new growth pole. We are optimistic about the company’s single crystal leading position and profitability, and maintain the “strongly recommended” 杭州桑拿 rating. As the company’s capacity release rate and profitability increase faster than expected, we expect the company’s net profit attributable to its mothers to be 46 in 2019-2021.59 (+14.6%) / 68.45 (+18.5%) / 87.1 (+30.8%) billion, corresponding to an EPS of 1.29 (+0.17) / 1.89 (+0.3) / 2.40 (+0.56) Yuan, maintaining the “highly recommended” level. Risk warning: photovoltaic replenishment installed is less than expected, monocrystalline wafer prices fall too fast

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Changchun High-tech (000661): First quarter performance maintains rapid growth. Growth hormone volume is the main driving force
Investment Highlights The company released the 2019 first quarter performance forecast: the company expects the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company to be profitable3.36 ppm-3.780,000 yuan, (or) an increase of 60% to 80% over the same period last year.Basic income, profit about 1.98 yuan / share—2.23 yuan / share. Real estate sector settlement, thickening the company’s performance in the first quarter: We expect Changchun High-tech to improve its settlement of real estate business in the first quarter of 2019, bringing incremental performance to the company.In 2018, the company’s real estate business was reorganized and settled. In 2019, we expect the settlement amount to be 200-300 million, and the contribution to profit growth to be around 4000 million. Excluding this part of the performance increase, the net profit growth of the pharmaceutical sector in 2019 is 41% -61%. The rapid growth of growth hormone is the main driving force for the growth in the first quarter: According to grassroots research, we expect the growth hormone segment of the subsidiary Jinsai Pharmaceutical to maintain rapid growth in the first quarter.Due to the progress of the issuance of vaccine products in batches than expected, we believe the company’s growth in the pharmaceutical sector in the first quarter was mainly driven by the growth of growth hormone.The reasons for the rapid growth of growth hormone are as follows: 1) Demand side-Consumption upgrade brings growth hormone volume, and the number of new pediatric patients has increased significantly, driving the company’s performance growth.With the promotion of grading clinical therapy policy, growth hormone sinks to the grassroots market, and at the same time, the outflow of prescriptions leads to an increase in pharmacy prescriptions; 2) Supply side—the company expands its academic promotion efforts, expands multiple channels in marketing, and promotes growth hormone penetration.With the company’s further channel sinking and sales team expansion, we expect Jinsai Pharmaceutical’s revenue to maintain a rapid growth of more than 50%. The progress of the issuance of the vaccine sector is slow. The growth rate of the first quarter may be achieved by the following methods: The vaccine sector Hundred grams of biologics has issued 510,000 chickenpox vaccine batches as of March 24, compared with 1.39 million in the first quarter of 2018.Support has improved.The total number of varicella vaccines issued in the market in the first quarter of 2018 was 5.02 million, and in 2019 it was 2.13 million. The progress of the issuance of approvals has gradually eased. We believe that the main issue is the “vaccine incident” trend.With the completion of the subsequent batch of chickenpox vaccine issuance, considering the increase in demand driven by the “one needle change to two needles” in the terminal market and the market vacancy brought by the delisting of Changsheng Biological Products, the company’s products are still achieving rapid growth. Earnings forecast and investment rating: Without considering the consolidation of 杭州桑拿 30% equity of Jinsai Pharmaceutical, we expect the company to realize a net profit attributable to the parent company of 14 in 2019-2021.2.8 billion, 19.50 ppm and 25.83 ppm, an increase of 41 in ten years.8%, 36.6% and 32.5%; corresponding EPS is 8.39 yuan, 11.46 yuan and 15.18 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk Warning: Risk of industry changes, product promotion and sales are not up to expectations.

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Lianrui New Materials (688300): Leading semiconductors and 5G silicon micropowder industry usher in development opportunities
The leading domestic micronized silicon powder successfully broke the monopoly of high-end products and realized import substitution.The company is a leading domestic manufacturer of silicon micronized powder. Its main products include crystalline silicon micronized powder, molten silicon micronized powder and spherical silicon micronized powder. It currently has an angular silicon micron powder production capacity of 6 and spherical silicon micronized powder of 7,100 tons.The company’s silicon powder products have successfully replaced copper clad laminates, epoxy molding compounds, electrical insulation materials, and adhesives.The company successfully broke through the monopoly of spherical silicon powder in countries such as Japan, realized import substitution, and realized the application of products in key areas of 5G.At present, the company has cooperated with the world-class semiconductor molding compound manufacturers Sumitomo Electric, Hitachi Chemical, Panasonic, KCC Group, Warwick Electronics, the world’s top ten copper clad companies Jiantao Group, Shengyi Technology, South Asia Group, Lianmao Group, Jin AnguoJi, Tai Yao Technology, Korea Doosan Group and other companies have established cooperative relationships and become qualified material suppliers for these companies.  The accelerated expansion of domestic 5G and semiconductor production capacity has driven demand for upstream silicon powder.5G and the semiconductor industry have higher requirements for silicon powder, and the downstream demand for high-end products has increased. The rapid development of the downstream has put higher requirements on the quantity and quality of silicon powder.According to the company’s prospectus forecast, the industry market space will drive 68 from 2018.$ 7.5 billion will grow to $ 20.8 billion by 重庆桑拿 2025.As the industry leader, the company masters the core technology of high-end products and will continue to benefit from the downstream industry expansion and upgrade process.The company raised funds to build a new angular silicon micropowder3.65mm, spherical silicon powder 7200t, can effectively meet the increase in demand.Analysis of the company’s customer purchases can grind the downstream CCL purchases. The growth of the purchase amount of the downstream CCL will increase rapidly. In 2020, the downstream CCL leading companies will expand their production, which will increase the demand for silicon micronized powder. At the same time, it will shift to the launch of high-speed CCL production capacity.  The reserve products are initially heavy, and the downstream market space is being opened.With the further enhancement of 深圳桑拿网 the company’s research and development capabilities and the further development of the market, in response to the rising demand for thermal interface materials in applications such as automotive battery components and high-power electronic devices, a new product, alumina powder material, was introduced in a timely manner, and new products were quickly opened.Market.The company’s alumina powder sales revenue from 17 in 2016.62 million to 1,974 in 2018.930,000 yuan, alumina powder has gradually become a new driving force for the company’s revenue growth.  Investment Advice.The company’s listed and raised investment projects added a total of 36,500 tons of angular silicon powder and 7,200 tons of spherical silicon powder.It is expected that the production capacity will be fully released within three years after the start of production.Based on the company’s anticipated progress in capacity expansion and downstream customers’ expansion, we expect the company’s revenue to be 3 in 2019-2021.18/4.84/6.8.7 billion, with growth rates of 14.4%, 52.0%, 42.0%, net profit is 0.74/1.22/1.920,000 yuan, an increase of 27 in ten years.4%, 63.7%, 58.1%, EPS is 0.86/1.42/2.24 yuan, corresponding to PE is 65 X / 40 X / 25X.The first coverage was given a “Buy” rating.  Risk reminder: The new capacity is less than expected, and there is a risk of brain drain.

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ArcSoft Technology (688088) First Coverage Report: Vision Algorithms Expand AIOT Market
Investment in logic Computer vision is the most commercially valuable circuit in the AI field, and mobile vision is one of the most mature application fields.As one of the main entrances of the AI era, computer vision mainly uses high-dimensional and dense data such as images and videos as the main processing objects, deeper information extraction, richer application scenarios, and great commercial value.IDC predicts that China’s computer vision application market size will achieve a CAGR of 56% from 2017-2022 to 146.10,000 yuan.Mobile phone vision is one of the most mature application fields in the industry. It mainly benefits from the development of smart phone cameras. In the future, with the trend of 5G replacement phones and dual (multi) camera cameras, the penetration rate of deep cameras will increase to meet the potential for accelerated development.In this field, the advantages of third-party algorithm providers in terms of technology precipitation and productization experience have great promise in the future.  The company is a leader in the field of AI vision algorithms and has only three major competitive advantages in long-term development.Since 2003, the company has been focusing on the research of image processing technology for mobile cameras. After 20 years of development, it has established a complete product system with high market recognition and industry leadership, and its customers cover major domestic mainstream Android smartphone manufacturers.We believe that the company’s long-term development has become three major competitive advantages: 1) strong productization capabilities, able to provide customers with the best balanced solution of “performance-hardware cost” three aspects in a limited development cycle for different hardware; 2)The algorithm has a wide coverage, has accumulated a large amount of experience and skills in the imaging, image, and color fields, and has mastered various core AI technologies, and has established a complete visual AI technology system; 3) gradually develop the industrial ecology, and the upstream and downstream cooperation of the industrial chain is close, Help to keep up with industry development trends, and continue to improve product competitiveness and customer demand response efficiency.  Automotive vision is the new blue ocean in the future and is expected to become a new engine for the company’s growth.As the main information portal for ADAS, the demand for automotive lenses will increase rapidly through the improvement of automotive intelligence, and boots will drive the rapid development of automotive vision applications.The AI algorithm technology accumulated by the company in the field of mobile phone vision is versatile and extensible. A large number of products and basic support algorithm libraries can provide one-stop solutions for customers in different industries, laying a foundation for the company to develop the automotive vision market.At present, the company has proposed relatively complete solutions for vehicle surroundings detection and safety assisted driving in vehicles. In the future, it is expected to fully benefit from the development of the automotive vision industry and continue its leading edge in technology and products.  Earnings forecast and forecast analysis predicts that the company’s revenue for 2019-2021 will be 5 respectively.91/8.33/11.1.4 billion, net profit attributable to mothers was 2.15/3.61/4.RMB 790,000, a year-on-year increase of +36.6% / 67.7% / 32.7%.With reference to comparable companies, the company 杭州桑拿 was given 65 times PE in 2020 with a target price of 57.77 yuan, for the first time, give “overweight” rating.  Risks indicate the risk of excessive concentration of downstream application areas and customers; the risk of technological upgrade iterations; the risk of new business development and expansion; the risk of intensified market competition; the risk of funds received in advance.

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Love in the ivory tower like years of porcelain

Her name is Qiu, the daughter of my good friend, and I call my uncle.

I graduated from a university in Hainan last year, and just stepped out of the shadow of being broken in love, only then did I have the courage to call me.

It is regrettable that I did not listen to me at the beginning, and wasted a good college time.

  It happened to be the weekend and I invited her to eat in a restaurant.

Speaking of her college love again, she couldn’t even cry.
We all lonely blame me

After the college entrance examination letter came down, I still insisted on attending this very ordinary university.

Dad had to agree.

In this way, I came to Hainan.

  When I was a freshman, I still worked very hard and my grades were always among the best.

Gradually, I found out that the students in the class were not so fancy about their grades, but more about who their boyfriends are more handsome, turned into money, and whose family background is more powerful, because what everyone cares most is after graduationWork issues.

Looking at the classmates in the dormitory, the most talked about topic for the time being is where to spend today with my boyfriend.

  After listening, I began to feel lost and even sad.

Seeing that I am going to be a sophomore, I have never tasted the taste of love. Regarding appearance, I am no worse than others. Why ca n’t any boy chase me.

Why did I become the only girl in my class without a boyfriend?

I’m really lonely and depressed.

The favorite song of the girls in our dormitory is Eason Chan ‘s “We Are Lonely”: “I watched the taxi after work and smiled / I do n’t want to go home after work. Whoever cares about me . I ‘m afraid of loneliness.Lonely lonely / And after you say I want someone to love me, someone loves me / But I do n’t know what I want, I do n’t know what I have / Maybe we are all lonelyI do n’t know what I want. I do n’t know what we have. Maybe we are all lonely. You who walk across the road say we all are lonely. ”

  One of my best female classmates asked me, is loneliness because I miss someone, or do I want to forget someone?

I shook my head because I was not qualified to answer.

I asked her why she was in love, she said, because of loneliness, that’s all.

I asked her about college love reality?

She said, regardless of him, I have never replaced love and marriage, as long as I am happy, I will talk about future things later.

Follow your feelings, unless you catch a hand that may dream, at least you have no regrets for your youth. Why should you suppress yourself?

Her words touched me so much that I decided to have a love relationship.

But I didn’t expect that I talked so vigorously, lost so miserably and miserably, and loved so much alive . I found Prince Baima, a school tour organized by the school, and practiced survivability on an isolated island far from the city.

In the crowd, I saw his handsome face at a glance, his hairstyle of four or six points, and he was particularly handsome. The most touching thing was his eyes.

Within seconds of staring at him, my soul was gone . no doubt I fell in love with him.

Later I knew that he was in the tourism department. I think he will be a tour guide in the future, and the female customers will definitely be considerate to him.

  Back in school, I ignored the girl’s shyness, and started writing love letters, texting him, and chasing him frantically.

As the saying goes, men chase women, separated by mountains; women chase men, separated by gauze.

But it was really hard for me to chase him.

He began to be unsatisfied with my appearance. I was not discouraged, I spent money to make a hairstyle, bought high-end clothes, and dressed myself up.

Then three meals a day, I bought him all, that is, his dormitory.

He likes spiced peanuts. I don’t have it in the school cafeteria, so I bought it in the restaurant.

Finally caught up with him, he agreed to be my boyfriend.

Well, I am happy to die, pull him to the street, buy him a jersey.

At home, I do nothing, but in front of him, I am willing to do anything, as long as he is happy.

I love him already in the bones.

He is my first love and is my favorite person.No matter how hard it is for him to do things.

  In the second half of the sophomore year, after school vacation, I followed him to his hometown, a remote village in Hubei Province.

When I arrived at his house, I realized that there was such a poor family.

Although surprised, I didn’t mind.

Because I love him.

We have long sincerely promised that we will not be separated for a lifetime.

We met to get married and have children in Hainan, and then we brought in our parents.

  My parents knew about us and stepped in to intervene.

My mother’s tears and my father’s curse did not let me back down. Maybe it was a rebellious mentality. The more they opposed me, the more they wanted to be with him.

  I really love him very, really, and want to live with him forever.

Although his family is poor, now that he is in love, none of this matters.

Maybe I read too many romance stories, so at that time I was full of fantasy about love.

This is a few years.

He is a careful person and treats me very well. He said that he would love me and take care of me all his life.

We did n’t know much about contraception at first, so I had three drug flows with him in the past few years, and each time I was terrified.

So, from my previous love to having sex, I was scary about having sex.

Because I was afraid of becoming pregnant again, we started to have discordant factors, and occasionally had quarrels, but soon reconciled because I always loved him as always.

I think he is my favorite person in my life.

At least I thought so.

I can’t imagine how I would live without him.

  The more love hurt, the more he graduated.

He found a job as a tour guide.

We rented a house. Because I spent too much time, I haven’t got a job. I’m sorry to ask for money from my family.

He paid the rent and living expenses temporarily.

As his chances of traveling increased, his attitude toward me became more and more indifferent.

The woman’s intuition told me she had another woman.

I was just embarrassed to say that we should break up. He wanted to “coldly deal” with me and let me leave him.

The love that once thought was the most beautiful, just like a dream is about to pass away from the melody of my life.

I was right, the woman called me and humiliated me.

I really wanted to commit suicide at the time . but I still love him and hope that he will change his mind.

Follow him, I am willing to work hard, after all, I pay too much.

  My petition still didn’t keep his heart.

What is the relationship?

what is love?

A few years of feelings say no, no?

I can’t stand it.

A classmate advised me not to say that a woman believes too much in a man, a woman believes too much in a relationship, and a man can be hurt.

Life is complicated, you just make it simple; life is also very simple, you make it complicated, and it’s quite boring.

I said to her, you never understand my sadness, like the darkness of daytime and night, like the eternal burning sun, and the lack of the moon, you never understand my sadness, like the darkness of daytime, noUnderstand why that star fell.
College love is really like years of porcelain. When it meets the hard reality, it is broken except for being broken. There is no vagueness at all.
It takes time to love someone, but endless time to forget someone.
Fortunately, I finally came out now.

I wouldn’t be so stupid if I had the chance to start over from scratch.

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Yoga moves help you stay away from breast cancer

Yoga posture can completely lift the thymus, make breasts more sexy, and massage the viscera and spleen to clear the liver and make the breasts healthier!

Here are some yoga moves to help you take better care of your breast health.

  The first step: regular self-examination with the fingertips on the breast slowly move clockwise or counterclockwise, do not squeeze by hand, so as not to mistake the normal breast tissue as a mass.

If an abnormality is found during the touch, you should go to the hospital in time.

  Reminder 1: For women over 25 years old, breast self-examination should be performed once a month, women with menstruation should be performed about 7 days after menstrual cramps, and menopause will be fixed on certain days of the month for inspection.

  Reminder 2: Women over 35 years of age have a breast examination every year or a year and a half, because early diagnosis of breast cancer requires a comprehensive system of multiple technologies, and only professional institutions can use equipment conditions and examination experience.

  Yoga mountain step two-mountain: kneeling.

The fingers intersect, and the UN budget runs parallel.

Lower your head and chin against your sternum.

Turn your palm forward.

The maximum budget has shrunk in the distance.

A deep, smooth breath.

Bend the front as far as possible.

Keep your posture for 1 minute.

  Yoga Latch Type 3-Latch Type: Kneel on one knee and your body upright.

The tip leg is straight, and the soles of the feet fall to the ground.

Behind hands.


Exhale and bend your body toward the bend of your straight legs.

Pay attention to pushing your chest out.

Control posture for 1 minute.

Change to the other side and repeat.

  Step 4 of the Yoga Noodle Mask-Noodle Mask: Cross your legs on the front side of your body and your thighs touch each other; place your right knee at the top left.

Sit between the heels of your feet, with your feet as far forward as possible, and keep them vertical.

Lift your right hand and bend it from the back to the back, turn your left hand in the opposite direction, hold your left hand behind you, fasten it tightly, keep the posture, and perform 8 breaths.

Revert, repeat the position of two feet and legs and part.

  Yoga Tree Step 5-Tree Deformation: Put your hands together and push your palms together and push your arms in opposite directions.

Lift the vertical leg and step over the thigh on the other side; or extend one leg and bend it, and step on the other side with the foot on top.

Become a keyword-blocked arm holding your head high.

Maximum contraction upwards.

Keep your posture for 1 minute.
  Ways to reduce the incidence of breast cancer: 1.



Reasonably estimate and control the total transient.


Reduce animal protein intake.

  4.Eat more soy protein.


Supplement vitamin C, A, trace elements such as selenium, iodine, zinc, copper, manganese, etc.

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Sudden love makes my life gloomy

Valentine’s Day in 2009 is here.

As early as a week ago, he went to a flower shop to book a large number of roses. On Valentine’s Day, he was going to take the large number of red roses to the station to meet his prospective bride.

After encountering the double blow of the love career, the girl who had been giving him a faint friendship suddenly stood up and propped him up another sky of life — Compassion for sickness, we fell in love in 2002, I graduated from college.
Because I studied fine arts, at a college student job fair in Jinhua on the eve of graduation, a private company owner in Yiwu saw me and hoped that I would make packaging designs for his products to save money.

Actually, I studied at the Normal University. Generally speaking, all the people who came out of the Normal University went to educational institutions, but I didn’t think I was suitable for being a teacher, so my early plan was to find a suitable and good job and earn enough.After the first bucket of gold, he started his own business independently.

Therefore, as soon as the boss of Yiwu talked about food and accommodation, as well as good office conditions, I just agreed to the bonus.

  But the boss of Yiwu said that it was easy for me to move, and I said that it was very troublesome to move his girlfriend.

  My girlfriend and I are both from Ningbo and high school classmates. We had a very ordinary relationship. Just because we all got to the Normal University, we became “compassionate patients”.

I went north and south, and in the four years we went from reporting each other on school conditions, to recalling a few “private relationships” when we were in the same class, to our own confusion and worry about the future, the more we talked, the deeper we talked.

Email, QQ, telephone, and modern communication tools are all effective ways to change our physical distance.

In the junior summer vacation, when I went to the South Station to pick her up from the north, and she flew into my arms as soon as I got off the bus, our distance became zero.

  Girlfriend is a very eloquent person and has a lively personality. She is a full teacher, so she was hired by a school in Ningbo six months before graduation.

My girlfriend ‘s vision for our future has always been double-stay and double-fly. She believes that when she is a teacher, her work and income are relatively stable. She can also go out to travel together in the winter and summer vacations. She took pictures, I sketched, and I have children.Afraid not to develop a genius?

  Her idea is of course good, but she ignored that I was most afraid of scrutiny and little creative work and life, so I have not been very cooperative in the direction of her beautiful blueprint.

About her, she used to think that I was the only one looking forward, and she was not worried that she would point me eastward and westward, so she was not wary of my perfunctory.

When I said that she had signed a contract with someone else, she cried, wiping her tears and screaming that it was my calculation.

I am atonement again, and it means that God vowed that everything was to marry her back in a beautiful and decent manner, and after that, I bought her a ring with an advance salary of 2,000 yuan given by the boss, and then she was settled.

  Even if she was clever, she didn’t care that she knew Yiyi after working for a year and a half, which was the end of 2003.

  Yiyi is a Yiwu native who operates a wholesale and retail children’s toy facade in the small commodity market. The products are produced by them.

That day, the boss took me to the market to understand the customers’ opinions on product design and packaging.

The boss is familiar with Yiyi’s father, so when she walked to her booth, she talked to her.

The boss asked her some customer opinions, and she could also be specific, and she would bring out her feelings and suggestions from time to time.

At that time I heard that this girl was very smart, very thoughtful, and sincere.

I told the boss afterwards that the girl was doing business and getting rich.

The boss said that their family are real people.

  When I left, the boss asked me and Yi Yi to exchange mobile phone numbers, hoping that I could listen to more customers’ feedback from Yi Yi.

Although I nodded politely, I didn’t take this Mao girl in my heart. I thought that she was just a college student in finance and accounting, and I was an undergraduate student of fine arts. How many possibilities could she offer me?idea.

  I slowly forgot about it.

Unexpectedly, at the upcoming Spring Festival, Yi Yi suddenly called one day and said that there was a new product from their toy factory asking me to help me design the packaging. She had already said hello to our boss and paid me for their satisfaction.

At that time, I was thinking about going home to celebrate Chinese New Year and getting ready to get married, so I declined.

I said there was no time years ago, and let her ask others to design.

Yiyi said, it doesn’t matter after the year, as long as I promise.

I just wanted to refuse again, Yi Yi said something, I will trouble you again after that year, and I will pay you an early year to hang up.

  Happy life, a win-win situation in love in May 2004, I married my girlfriend.

  Because I had designed the packaging for the Yiyi family’s products before she knew I was getting married, she specially gave me a set of high-grade bedding on her behalf, and also wrapped a red envelope.

After the wedding in Ningbo, I returned to Yiwu. I ordered a few more tables of wine and invited some colleagues and friends. Yiyi also invited.

  With this kind of exchange, Yiyi regards me as a friend. Whenever there is a holiday, I will make a call or send a text message to greet me. Usually I will also get a second-hand joke from Sanchawuchi to make me happy.

My replies are always replaced with plain, such as thank you, interesting classes, she did not seem to care about it, and as always, kept my brother, friend-like sincerity and respect.   It turned out that I wanted to return to Ningbo at the end of work in Yiwu at the end of 2004, but the contraception failed. In August, when my wife found out she was pregnant, she noisily called me back.

No way, I had to resign from the boss in a hurry and go home.

After returning to Ningbo, while caring for my wife who had a heavy reaction to pregnancy, I set out to start a small company and start my own business.

After two months of preparations, after the National Day, my company finally opened.

During that time, Yiyi called me twice and sent two text messages to greet her. Her words were very decent and her tone was steady. She never greeted her sister-in-law (my wife) every time.It is not because I am afraid that my wife will be more attentive. It is because I did not take this friendship expressed by Yiyi at all.

  It should be said that from 2005 to July 2006, this is a proud period of life for me. My daughter was born, my career has developed, and I have a house, a car, a wife and a daughter.Founded again.

I am full of ambition, thinking that if I continue like this, I will soon become a “successful man” in people’s eyes. I didn’t notice it at that time. At that time, a sudden change in life was approaching me.

  The accident happened. My wife and I were divorced in July 2007. I went to Guilin for a half-month business trip and negotiated a lot of business.

On the third day of returning to Ningbo, the excitement had not subsided, and I was brought into the detention center. During my business trip, public and private staff took a job from a customer in a foreign country, who used the suspected trademark to sell himself.Of inferior goods, want to be engaged in the collapse of opponents.

The company staff printed this batch of packaging without verifying various procedures. As a legal representative, I could not escape eating this lawsuit.

  Although I came out soon, but because of fines and various reasons, the company’s vitality was severely damaged, and new business was not easily pulled. Employees also walked away.

Especially unfortunate is that after my wife’s self-prevention came back, she never gave me a smile or gave me a word of encouragement and comfort.

She was washed in tears first, saying that she had no face to face, that her family had been innocent for several generations, but something went wrong with her, her husband had been jailed, and the stain could not be removed for surgery and beauty .At the beginning of a month or two, as soon as she cried, I apologized appreciatively, saying that I have affected her, sorry.

But gradually, she stopped crying, she started to drop things, didn’t cook, and didn’t wash my clothes.

I also have anger, and as long as I quarrel with her, she is called her daughter to return to her mother’s house, and will not let me see the child for a few days.

Finally, at the end of 2007, when she swept the notebook on my desk to the ground again, I gave each other a relief. I said divorce.

  From the beginning, I believe that after Liu Dihuaming’s divorce, the house and daughter belonged to their ex-wife, and I drove Toyota to become a homeless person.

  I sold the car and closed the company. I rented a single apartment and started self-narcotic and self-sinking.

I sleep during the day and drink at night. The TV is always on for 24 hours.

I don’t contact anyone, I don’t answer anyone except my parents’ phone.

In fact, few people called me after I changed my mobile number from the detention center.

  If it weren’t for Yiyi’s sudden appearance, I don’t know when I will sink.

  One afternoon last May, I was sleeping in the dark of a single apartment, and my mother suddenly called and said she was outside the door and asked me to open it.

I hurried up and opened the door to see, besides my mother, I was still standing outside.

  It turned out that after Yiyi lost contact with me, she often went to my original boss to inquire about my situation, but there was no news from me. Until recently, the boss occasionally heard my change from a former colleague and toldYiyi, she knew that I had experienced so many misfortunes.

Because the boss used to drive me home, she dragged the boss to my mother.

  That day, Yiyi helped me organize the room and then pulled me to a movie.

After coming out of the movie theater, I feel so depressed every month that I feel a little comfortable.

On the way back to the hotel, she suddenly said: I have no boyfriend yet.

I didn’t respond, and asked conditionedly: Why didn’t I find it?

Too picky?

She stood and looked at me and said, “I saw you for the first time and I fell in love with you. Didn’t you feel at all for so many years?”

  The next thing will not be said, anyway, Yi Yi Valentine’s Day is coming, she said that she would start a business with me and live with me for a lifetime.

Now, I have a sense of gloom, love, career, everything from the beginning, and I am full of confidence in the future.

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Oatmeal is best bought pure oatmeal

Cereal breakfasts that consistently give the impression of low fat are not all healthy.

Recently, the Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety found that a large amount of local compound oatmeal was excessive. Some oatmeal contained three sugar cubes in one packet.

Experts point out that in the face of oatmeal, oatmeal, oatmeal, consumers must discern the concept and choose carefully.

  Fan Zhihong, an associate professor at the School of Food, China Agricultural University, points out that oatmeal is different from oatmeal.

Pure oatmeal is impurity-like, about the diameter of a soybean, and has a complete shape.

The instant oatmeal processed by instant food has a loose feeling, but it can still be ground into shape.

Oatmeal is highly viscous and has the effects of lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, and satiety.

The more sticky the same amount of oatmeal is, the better the health effect will be.

Oatmeal is a mixture of wheat, rice, corn, barley and other cereals. Oatmeal only takes up a small part or does not contain oatmeal at all.

  When buying oatmeal, you should prefer oatmeal without sweetness.

Sugar-free cereal is not completely safe. If it has a sweet taste, it must be added with some high-efficiency sweeteners such as cyclamate, acesulfame, aspartame, etc.

These things are mainly chemical synthetic products, and children under the age of 2 cannot eat them.

  There are many oatmeal products that are recommended for no-cook.

Experts point out that they cook better, can provide the greatest satiety, and raise blood sugar the slowest.

And the oatmeal that needs to be cooked is often without any additions, such as sugar, creamer, maltodextrin, flavor, etc.

Some instant oatmeal just need a minute or two to heat, which is also a better choice.

Most of the instant products are added with sugar, which reduces the nutritional value, and detracts from the advantages of slow rising blood sugar and high satiety.

There are also many products added with creamer that will cause oatmeal to have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular disease at a discount.

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