Yu Long and Renee Fleming will conclude the 22nd Beijing International Music Festival
On October 27th, the Beijing International Music Festival Organizing Committee held a press conference on the antique closing concert of the China Philharmonic Rehearsal Hall.Ming and Zou Shuang, artistic director of Beijing International Music Festival, participated together.The 22nd Beijing International Music Festival will have a closing concert on the evening of October 28th.American soprano singer Renee Fleming made her debut at the Beijing International Music Festival, and with the China Philharmonic Orchestra, the director of the Beijing International Music Festival Arts Committee and conductor Yu Long, brought German and Austrian art songs, Italian opera ariaWaiting for various styles of singing.American soprano singer Renee Fleming.Renee Fleming was born in Texas, USA. She has created many classic characters on the stage of major opera houses in the world and won the Grammy Music Award four times.She sang the American National Anthem at the “Super Bowl” and became the first classical music singer to sing the National Anthem at this important sporting event.In addition to singing classical music, Fleming also dabbled in various musical forms such as jazz, indie rock and musicals, and even sang original songs in popular films such as “The Story of Water” and “Three Billboards” and even participatedPlayed Broadway musical “Heaven on Earth” was nominated for Tony Award for Best Supporting Actress.On the evening of the October 28th concert, Renee Fleming will sing the classic works of the two classical music cultural positions of Germany and Italy for the audience in the first half and the second half respectively.In the first half of the concert, Fleming will sing a series of Schubert’s classic art songs.As a representative of early romantic music, Schubert composed more than 600 songs in his short 31-year life. This time Fleming will sing “To Sylvia”, “Night and Dream” and “Night and Dream””Democrat Fish” can be called a population.Renee Fleming and Yu Long.In the second half of the concert, the Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra under the leadership of Fleming and Yu Long will focus on Italian opera music.In Verdi’s opera “Othello”, “” The Willow Song “and” Ode to Our Lady “is an aria that is loved by lyric sopranos.Fleming once shaped Shakespeare’s Tess Dimona on several world-class stages. On the stage of this concert, the famous aria “” Song of Willow “and” Ode to Our Lady “will also be sungring.In addition to the familiar melody of these audiences, Fleming also specially chose a relatively small aria, Mimi ‘s aria “Misai” in the opera “Bohemians” by Italian composer Leon CavalloSpecially open the lips. “In 2009, Fleming included this aria in his solo album “Verismo”.In the second half of the concert, the Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra will perform Verdi’s “Fortune of Fate” overture.After the concert, the 22nd Beijing International Music Festival, which will dedicate 16 sets (22 plays) of wonderful performances over 25 days, will come to an end.Sauna, night net editor Liu Zhen Xu Meilin proofreading Lu Qian

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Li An mourns the “adult school”, calling his death a loss of film art
Director Li An was on the shooting scene of “Fantasy Rafting of Teenage School”. Sauna Night News (Reporter Li Yan) On April 30, according to Taiwan media, the adult actor Irfan Khan, who played the adult school in “Fantasy Rafting of the Teenage School,” died in Mumbai yesterday.Director Li An mourned that Yifan was a rare good actor and a rare gentleman.Working and socializing with him is the luck of life.Two years ago, when he heard that he was suffering from this disease, he greeted him. He said that he would face calmly and bravely.He is a person who loves life and art. His death is the loss of film art and the pain of his friends.May he rest in heaven.Miss him. >>> 54-year-old Indian actor Ilfan Khan died of illness and once starred in Ang Lee’s “Youth School” Irfan Khan played the adult school in “Fantasy Rafting of Youth School”. It is reported that Ilfan Khan has performed more than 100 Bollywood movies since the film, and later successfully transferred to Hollywood development, participated in many masterpieces including “Slumdog Millionaire” “Juvenile Fantasy Rafting” “Jurassic”World “etc.He suffered from endocrine adenocarcinoma in 2018 and was admitted to the hospital yesterday due to a colon infection. Unfortunately, he died in Mumbai Hospital at the age of 53.His public relations company confirmed the news and issued a statement: In the end of his life, he was accompanied by his favorite family and left the world in a loving environment to go to heaven.Sauna, Yewang Editor Li Yan Huang Jialing Proofreading Wang Xin

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Guanglianda (002410): Re-introduction of construction scale development

The performance preview remains outperforming the industry. We expect that in 2019, due to the cloud transformation, there will be a 29% replacement. We expect that in 2019, due to the cloud transformation, revenue will increase by + 15% -20%, and profits can be exchanged.

We expect that the cloud transformation will still be affected in 2020, but profits are expected to be released on a large scale in 2021.

  Highlights of 2019 performance preview: We expect the company’s 2019 revenue plus + 15% -20%, and profits can overlap.

(1) We expect the company’s revenue growth rate to be around 15% -20% in 2019, of which the construction business growth 重庆耍耍网 rate is about 30%, and the cost business growth rate is about 14%; (2) We initially expect the company’s cloud transformation to2019 is progressing well, and about 15 new long-term contracts have been signed.

About 2 trillion, the advance payment at the end of the period is about 9.

About 90,000 yuan, the initial recognition of cloud revenue9.

4 trillion; (3) As the company continues to increase its expenses, we expect the net profit end to be extended, but the related impact may be diluted.

  Roadshow feedback: The bottom of the company ‘s estimate that investors generally recognize is that the recent rise in Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect’s shareholding may benefit from the company ‘s estimate being relatively reasonable.

(1) At present, domestic and overseas investors have relatively recognized the cloud conversion of the company’s cost business, and the cash flow provided by the cloud conversion of the cost business can provide the company with a relatively high estimated bottom; (2) Since November, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock ConnectThe shareholding ratio in total equity is from 7.

1% increased to 10.

6%, an increase of nearly 1 average in the past few days; (3) According to our overseas roadshow last week, we expect overseas investors to continue to increase their positions. The company ‘s profit will start to recover from 2021 and is expected to return to a reasonable level (2021Year 39x, around 20x 2022), and gradually match the growth rate.

  We repeatedly optimistic about the future large-scale development of the company’s construction business.

(1) As stated by our Air Force, although the construction industry has huge space, the market is highly fragmented.

(2) This is also the reason for the rapid and continuous growth of the company and the market in the “finding explosive applications” logic that is difficult to achieve.

(3) We believe that the introduction of platform + module products will gradually realize the company’s business logic of “platform integration, modeling drainage, and application monetization”, which will bring rapid growth in construction business.

  Estimates and recommendations As the company is currently in the cloud transformation and future profits are expected to recover, we lower our 2019 net profit forecast to 9%, but raise our 2020 net profit forecast to 12%.

We expect net profit for 2019/2020/2021 to be 3.

100 million / 5.

100 million / 10.

9 trillion, one year ago -29% / + 62% / + 116%.

The current sustainable P / E corresponding to 2020e / 2021e is 85x / 39x.

  According to the SOTP model, we maintain the company’s target market value of 547 trillion, and the target price before the additional issue is 48 yuan. Compared with the current existence, there is still 27% of upside, and the P / E corresponding to 2021e is 50x.

Maintain Outperform rating.

  Risks: Downside risks from new construction start-ups; new product promotion falls short of expectations; systematic estimation substitutes.

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Perfect World (002624): Client game veteran player

Global gaming continues to grow, and mobile trends continue. Newzoo data shows that the global gaming industry market capacity in 2018 was $ 137.8 billion, and it is predicted that the global gaming industry market capacity will grow to $ 196 billion by 2022, corresponding to the compound advantage from 2018 to 2022.Is 7.


The trend of mobile gaming 杭州桑拿网 industry continues.

Newzoo predicts that the composite capacity of the global mobile gaming and non-mobile gaming markets from 2019 to 2022 will be 11 respectively.

67% and 6.

70%, comprehensively driving the global gaming industry market capacity from US $ 152.1 billion in 2019 to US $ 196 billion in 2022, corresponding to a composite strength of market capacity from 2019 to 2022 of 8.


The power of IP (worldview and art story)-Players quickly bring in, especially important for mobile games. The four major elements of the game are: game mechanics, implementation technology, worldview and art story, game mechanics and implementation technology. It is difficult to make a big breakthroughYes, and with different worldviews and art stories, a new game can be spawned immediately.

Good IP can quickly bring players in. This is the reason why IP is popular. It is simpler for mobile games because the life cycle is relatively short.

For an IP, the key is to be able to capture the core user group. The creation of IP is a long-term accumulation process. What investors need to scale is the user that IP brings to the game and the IP payment.

Perfect World is a world leader in client games with a rich IP reserve (002624.

SZ) is a large-scale video game complex in China. Its business covers two segments, Perfect World Games and Perfect World Film and Television.

In 2005, 2006, and 2007, the company successively launched self-developed phenomenal-level end-games “Perfect World”, “Xunxian”, “Wulin Waizhuan”, etc., “Perfect World” is sold overseas.

In 2012, the mobile game market rose, and the company began to lay out the mobile game business. In 2013, it launched a number of high-quality mobile games, and the proportion of mobile game revenue gradually increased.

The company has gradually formed a three-pronged situation centered on the original IP “Perfect World”, the classic web text IP “Xianxian”, and the original IP “Dream Collection”, which is also accompanied by rich Jin Yong IP and film and television IP.

Investment advice We give “buy” investment advice: based on Perfect World (1) the significant leadership position of client games, these advantages can be implanted in mobile games; (2) rich IP reserves, complete categories, and diverse monetization models.

We predict that the 无锡夜网 company’s operating income in 2019, 2020 and 2021 will be 8 billion, 9.7 billion and 10.9 billion US dollars respectively, with annual growth rates of 0%, 21% and 12%; net profit attributable to mothers will be 15 million US dollars, 23 million US dollars and 26 million US dollars, with annual growth rates of -5%, 57% and 9%, respectively.

Risks suggest that game development or product flow is less than expected.

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Hengshun Vinegar Industry (600305) Company dynamic comment: personnel changes raise expectations and enter a new era

Matters: The company announced the change of chairman and appointed Comrade Hang Zhuhong as chairman of Hengshun.

Chairman change, company reform is expected to heat up.

Announced the appointment of Comrade Hang Zhuhong as Chairman of Hengshun, which can be formally appointed after passing the shareholders’ general meeting.

The air force of Hangzhou Zhuhong served as the secretary-general of Zhenjiang City Government. According to news reports, Hangzhou Zhuhong participated in the Zhenjiang City State-owned Enterprise Reform and Development Conference in July 2019.

Judging by the background of the work, the new chairman can better coordinate various social resources, and we guess that the cascading design of Hengshun should be gradually provided to help.

May mark a step forward in corporate reform.

Hengshun is on a good condiment track and has a solid brand foundation.

Hengshun is a leader in the vinegar industry. Its brand foundation is solid and deep, but its market share is about 10% at a low level.

The company’s reform expectations have always existed, and the market has been expecting Hengshun to break through the shackles of the system.

In the end, we saw that the company’s internal mechanism was initially improved, such as supplementation, verification, and incentives, but it was different from other leading companies in condiments.

If the reform can achieve breakthroughs in internal incentives and marketing, compared with the reform effect of Shanxi Fenjiu, Hengshun will likely enter a new growth stage.

The two major imbalances need to be resolved, and Hengshun has broad space for future development.

Hengshun is currently facing two major imbalances: first, the imbalance in channel development, which is dominated by KA and traditional channels, and the proportion of catering channels is relatively low;

At present, efforts are being made to solve the problem: large packaging products have been developed to integrate the catering market, and at the same time, the development and expansion of markets outside East China have been strengthened (the Hangzhou and Wuhan model markets have been added).

If incentives are in place, the company will adopt a more market-based operation method to accelerate channel and regional expansion, and future performance can be expected.

Profit forecast and investment advice: After the company’s personnel changes, a series of actions may be introduced to promote the reform progress.

The market’s potential expectations may increase, but the landing of market behavior still needs to be continuously tracked.

We temporarily maintain the profit forecast and grade unchanged, and expect the revenue growth 深圳夜生活 rate in 19-21 to be 9 respectively.

1% / 12.

2% / 11.

6%; net profit growth rate was 16 respectively.

4% / 14.

7% / 12.

6%, EPS is 0.



58 yuan, maintain the “recommended” rating risk warning: the reform progress exceeds expectations, the expansion outside the province is less than expected, raw material price fluctuations, food safety issues

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China and Thailand Securities: The “Rate of Interest Rate Reduction” Controversy

Source: Sino-Thai Securities Capital Management, at the time of successive interest rate cuts around the world, at the same time, domestically also launched a combination of boxing interest rate cuts.

  Taken together, there have been three types of interest rate cuts.

The first is the LPR interest rate (loan market quoted interest rate). In August, the loan market quoted interest rate formation mechanism was extended and reformed to a one-year LPR reduction of 6 basis points. Since then, it has fallen by 5 basis points in September and November.

The second is the MLF interest rate (interim lending rate). On November 5th, the one-year MLF operation rate was extended from 3.

3% down to 3.


The third is the reverse repurchase rate. On November 18, an incremental 18 billion 7-day reverse repurchase operation was conducted by way of interest rate bidding. The winning bid rate was reduced by 5 basis points to 2.


  Frequent combinations of interest rate reductions are dazzling, and different alternative research teams have also differed greatly in their judgments on monetary policy, especially on the issue of whether to enter the “interest-rate reduction cycle”.The rivalry is on.

  Anti-party view: Be cautious about the “interest-rate reduction cycle” Haitong Securities’ macro team said, “Do not talk lightly about the interest-rate reduction cycle.”

There are two reasons: First, from the perspective of the effect, the actual interest rate cut was minimal.

For example, the benchmark interest rate has only been reduced by 5bp instead of 25bp, and the loan interest rate has remained almost unchanged.

Therefore, the main message of the fine-tuning of interest rates is that monetary policy will not be tightened to prevent upward interest rates from hurting the economy by mistake.

The second is to deduce from the task results. In order to prevent the task of preventing the expected spread from pig prices to other areas, and to prevent the real estate bubble from re-emerging, we must adhere to structural deleveraging and not allow the macro leverage ratio to rise significantly.
  In the same camp as the macro team of Haitong Securities, as well as the fixed income team of BOCI, they are also cautious about confirming the interest rate cut policy.

The reasons are the same for two reasons: first, the number of so-called “rate cuts” should not be calculated repeatedly.

For example, taking the reduction of the OMO interest rate as an example, it seems that it does not exceed the market’s expected easing policy, but before the corresponding operation of the MLF interest rate reduction; because the OMO interest rate and the MLF interest rate have historically linked this law inThere have been no exceptions in recent years.

  The second reason for BOCI’s fixed income team is that it is not easy to observe the degree of market easing through interest rate prices. Most changes in market interest rates are caused by quantitative policies. Therefore, we should focus on the money supply; but this yearSince then, the monetary supply policy has always been in a state of “brightness, generosity, and stability.”

  Square view: The macro team of Zhongtai Securities had to be mentioned in the report, “The interest rate cut cycle has just begun.”

It indicates that lowering interest rates is the price of pigs and house prices, but in the case of rising pig prices and land reserves, the signal of gradually lowering the MLF rate has released a signal that pig prices and house prices are not loose, that is, structural problems can be accepted structurally.Policy to solve, but macro-scale monetary policy should still follow the fundamentals.

The current fundamental situation is that in October, economic and financial data fell across the board, food prices continued to rise, core CPI and PPI were weak, the economy did not 北京夜网 stabilize, downward pressure was still great, and the need to cut interest rates continued to rise.

  The attitude of the macro team of the Evergrande Research Institute on “rate reduction” must also be reduced.

It mentioned in the report that there is a major contradiction in the macroeconomic scale at each stage. The key to the current macroeconomic indicators is that the downward pressure on the economy continues to increase, and there is no natural medium-speed growth platform to undertake in the process of shifting economic growth.Therefore, the monetary authorities have placed stable growth in a more important position.

  In fact, at least as to the question of whether to enter the “interest rate reduction channel”, the two sides of the square have completely different perceptions, but in terms of basic facts, there is 南京桑拿论坛 a lot of consensus among each other.The practical significance of previous attenuation adjustments is quite limited.

That is, they acknowledge similar facts but derive different statements.

  In this sense, the dispute between “cautious interest rate cuts” and “must drop” is accompanied by differences in the prediction of monetary policy, but rather, differences in their perceptions of economic growth and economic growth models.

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Juneyao Airlines (603885) Company In-depth Report: Leading Triple Turning Point for Private Full-Service Airline Company Has Arrived

The leader of the private full-service aviation company, the triple turning point has arrived.

Juneyao Airlines is a private airline company controlled by Shanghai Junyao Group Co., Ltd. It covers both the full-service and a series of aviation markets at the same time with auspicious, Jiuyuan dual brands.

At this point in time, we believe that the company faces three major inflection points: since the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued policies for operation control and flight structure adjustment in 2017, the size of the civil aviation pilot team has significantly decreased and the growth has been questioned by the market.

The current company broke the time limit by dating the Boeing 787 wide-body aircraft and the layout of intercontinental long-haul routes. The growth rate of ASK has returned to 15% +, and the growth inflection point has been reached. The wide-body aircraft has resumed its voyage breakthrough, and profitability has been suppressed.The fleet size has grown, and the release of the main and auxiliary bases in Shanghai and Nanjing at any time cannot meet the company’s capacity expansion. Some aircraft have been invested in low-end markets with relatively high revenue levels, and the company’s route quality has been replaced.

The increase in aircraft utilization efficiency brought by the opening of the route through Helsinki and the increase in 杭州夜网 high-quality domestic moments brought about by the transfer of Daxing Airport have resulted in a turning point in revenue quality. In addition to the cross-shareholding with China Eastern Airlines, it is a major replacement for mixed reform by central enterprises.It is also positive for the company’s actual operation.

After the plan is completed, the company will hold China Eastern Airlines8.

17% equity, long-term long-term equity investment can bring about 600 million investment income for the company, at the same time the two sides together account for 50% of the two Shanghai shares, after strategic cooperation can jointly maintain the long-term trend of Shanghai hub, fare in the hinterland marketThe inflection point has arrived.

Capacity growth: The marginal impact of supply reform has passed, and growth has 四川耍耍网 reappeared.

For the private aviation division, its growth mainly comes from two aspects: capacity growth and single-machine profit growth.

The profit of a single aircraft is affected by various variables such as revenue, cost, external factors, and only a certain degree of variability. Therefore, the growth rate of the fleet size often becomes an important reference for the market to judge the growth of the private aviation company.

In 2017, the Civil Aviation Administration carried out operational control and flight structure adjustment on flight schedules, which caused the company’s ASK growth rate to drop from 22% in 2017 to 10 in 2018.

41%, the decline in fleet size growth and the market once questioned the growth of the private aviation division.

The growth rate of the entire industry during the winter and spring 19 seasons remains low, but for the Civil Aviation Authority, the growth rate is limited at all times. For a relatively speaking, the capacity index of a single company is ASK.

At the same number of times, upgrading samples and extending the distance can increase ASK.

Since the introduction of the Boeing 787 concurrently and the gradual execution of international flights in 2018, the company has demanded a rapid recovery in growth and re-emergence of growth. The turning point in capacity growth has now arrived.

Quality of income: The wide-body machine passed the incubation period, and Daxing Airport launched an increase in high-quality supplies.

For airlines, load factor and fare are the ultimate manifestation of supply and demand in the scale of operations.

As a private aviation company with high asset operation efficiency, Juneyao Airlines’ passenger load factor has always maintained a high level, but the initial development of Boeing 787 and the replacement of route quality have fallen slightly over the past two years.

The opening of the Shanghai-Helsinki route along the company’s first long-distance international route and the launch of Beijing Daxing Airport, B787 available in the first half of 19 has been available from 8 of 18 years.

7 hours to 11.

57 hours, and the fare income level is significantly higher than the domestic routes.

With the subsequent opening of Japanese and intercontinental routes, the company’s wide-body aircraft operating efficiency and overall route quality have been improved, and the inflection point of revenue quality has now been reached.

Participating shareholders: It is not investment income, but business synergy and operating leverage.

In 2018, both the company and China Eastern Airlines issued an announcement, intending to achieve cross-shareholding through a fixed increase.

Cross-shareholding with China Eastern Airlines is not only a major breakthrough in the mixed reform of state-owned enterprises, but also has positive significance for the company’s actual operation.

After the plan is completed, the company will hold approximately 8 of China Eastern Airlines.

17% equity, long-term long-term equity investment can bring about 600 million investment income for the company, at the same time the two sides jointly account for two 50% market shares in Shanghai, strategic cooperation can jointly maintain the long-term growing trend of the Shanghai hub,Bring inflection points in the hinterland market.

In addition, we believe that the deep-seated purpose of participating shareholders is to increase leverage at the bottom of the industry in order to better share the industry’s upward dividend.

For airlines, higher asset-liability ratios limit the upper limit of financial leverage, and often increase operating leverage through a modest advance lease of aircraft, but in recent years, the CAAC’s time limit and the new leased income statement limitThis traditional means of increasing operating leverage.

The shareholding of the airline company is essentially a scheme to increase operating leverage in a disguised form, which reflects to a certain extent the company’s determination to deeply cultivate the aviation industry and its confidence in the industry’s prosperity.

Considering the current company’s relative asset-liability ratio and overlapping book cash and operating net cash flow, we believe that the company is fully capable of covering capital expenditures through its own operating cash flow and debt financing capabilities.In terms of risks, it will contribute significant benefits to the company in the upward phase of the industry boom.

The hinterland path uplink operating leverage has increased, and the company’s performance inflection point has now been reached.

Investment suggestion: As a cyclical industry, due to the atypical nature of its 2C attributes, the reorganization of 2C brings consumption attributes. Therefore, the growth of the demand side is more certain than that of most cyclical industries, and the public welfare attributes brought by 2C are also suppressed.Because of the price elasticity, the public opinion evidence of explosive price increase is significantly larger than the category 2B periodic product, so the nearly 70% competition pattern of CR3 brings significant monopoly pricing power.

Prior to 2010, it was mainly reflected in the load factor elasticity. After 2010, the industry entered a stable period. The change in load factor decreased, which was reflected in price changes. The boom cycle opened in 2015 also increased the price volatility and reduced the consumption attributes.

Therefore, in the past few years when the macro-level volatility has decreased and the industry’s demand side has been difficult to fluctuate, the market has turned its attention to providing indicators such as timetables for each season, external factors such as oil price exchange, fuel deduction costs, and flight hours.The efficiency index essentially does not expect the demand index to exceed expectations.

Looking to the future, at a stage where it is absolutely difficult to transform in the short-term macro, the demand-side improvement can be expected, but it is actually unexpected to reverse upward.

At the moment when external factors such as oil sinks in the medium-to-average industry replace supply and demand as the biggest source of performance, it does not hinder the use of long-term perspectives and give more expectations to the growing private aviation company.

In terms of profit forecast, according to the company’s directorship to China Eastern Airlines next year and adopting the equity method to enter long-term equity investment, it is expected to realize profit in 2019-2021.800 million, 19.

7 ppm and 23.

500 million, corresponding to the current sustainable PE of 21.

8, 14.

2 and 11.

9 times, the company’s oil price exchange rate and other external factors are low sensitivity, wide-body machine income after the international line has significantly improved, raised to “strongly recommended” level.

Risk warning: the macroeconomic downturn suppresses demand, and the exchange rate of oil prices fluctuates significantly.

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White pepper and red jujube pills can cure stomach cold pain

In the winter, the hypertensive tract is prone to contractile contraction due to cold stimulation, and its resistance is weakened.

Some people gluttonous and cold drinks in summer and autumn, when the spleen and stomach function weakened in winter, the phenomenon is often highlighted, often manifested as stomach pain, stools and so on.

Here are a few effective winter stomach warming medicated diets, patients can choose according to their own circumstances.

  Yangzao glutinous jujube porridge: take 150 grams of mutton, 10 grams of sweet potatoes, 10 red dates (coreless), 5 grams of galangal, 100 grams of glutinous rice, add porridge with water, season and eat.

This porridge has the effects of warming the yang, invigorating qi, and strengthening the stomach, and can treat the symptoms of asthenia and cold stomachache, chills in the extremities.

  Anchovies: Take 1,000 grams of live anchovies, 10 grams each of Amomum villosum, tangerine peel, 2 heads of garlic, 10 grams each of pepper and pickled peppers, and appropriate amounts of onion, salt, and soy sauce.

After descaling, cleaning gills and offal, fill the belly of the fish with rind, amomum, garlic, pepper, pickled pepper, shallot, refined salt, soy sauce, etc., and then fry the fish in an oil pan and put in an appropriate amount of water, Stew into a wonton.

This palate has the effect of refreshing the spleen and warming the stomach, and can treat chronic diarrhea and chronic ulcers such as spleen and stomach deficiency.

  Grass-bone and black-bone chicken: Take one black-bone chicken of about 500 grams, wash it after depilation and internal organs, and put 5 grams of grass-fruit and cardamom in the belly of the chicken. Seal it with a bamboo stick and add an appropriate amount of waterCook and cook.

This meal has the effects of warming the stomach and invigorating the spleen, dampening the spleen, moistening qi, and relieving qi and analgesics, and can treat spleen and stomach deficiency, defecation, and appetite.

  White pepper and red jujube pills: Take 7 jujubes and remove the kernels, put 7 white peppers in each, tie them with wire, steam them, and then mash them into green bean-sized balls, taking 7-10 pills each time.

This pill has the effect of warming the stomach and nourishing blood, and can treat stomach cold pain.

  Cinnamon Hawthorn Drink: Take 6 grams of cinnamon, 10 grams of hawthorn meat, and 30 grams of brown sugar.

Fry the hawthorn first, and then add the cinnamon. After frying, strain out the juice, add brown sugar, and mix the hot drink thoroughly.

This drink has the effect of warming the stomach and dispersing cold, and can treat cold stomachache.

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Five homemade facial masks for your new beauty

Masks can be described as skin care products. Many big stars have said that they will apply too many masks daily. Of course, masks are the most effective way for skin emergency rescue. Today I will briefly introduce a few homemadeMask.

  Red wine mask Red wine is rich in antioxidant polyphenols, which can enhance skin resistance and promote skin blood circulation, making the skin look fair and rosy.

The simplest way to pour a compressed mask into red wine and apply it to your face!

But be sure to test it before use to avoid alcohol allergy!

  Seaweed Mask The seaweed mask uses the mineral components of the seaweed mud extract to cleanse the pores with oil control, provide excess moisture, calm and fatigue the rough skin, and keep the skin delicate and shiny.

Everyone will make homemade seaweed masks. The author only said two points of attention: one, it is best to use warm water to adjust, so that the collagen can be effectively overlapped; two, remember to rub a little moisturizer after application, so that it can not only hydrate the skin but alsoCan lock water.

  Honey Mask Honey is rich in glucose, fructose, protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc. which are very effective for skin beauty.

First replace the honey with 2-3 times water, then replenish the face daily and massage appropriately.

You can also use gauze to infuse honey, then gently rub your face until it feels slightly warm, and then wash it with water.

  Aloe Vera Mask Aloe contains a large number of vitamins E, C, A and B vitamins: mineral elements (such as potassium, zinc, selenium, etc.); amino acids, etc. These are the basic nutrients that keep the body youthful.

Peel the aloe and remove the meat, then smash the tender meat out of the water, and then apply the juice on the face for 20 minutes.

  Tip: If your skin is a little sensitive, it is better not to use fresh aloe vera.

Use finished aloe vera gel.

  Cucumber Mask Cucumber Mask has the functions of hydrating and controlling oil, whitening and freckle removing, and reducing fine lines.

Wash and dry the cucumber, use a cucumber machine (commercially available) to cut out the cucumber film roll, and then apply it to your face!

Or you can first sprinkle the protein powder on the cucumber film, and take the appropriate size!

  Have you learned the above-mentioned beauty masks that you can make at home?

At home, you can use simple ingredients to apply touching skin. Why not do it, girls follow me to make a mask.

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3 tips to help you eliminate


What to do if there are long faeces at both ends?

3 tips to help you eliminate

What to do if there are long faeces at both ends?

If the black man has an aunt, it will greatly reduce your beauty, and if you leave it alone, other skin problems are likely to occur.

So what about dark, long pellets?

Let’s take a look with Xiaobian!

  What to do if there are long faeces at both ends?

1, vitamin E removal of feces after washing the face every day, you can apply vitamin E to the feces, about a month, you will see the production, of course, choose vitamin E eye cream is more convenient and safe.

  What to do if there are long faeces at both ends?

2. The first step of removing miscellaneous plasmids from essential oils: Mix several essential oils and base oils thoroughly.

  Step 2: Apply the prepared essential oil to the ear for more than 40 minutes, and check whether there is a sensitive reaction.

  Step 3: Take a drop of the adjusted essential oil with the middle finger, and apply a thin layer around the eyes. Do not use too much, otherwise, it will easily stimulate the skin to produce traces.

  Step 4: Use your index finger to slide from the inner length to the lower eye and face for about 3?
5 times, lift up slightly at the end of the eye and pause for 1 second.

  Step 5: Gently wipe the upper eye socket with your index finger, and then use your thumb to insert the acupoints from the inside, staying for 3-5 seconds each time, stimulate the eye acupoints, and promote blood circulation.

  Step 6: Put your forefinger, middle finger, ring finger three fingers together, and apply the remaining temperature of the fingertips to the eye for about 5 seconds, promote blood circulation, relieve eye fatigue, and eliminate toxins deposited around the eye.

  What to do if there are long faeces at both ends?

3. Correctly apply eye cream to remove the small inner corners of the eyes. Clockwise massage the upper eyelid, the tail of the eye, and the lower eyelid. The intensity should not be pulled, unless it is a small amount of thick eye cream.Don’t worry, you can use point-shaped absorption, but pay attention to the strength of the fingertips and ensure that the coverage is comprehensive, so that nutrients can evenly penetrate into the inner layer.

Because when the nutrients can not be evenly distributed, it will cause too much nutrition in the skin, but the other part will lack nutrition, which may cause the skin endocrine and metabolism to be disordered, and it may also trigger unfortunate granules.

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