Excessive consumption of cellulose affects protein absorption

Experts warn people that excessive consumption of cellulose is not good for the human body.

Cellulose affects the body’s absorption of proteins, inorganic salts and certain trace elements in food.

  Out of fear of fine food, people are increasingly giving a lot of love to the rough food, so that the price of coarse grains is higher than that of fine grains.

Eating coarse grains can ingest the shortcomings of long-term consumption of fine grains, especially the large amount of cellulose in the rough food, which has a mechanism of action on the human body.

Cellulose itself produces mechanical stimulation of the large intestine, promotes bowel movements, and makes the stool soft and smooth.

This is of great benefit in preventing bowel cancer and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by hyperlipidemia.

In addition, cellulose also has a detoxifying effect, which can be combined with heavy metals in the body and harmful metabolites in food to transform into the body.

Therefore, the right amount of fiber is worth promoting.

  However, experts also warned people that excessive consumption of cellulose is not good for the human body.

Cellulose affects the body’s absorption of proteins, inorganic salts and certain trace elements in food.

For example, eating boiled, fried, soy beans, the body’s absorption and digestibility of protein is up to 50%, and after processing soy beans into tofu, the absorption rate rises to 90%, the principle is that the fiber component of the bean is destroyed after processing.

Long-term consumption of high-fiber foods, resulting in human protein supplementation is blocked, micro-replenishment is insufficient, trace elements are lacking, resulting in damage to bones, heart, blood and other organ functions, reducing the body’s ability to immune disease.

  Nutritionists recommend that a healthy adult should have a daily absorption of 10-30 grams of cellulose.

In addition to coarse grains, some vegetables also contain cellulose, such as leeks, celery, white, pumpkin, bitter gourd, red beans, and spinach.

If there are no coarse grains, these vegetables should be eaten more.

Medical experts also found that the absorbed diet is suitable for six-point coarse grains and four-point fine food.

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Will liposuction rebound after losing weight?

Every morning, I haven’t been to the clinic, and there are a lot of women who are full of body waiting patiently.

They always can’t wait to ask this when they see me:

“I can safely eat and drink after liposuction, no longer need to take diet pills, right?”

“Do you rebound after liposuction?”

If you get fat again, are you still pumping?

“and many more.

  I understand their feelings very well, but the explanation is unclear.

Because of the expected time of liposuction, one of the questions about the efficacy of this procedure is inevitable.

According to statistics published by the American Society of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, the number of people undergoing minor surgery in the United States for the second consecutive year in 1997 and 1998 accounted for the first place in cosmetic surgery, reaching 218,064 in 1998.

It is precisely because people realize that liposuction is the best way to lose weight locally, so there are so many people willing to accept this operation.

  Before the appearance of liposuction and weight loss, people have used various methods to lose weight. The most popular ones are dieting, weight loss, and weight loss. These weight loss are effective.

Practice has proved that long-term seriousness will definitely make people lose weight, but unfortunately, it is indeed difficult to slim down, sometimes abdominal.

  In the 1970s, scientists discovered that the remaining cells of the human body were not one, but two.

One is the “subcutaneous sputum” that we are all familiar with, and the other is the “deep sputum” that has never been discovered before.

“The aunt under the skin” is distributed on the human body. In addition to the storage station for human energy, it also increases the softness of the tissue and insulates it and keeps it warm.

“Deep adult” is mainly distributed in the abdomen, waist, head, upper arm, thigh, calf, chin and other parts. This unfortunate also has energy storage preparation, but it is not easy to passively use.

Therefore, when you start to lose weight, your weight gradually declines, and the “subcutaneous sputum” is getting less and less, that is, when the whole body is obviously slim, you still find yourself in the belly.

At this time, your determination to lose weight is greatly cursed.

  Why is the belly of the abdomen so difficult to reduce?

Scientists have further discovered that the “deep sputum” and “subcutaneous sputum” have different sensitivities to energy metabolism.

“Subcutaneous aunt” is too sensitive to energy metabolism, so once you lose weight, the first consumption is “subcutaneous aunt”, while the “deep aunt” consumption is very slow, which is the face and hands and feet are obviously thin after weight loss, but the weight is not reducedThe reason for coming down.

At this time, what if you give up losing weight?

The “deep aunt” will multiply at a rate several times that of “subcutaneous sputum”, and the aunts gathered in the front and rear abdomen will be more than the face and hands.

  It is the discovery of the two unfortunate cells of the human body that prompted people to invent a mother-in-law implant that used this negative pressure to pull this “deep aunt” out of the body.

The invention of Auntie was first directed at the “deep aunt”. Many people have already made clear the method of liposuction. People are worried about whether the operation is safe or whether it will rebound after liposuction.

Since the number of “deep unfortunate” cells is certain, when the “deep unfortunate” is repeated, the number will decrease, and after a small number of cells are reduced, it will not be too much, and the excess of the liposuction site is extremely limited, soTracking will not rebound.

  But why do some people say that liposuction gradually increases in weight compared to before?

Mainly because this group of people think that liposuction can lose weight, then there is no need to control the diet.

There is a conceptual error here, these people mix the two things of liposuction and weight loss.

Liposuction is a means of local weight loss, and it is also a means of beauty. Some people do not overweight their body weight, but the slight accumulation of parts affects the beauty, so they do liposuction.

The purpose of weight loss for the whole body is another matter, which is for overweight.

  What is the amount of energy consumed by people in a day?

What is the amount of energy absorbed?

It depends on the individual differences of each individual.

If the energy consumed by this person is replaced by the energy consumed, then he can maintain a relatively constant weight for a long time.

People who have better appetite and do not like exercise absorb more energy than they consume, and this excess energy becomes hoarding.

Many people exercise weight loss or drug weight loss before the liposuction, or pay attention to dieting, but in the local liposuction, they have an illusion that they can gradually lose weight when they can lose weight.Many people have begun to give up exercise to lose weight, and too much food and exercise, which is why some people lose weight after losing weight.

  But fortunately, many women and men who had been pumping fat told me that even if they were relieved to eat and drink, the weight was significantly increased, but the twitching area was not obviously fat.
That is to say, these local only cockroaches have been pumped away a large part, and it is impossible for the body to grow new sputum cells.
  Aunt’s surgery has been developed for more than 20 years, and the direction of development is to reduce the risk of surgery, that is, the risk of surgery.

The complications of bleeding, bleeding, and complications of liposuction surgery have been greatly reduced.

At present, the advanced liposuction is a low-negative ultrasonic liposuction with a closed, small-diameter tip. Its main advantage is that the implant site is flat, the wound is less, and the bleeding is less.

Nowadays, in terms of technical operation, in addition to the reorganization of “deep unfortunate people”, the transfer of “shallow subcutaneous squatters” is also carried out in order to achieve better results.

  I think, with such a detailed explanation, people should understand the relationship between liposuction and the relationship between liposuction and weight loss.

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How can the elderly have poor appetite to help you get it?

How can the elderly have poor appetite to help you get it.

With the increase of age, the physical fitness of the elderly will be worse than one day. If you want to be in good health, you must make up for it in time. The body is eaten.

However, the various physiological functions of the elderly continue to decline, especially the digestive organs are more obvious aging, and there is no desire for food to eat.

So how can you evoke the appetite of the elderly?

Here we will introduce eight tricks: how to do the poor appetite of the elderly to help you to get zinc-containing food to stimulate the taste bud zinc to participate in the synthesis of taste bud, to enhance the taste buds and nutritional taste buds, to promote appetite, such as mushrooms, mountainsWalnuts, beans, seafood, etc.

These foods are rich in zinc and are easily absorbed and utilized by the body.

  When thickening the taste and cooking, you can pour the juice on the boiled food and then enter the mouth.

This sweet and salty taste is only shallow on the surface of the food, not only to satisfy the desire of the tongue, but also to worry about excess salt and sugar.

  A multi-person meal is better to eat the lively alternating atmosphere that will change the mood of the elderly.

For elderly people with psychological disorders such as high blood pressure and pressure, it is helpful for many people to work together.

You can eat with neighboring old people or with old and young at home.

  The music is easy to relax and the secretion of digestive juice is related to the mental state. Appropriately improving the dining environment and playing some relaxing music can change the mood of the elderly and increase the appetite.

  Drink a small amount of low-alcohol before a small amount of low-alcoholic meals, such as wine to help appetite.

However, it is not advisable to charge a large amount of soda and beer, which will dilute the gastric juice and cause the stomach to expand and stimulate the satiety center.

  Moderate soft and hard. If it is swallowing, the speed of eating should be slowed down.

You can mix the broken vegetables into the food and pour the fruit into mud, but avoid slippery and too sticky food.

Thin liquids are also not suitable, because improper control is easy to squat.

  It is a stimulating appetite effect.

Controlling the temperature of the food is an important step in locking the scent, so the food must be eaten hot.

  Substituted sugar substitute salt to protect some healthy people with diabetes and high blood pressure, can not eat too much salt and sugar, may wish to replace the sugar and substitute salt.

It can satisfy the desire of sweets without threatening your health.

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Lichun eat spring rolls, remember to put some spinach

Eating spring rolls in Lichun is a folk custom in developing countries. It is like eating dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival and eating dumplings in the New Year’s Eve. It has been with people for thousands of years.

  The spring rolls are also called spring cakes. In addition to the meaning of welcoming the new year, the spring rolls usually contain a lot of spring fresh vegetables, so the nutritional value is very high.

  As for the spring rolls, there are actually a lot of stresses. First of all, eating spring rolls on the spring day is called “biting spring”, which means preventing disease and disasters and welcoming a new spring.

Tang “four-time Mirror” records: “Lichun, food reed, spring cake, lettuce, number ‘dish plate’.

“As early as in the Tang Dynasty, people have already begun to have this custom.”

  Spring rolls are divided into two parts: the cakes of the rolls must be freshly made hot-boiled pancakes, which are round, thin and slippery.

A good cake must be gently smeared with a layer of oil, in order not to let the cake and cake stick together, while eating the taste is also slightly smooth, with a vegetable sizzling inside, a soft oneHard and tastes first class.

  After finishing the cake, let’s take a look at the dishes in the spring rolls.

The spring eating spring rolls contain the meaning of welcoming the new spring. This welcoming the new year is expressed by the various spring fresh vegetables rolled in it.

Freshly pick the washed bean sprouts, spinach, leeks and other fried, then add the hot scrambled eggs and the meat sauce on the thin paper cake, use a chopsticks roll, put it directly into the mouth and force it to bite!

The mouth is full of the taste of spring, and my heart suddenly has a sun.

  Of course, the vegetables in the spring rolls are generally chosen according to your preference. Most families choose simple bean sprouts, leeks, etc., but here we strongly recommend a vegetable that is very suitable for being caught in spring rolls.That is spinach.

  Spinach is rich in vitamin C, carotene, protein, and iron, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals.

It can nourish blood and nourish yin. It has a better therapeutic effect on high blood pressure, headache, diabetes and anemia caused by liver yin deficiency in spring.

Therefore, it is an excellent health vegetable in spring.

  Eat more spinach in the spring can lead to intestinal bowel, hemorrhoids, because spinach contains a lot of plant crude fiber, can promote the body’s peristaltic effect, which is conducive to bowel movements; secondly, often eat spinach can promote growth and development, enhance disease resistance.

The carotene contained in spinach is converted into vitamin A in the human body, which can maintain normal vision and epithelial cell health, increase the ability to prevent infectious diseases, and promote children’s growth and development; of course, most of the characteristics of spinach are familiar with it.It has a better adjuvant treatment for iron deficiency anemia; in addition, spinach has the effect of delaying aging and beauty.

It can be seen that eating more spinach complications in spring has great benefits for our health care, so we don’t hinder eating a delicious spring rolls and adding this nutritious vegetable to a healthy spring.

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After drinking, I often drink honey water to keep healthy, and be wary of various complications to find the door!

Today’s children are the hope of every family. After the mother has been pregnant for many times, she will be taken care of by the family members. Some families will recommend the mother to drink honey water every day in order to supplement the nutrition and relieve constipation.Although honey is good, it is not suitable for drinking. In everyone’s concept, honey is a good nourishing sacred product. Indeed, honey contains some trace elements, and it can also moisten the lungs and laxative.

So how about drinking honey water often?

The main ingredients of honey are fructose and glucose, some of which are about 70% in total. They also contain small amounts of sugar, maltose, dextrin, gums and nitrogen compounds, organic acids, volatile oils, pigments, waxes, natural flavors, and plant debris.(especially pollen grains), yeast, enzymes, inorganic salts, etc.

Honey is rich in multiple micro vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, biotin, choline and the like.

The following is a list of the nutritional ingredients of honey (per 100 grams). Since the main ingredients of honey are various sugars, for pregnant women, the frequent use of honey water will increase the incidence of gestational diabetes.

During pregnancy, due to the huge changes in various hormone levels and physiological structures in women, it will increase the incidence of many diseases, and the incidence of such diseases is higher, and the incidence of these diseases is higher.
Hypertension during pregnancy, as well as advanced pregnancy in the liver, pregnancy and cholestasis and other pregnancy-related diseases.

The incidence of gestational diabetes in pregnant women in developing countries is about 1%-5%. At present, the overall diet structure changes, and the incidence rate is increasing year by year. The degree of diabetes affects mothers and children depends on the condition of diabetes and blood sugar control.People with poor weight or poor glycemic control have a great influence on mother and child.


Effects on pregnant women (1) Hyperglycemia changes to dysplasia or even death, the flow becomes as high as 15%-30%; (2) The incidence of hypertensive disorder in pregnancy is 2-4 times higher than that of non-diabetic pregnant women; (3)Long-term hyperglycemia pregnant women are susceptible to infection, severe infection or increase blood sugar metabolism disorders, and even induce acute complications such as ketoacidosis; (4) the incidence of polyhydramnios is 10 times more than non-diabetic pregnant women (5) due to the incidence of giant childrenElevation, dystocia, birth canal injury, increased cesarean section rate (6) prone to diabetic ketoacidosis (7) recurrence rate of re-pregnancy as high as 33%-69%2.

Impact on the fetus (1) The population rate is as high as 25%-42% (2) The incidence of population growth is 21% (3) Abortion and premature birth are easy to occur (4) The rate of deformity is higher than that of non-diabetic women.

The impact on newborns (1) the incidence of neonatal respiratory distress syndrome increased (2) prone to neonatal hypoglycemia, so in summary, pregnancy can inhale honey, but should not be repeated too much, in order to avoid gestational diabetes,Fruits, juices, beverages and other foods with high sugar content can also be supplemented.

Zhu Bao Ma is pregnant and produces smoothly!

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Keep an eye on the most harmful daily habits

1, white paper is used to package food.

  In order to “white” the white paper, many manufacturers often use bleach in the production process, and the bleaching agent will cause a series of chemical reactions after the contact with the food, and produce some harmful substances, which is very easy to cause pollution to the food.

  2, toilet paper wipes tableware, fruit.

  The results of the national quality inspection department showed that many types of toilet paper need to be disinfected or disinfected incompletely, which contains a lot of bacteria and is easily wiped on objects.

Only advanced napkins that have been sterilized are in compliance with hygiene standards.

  3. Spread plastic sheets on the dinner table.

  The table is covered with plastic cloth. Although it looks good, it is easy to accumulate dust, bacteria, etc., and some plastic sheets are made of toxic vinyl chloride resin. Tableware and food are in contact with plastic cloth for a long time, which may cause harmful substances, which may causeMany extreme diseases affect health.

  4, cover the food with a gauze.

  The fly-proof gauze is covered on the food. Although the fly does not fall directly onto the food, it will stay on the gauze cover, leaving eggs with germs that can easily fall from the hole and contaminate the food.
  5, use a towel to dry pots, bowls, pots, cups and other tableware and fruit.

  The tap water used in the current city is strictly disinfected. The tableware and fruits washed with tap water are basically clean and do not need to be rubbed.

There are many germs on the towel, and the towel will be dried again instead of secondary pollution.

  6, disinfect the tableware with wine.

  Some people use white wine to wipe the dishes, thinking that this can achieve the purpose of disinfection.

As everyone knows, the degree of alcohol used for disinfection in medicine is 75%, while the alcohol content of general liquor is below 56%.

Therefore, the use of white wine to wipe the tableware can not achieve the purpose of disinfection.

  7, the degraded food is heated and pressurized before eating.

  Some housewives boiled some of the degraded foods at high temperature and high pressure, thinking that this would completely eliminate the bacteria.

It has been proved by medicine that the toxins secreted by bacteria before entering the human body are very resistant to high temperatures and are not easily broken down by decomposition.

  8. Wipe the table with a rag.

  With a brand new rag after a week, the number of bacteria that breed will surprise you.

Therefore, wipe the table with a rag, properly wash the rag before use, the rag should be boiled and disinfected every three or four days.

  9. Beat the rotten part of the fruit and eat it.

  When some people eat fruit, they encounter a rotten part of the fruit, and then they smash the rotten part and eat it, thinking that it is hygienic.

Usually, even the rotted part of the fruit is cut off, and the remaining part has already precipitated the metabolites of the bacteria through the juice, and even the microorganisms begin to multiply. The mold can cause the cells of the body to be mutated and carcinogenic.

Therefore, even though the fruit is only a part of it, it is still thrown away.

  10, get up and stack the quilt.

  People discharge a lot of sweat every day, and it is no exception when sleeping.

After getting out of bed, the quilt is stacked, and the sweat is left in the quilt. For a long time, it has a sweaty smell, affects the comfort of sleep, and creates a living environment for the pathogen, which is not good for the body.

The correct way is to turn over the quilt after getting up, spread it out for 10 minutes and then stack it up. It is best to dry it once a week.

  11, long-term use of the same drug toothpaste.

  Drug toothpaste has a certain inhibitory effect on certain bacteria.

However, if the same drug toothpaste is used for a long time, the bacteria in the enlarged mouth are slowly adapted to produce reproducibility.

Therefore, toothpaste should also be replaced regularly.

  12. Dry the towel with a waste fluorescent tube.

  The fluorescent tube contains mercury, phosphor and a small amount of oxygen and other toxic substances.

Some families use a waste fluorescent tube to dry towels and handkerchiefs, thinking clean and hygienic.

Under the condition of dampness, if the lamp tube is eroded separately or the lamp tube itself has small cracks, various harmful substances in the tube will gradually ooze out.Especially when the temperature is high, mercury oozes more, which can contaminate towels and handkerchiefs and endanger human health.

If these harmful substances directly enter the eyes of the person, it may cause vision loss or even blindness.

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2 hours before going to bed is the “golden time” of health, many people have done 4 things wrong, see early

People must ensure adequate sleep before they can work and study the next day.

After a restful night, not only can the body’s organs be restored, but it can also make people full.

However, many people do not pay attention to this point, often staying up all night, even thinking that they are still young, not afraid of fear.

Generally, after 9:00 pm, I will slowly put down my work, and then I will do a good job of washing, but many people think that it is nine o’clock. “There is no black in the sky.” Nightlife begins, how can I waste so much?Time.

In fact, staying up late is a waste of life and a waste of life.

Don’t do these things before going to bed. 1. Eat a night snack. Many people like to eat supper at night, whether it is hungry or sputum.

In fact, this is very bad for your health. This is not a good eating habit.

Some people even eat supper, others eat some highly converted fried food, and drink beer and other ice drinks.

Eating supper at night will increase the burden on the stomach, especially the fried food, the degree of damage to the stomach.

If you really feel hungry, it is recommended to eat some light food, some porridge and small dishes, do not eat too much, just the right amount.

2, playing mobile phones Now many people are inseparable from the mobile phone, it will be uncomfortable not to look at the mobile phone.

Watching the mobile phone while eating, watching the mobile phone while walking, and even watching the mobile phone when driving, it is simply playing with mobile phones.

Then, playing mobile phones at night and night, in fact, is also playing with mobile phones.

Because playing a mobile phone, it will be addictive, it is difficult to stop, play mobile phone before going to bed at night, that is to play non-stop, maybe you are sleeping early, but you may brush your phone to two or three in the evening, the more you playThe more happy, the more excited you are, the more likely you can’t sleep, the bad for the body, and the blue light emitted by the mobile phone at night is not good for people’s eyes and human melatonin. Melatonin is let usSleep better catalysts, so we have to be self-control, don’t play mobile phones before going to bed.

3, a lot of drinking water Many people may feel very thirsty before going to bed, and then desperately drink water.

In fact, drinking too much water is also very bad for the body, because at night it may alternately go to the toilet, affecting the quality of sleep, and it is easy to edema the next day.

4, rapid exercise before going to bed to exercise, a little brain to maintain a very exciting level, will affect the quality of sleep.

In addition to the above four things that can’t be done before going to bed, to improve the quality of sleep, you can also try the following five methods. 1. Take a deep breath. Before we go to bed at night, the brain is generally more excited. For a time, there is no calm mood, and deep breathing can help us back.To calm down, relax muscles and mood, which helps us to sleep better.

2, hot eyes After a day of work, our eyes are generally tired, this time with a slightly hot towel hot eyes, can relieve eye fatigue, promote eye relaxation, can help naturally fall asleep.

3, you can take a walk before going for a walk, so you can relax and help you fall asleep.

4, warm water soaking feet before going to bed, can promote the body’s blood circulation, let us relax and sleep better.

However, it should be noted that many people can’t make a foot, and they must do it according to their actual situation.

5, massage the foot generally after the foot bath, we can massage the foot, the foot has a lot of points, massage the foot, can relieve fatigue, but also prevent aging, prolong life, why not?

So now, for your own health, don’t stay up late, people who are insomnia, try the above method!

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