Teach you a few tricks of infiltration of indigestion

Functional dyspepsia, due to the recurrent episodes of symptoms, not only causes pain to the patient’s body, but also causes huge losses to the social development.

So how can we surpass its destruction and restore the normal state of life?

  First, learn to self-psychological conduction.

  Correctly understand the disease, eliminate fear and worry about the disease; master the methods of correcting emotions and releasing stress, learn to use music, movies, chat, moderate physical activity, etc. to relieve stress and eliminate tension.

  First, cultivate a healthy and healthy lifestyle.

  Eat on time, avoid overeating and overeating before going to bed; diet should be light, avoid eating cold, greasy and irritating food, not excessive consumption of coffee and carbonated drinks; at the same time should stop smoking, stop drinking.

  Finally, the drug aids in relieving symptoms.

  After the above psychological transmission and biomodulation treatment, the symptoms can not be completely relieved, the corresponding drug-assisted treatment can be taken, but do not rely on the drug, because the prognosis of functional dyspepsia is good, and drug abuse is not necessary.

Depressive people should choose Doxepin, amitriptyline; worry, those who have insomnia should choose diazepam, alprazolam, etc.; those with dysmotility should use prokinetic drugs such as metoclopramide, domperidone, erythromycin,Mosapride and other symptoms are relieved; those with reflux symptoms need to be treated with a combination of activating drugs, antacids and mucosal protective agents.

  Special note: clinical diagnosis of functional dyspepsia must exclude the organic mutation of the digestive system, such as weight loss, anemia, difficulty swallowing, gastrointestinal bleeding, etc., otherwise it is easy to diagnose functional dyspepsia.

Some patients with functional dyspepsia may have symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, and patients with irritable bowel syndrome may also have symptoms of functional dyspepsia. The diagnosis should be based on the main symptoms and objective examination.Patients with irritable bowel syndrome with symptoms of dyspepsia are diagnosed as functional dyspepsia.

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Yoga is good for moms and fetuses

During pregnancy, although expectant mothers need to be very careful to protect their weight, they should not be overly careful to stop exercising.

Proper exercise during pregnancy is enough to promote the enhancement of expectant mothers’ physical fitness, control the body’s lines, and help them to lay down their babies smoothly.

  Parent-child yoga From pregnancy, all expectant mothers who are pregnant have similar problems. Usually, their bodies will undergo the following changes to make them very plump. Aunts start to hoard on the waist line, chest and thighs, and often feel the waistAnd leg soreness, but must continue to indulge in appetite for nutrition.

Pregnant mothers have changed their body shape, but they are very careful to cope with high blood pressure.

In fact, it is not necessary to interrupt or reduce normal exercise during pregnancy, and it is good for both the mother and the fetus to arrange some exercises scientifically.

Soothing yoga is a good choice. Talking to the baby during the exercise is also the original form of mother-child yoga.

  Benefiting to proper exercise of expectant mothers can enable expectant mothers to maintain a good psychological state and not to grow too fat.At the same time, it can promote blood circulation, enhance myocardial contractility, increase the absorption of oxygen, and promote metabolism; use the function of neuroendocrine system to enhance, Absorption of increased secretion of digestive juice is conducive to the digestion, absorption and utilization of food; it can also improve the coordination of muscles and help pregnant mothers to adapt to the transfer of body weight and weight gain.

  You can realize that exercise can relieve tension, make the joints of the waist and pelvis softer, and the muscles more elastic. Especially consciously exercising the muscles of the abdomen, waist, hips and pelvis can avoid the effects of pregnancy weight gain and change in center of gravity.Waist and leg pain, and help alleviate the labor pain at labor, and promote smooth natural delivery.

  The baby also benefits because the fetus is connected to the mother’s blood, so proper exercise for the pregnant woman is also beneficial to the growth of the fetus.

The enhancement of maternal blood circulation also increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus, and promotes the development of hypertensive brain and body.

Expectant mothers are exposed to the sun when they are outdoors, which is also conducive to the growth and development of the fetus’s bones.

Moreover, mothers often maintain a good psychological state, which has a certain effect on the children’s optimistic and cheerful personality in the future.

  Special tips should pay attention to self-protection during activities to avoid falling and hitting shells.

In the second and third trimester of pregnancy, pregnant mothers are not suitable for long-term bending or squatting, so as not to compress the abdomen or cause pelvic congestion.

Try to exercise less during the second trimester, because at this time you gain weight and often have mild edema in your lower limbs, so your feet are susceptible to fatigue and you can do some slow pad exercises.

  Suggestion: Learn the correct breathing method to lie on your back, bend your knees, bring your knees together, your feet apart, slightly wider than your hips.

As the pregnancy time increases, a cushion can be placed under the knee for more comfort.

  Lie down first to relax your body. Bending your knees is to keep the diaphragm in a relaxed state. Shorten the movement to reduce the pressure on the dorsal fossa.

A cushion can be placed behind the neck when lying supine.

Don’t bite the upper and lower teeth during practice, keep the tongue soft and insert into the bottom of the mouth.

Cover with a blanket if necessary to keep your body warm.

After 30 weeks of pregnancy, you can practice sitting with your legs crossed.

Pay attention to practicing abdominal breathing, close your lips naturally, and breathe through your nose.

  First of all, after lying flat, carefully observe your breathing to see if it is stable and regular.

  Put your hands lightly on the abdomen, inhale the nose and consciously let the air reach the position under the hands of the body, let the air flow drive the two hands naturally apart. Be careful not to move the arms, but let the breathing naturally cause the hands to separate from each other. Take 10 controlled deep breaths.
Don’t let your arms, hands or humerus feel any tension.

Then, move your hands to the position above the breast and below the collarbone, repeat 10 deep breaths each time, remember the feeling of air passing through various parts of the lungs, and then breathe 10 times in the usual way to relax the body, arms and body doubleWith palms facing up.

  Then take a slow, controlled, deep breath, allowing the air to gradually fill the lungs from the bottom to the middle and finally to the top.

When exhaling, exhale the air from the top of the lungs, then the middle, and finally the bottom.

Repeat 10 times, then relax with your usual breathing.

  Maternity yoga sitting and lying posture exercises can calm your mind, relieve tension, relieve fatigue and improve sleep.

It can be divided into forward bending, backward bending and waist twisting exercises.

You can exercise the umbilical wheel (one of the energy parts of the human body in yoga theory) and control the kidneys and adrenals before sitting and bending. This exercise is good for balancing and strengthening the functions of these two organs.

  The lying position exercise can open the groin, increase the flexibility of the spine, and strengthen the strength of the hips, arms and legs.

  Recommendation: supine twist type suitable for the crowd: suitable for postpartum recovery.

  Exercise effect: Eliminate the tension in the lower back, make the spine more flexible, and make the waist line exercise.

  Lie on your back, bend your knees to your chest, open your hands to the sides of your body, palms down.

Inhale, then exhale, knees slowly fall to the ground, turn your head to the left to look at the left hand, shoulders should be flat on the ground, do not turn the chest when twisting the waist.Inhale, slowly return your head and knees to the starting position, then twist to the other side of your body.

  Suggestion: Butterfly is suitable for the crowd: it is suitable for beginners. It can be practiced in the first, second and third trimesters.

  Exercise effect: stretch the hip, pelvis and thigh muscles.

  Sit upright with your feet close together. Keep your heels as close to the perineum as possible. Lift your sternum and relax your shoulders. Move your knees up and down like a butterfly flapping your wings. Press your knees close to the ground when you move down.

To strengthen the hip muscles, stretch your upper body forward with your head forward, but do not bend your spine.

This is a good position to practice pelvic lifting.

  Suggestion: Bridge type is suitable for the crowd: it is suitable for beginners. It can be practiced during the first trimester and the second trimester. It is not suitable for the second trimester.

  Exercise effect: enhance the strength and intervention of the spine.

  Lie flat on the ground with your legs bent, your heels staying close together, your feet slightly apart and parallel to each other, with your arms close to the front of your body with your palms facing down.

Don’t face your jaw upwards to avoid stress on the cervical spine.

  Make a preliminary breath, inhale, exhale, and then tighten your hips while inhaling, lift the pelvis, and slowly raise the tibia, and the spine slowly leaves the ground.

Raise the spine one segment at a time until the hips reach the highest position.

  Tighten the tibia and thigh muscles throughout the exercise to protect the muscles under the tibia from damage when the spine is bent.

  Recommendation: Baby style is suitable for the crowd: suitable for beginners, can be practiced in the first trimester and the second trimester, not suitable for the second trimester.

This position cannot be practiced after 30 weeks of pregnancy.

  Exercise effect: stretch the hips and pelvis.

  Lie on your back with your knees bent to your chest, keep your knees bent, lift your feet up, your calves perpendicular to the ground.

Hold the outer edges of the feet with both hands, and stretch your legs to the side of the socket, with the tailbone close to the ground.

Keep this position to the limit of feeling comfortable, then put your feet back on the ground and bend your knees.

  The stance and kneeling posture of pregnant women through the abdomen gradually bulge through the abdomen, the body’s center of gravity changes, the body will unconsciously lean forward.

Yoga can help pregnant women stabilize the body’s center of gravity, maintain balance, and correct bad posture.

  Standing posture exercises can eliminate tension and stress, restore physical strength, and refresh your spirits.

Standing posture exercises teach scientific exercise methods, which can strengthen the body’s strength and increase stability and balance.

Standing posture exercises can exercise the buttocks, tibia, spine and tibia, enhance the strength of the legs, and enable the legs to bear the weight of evolving fat.

Practicing these postures can also improve the circulation and respiratory system, eliminate pain, and promote digestion.

  Suggestion: Cat Fraction is suitable for the crowd: it is suitable for beginners. It can be practiced in the first, second and third trimesters.

  Exercise effect: increase the spinal contraction, exercise cat extension can also stretch and stretch shoulder muscles.

  Knees on the ground on all fours, arms perpendicular to both shoulders, fingers open, fingers in both hands parallel to each other, knees directly below the front, legs slightly apart.

Lift your left leg up and straight back, with your left foot off the ground, your toes down, and your left hip lowered. When your body is stable, raise your right arm to keep your breathing smooth.limit.

Withdraw your left leg and right hand to resume normal breathing. Repeat the exercise with your right leg and left hand.

  Tip: When doing a cat contraction extension, put a soft cushion underneath, pay attention to balance, and do not fall.

  Suggestion: One-leg forward flexion is suitable for people: suitable for intermediate practitioners. It can be practiced during the first trimester and the second trimester, but not for the second trimester.

  Exercise effect: This is a calm posture that can stretch leg ligaments, spine and hip muscles. It can also improve the function of the digestive and urinary systems.

  Sit forward with your legs straight on the mat, bend your left knee, place your left heel on the perineum, point your right toe up, and stretch your right heel.

Place your left toe on the right hip joint and shake your body back and forth.

  Enter the full posture exercise, inhale and slowly place your right hand on your left knee, and hold your left toe from the back of your body with your left hand.

Be careful not to bend your spine.

If you ca n’t do it, do n’t try to reach your toes, keep this position when you feel comfortable, and breathe deeply and regularly, then exhale, slowly relax your arms near your body, integrate your legs, and then change your legs.
  Tip: When shaking your body forward, be careful not to squeeze your belly.

All the movements are just doing their best, and the effect of stretching and stretching the bones and bones is achieved.  Suggestion: Right-angle type is suitable for the crowd: suitable for beginners, can be practiced in the first trimester, the second trimester and the second trimester.

  Exercise effect: This position can relax the body and is highly recommended to pregnant mothers.

It can relax internal organs and high blood pressure in a state of gravity compression, relieve the symptoms of varicose veins, and rejuvenate the body.

  I prepared a two pillows on my hand, put my legs straight on the floor, and the top of my hips against the wall.

The body leans back, the elbows support the strength of the body, the legs rotate towards the wall, and finally the body lies flat at right angles to the wall.

With your feet straight up against the wall, move your shin and merge close to the wall.

Bend your knees, press your feet against the wall, lift the top, and place two pillows underneath, both against the wall and in the direction of the pillow.

Legs straight up, arms straight at both ends of the body, close your eyes and relax.

  Tip: In general, pregnant women should not practice handstands.

But this posture just raises the legs, so it does not pose a danger to pregnant women.

  Recommendation: Crescent is suitable for the crowd: suitable for intermediate practitioners, can be practiced in the first trimester, the second trimester, and the second trimester.

  Exercise effect: It can stretch the chest and enhance the complications of the spine, it can also stretch the hips and stimulate the kidneys and adrenals.

  Kneel on both knees, inhale, and stretch your right leg forward as you exhale.

Inhale and raise your arms forward, then raise your hands above your head.

If you have high blood pressure, just put your hands on your chest.

When exhaling, bend your right knee into a lunge, lower your left hip, stretch your body upwards, straighten your elbows, but relax your shoulders.

If you don’t have cervical disease, you can gently raise your head and look up at your hands; if your head is more flexible, you can lean back slightly.

  Tip: If you have cervical disease, don’t bow your head while practicing.

If you have high blood pressure, do not raise your hands above your head.

  Suggestion: Squat type is suitable for the crowd: it is suitable for beginners. It can be practiced in the first trimester, the second trimester and the second trimester.

  Exercise effect: contract hip and leg ligaments, massage internal organs, and calm the mood.

Changing posture can also stretch shoulder muscles.

  Stand with your feet parallel and apart, with your toes turned slightly outward. If the short-term part is not particularly flexible, you can separate your feet slightly wider than the front.

Inhale, raise your arms forward to the height of your tip, with your palms facing down.

Exhale, bend your knees and squat, step forward near the ground, and keep your knees as far apart as possible.

If the heel is raised, place a wooden block, book or phone book under the heel.

Inhale, contract the quadriceps, and then use the power of your thighs to make your body stand out.

  Tip: When squatting, keep your spine straight and use your full feet to land.

Prevent the center of gravity from being poor and lean back.

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Pre-meal pitaya can help health and detoxification

Dragon fruit causes plant albumin that is full of vegetables and fruits. Many people know that heavy metals (mainly five types of lead, cadmium, mercury, impurities, and chromium) are harmful to health. Most children’s lead content has exceeded the standard, and dragon fruit containsWhen this kind of active albumin encounters heavy metal ions in the human body, it will quickly wrap it up, avoid absorption and absorption, and replace the body through the excretory system, thereby detoxifying, and it will also protect albumin against the stomach wall.

  Dragon fruit is rich in vitamin C, which has a good effect on whitening and whitening the skin, and the concentrated fiber content in the pulp is also very rich. This type of fiber absorbs water and swells 10-15 times, producing a gelatinous substance that makes foodThe shortened residence time in the stomach makes the dieter lose weight and prolong satiety without causing fever and intolerance, and has a good weight loss effect.

  The black grains in pitaya fruit pulp contain various enzymes and unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, which can help digestion and peristalsis, achieve intestinal moisturizing effect, and have an adjuvant treatment effect on constipation.

  In addition, the peel of pitaya contains a very precious nutrient-anthocyanin, which is a powerful antioxidant and enhances immunity. It can maintain activity in human blood for 75 hours, which is more than 10 times stronger than carotene.Antioxidant capacity.

It is transported to the whole body through the blood to play an antioxidant, anti-free radical, anti-aging, and inhibit Alzheimer’s disease.

  The skin of dragon fruit does not contain organic acids and tannins, so it will not be as astringent as the average fruit skin, and the texture is acceptable because of the meat quality.

When eating dragon fruit, you can use a knife to scrape the inner purple peel-they can be eaten raw, cold or put in soup.

It is a pity to waste dragon skin by eating dragon fruit.

  In addition, the flesh of dragon fruit contains almost no fructose and sucrose, and sugar is mainly glucose. This natural glucose is easy to absorb and suitable for eating after exercise.

However, the unsweetened glucose of pitaya causes everyone to mistakenly believe that it is a low-sugar fruit. In fact, the pitaya has a higher sugar content than imagined. It should be noted that people with diabetes should not eat more.

  Dragon fruit can detoxify and improve the beauty of the human body, improve the immune function of the human body.

  Tips: It is recommended to consume dragon fruit before meals, so as to exert the protective effect of dragon fruit colloid on the stomach wall.

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Heart protection, hypoglycemia, and stroke prevention!

There are so many benefits to eating grapefruit!
Heart protection, hypoglycemia, and stroke prevention!

Now it is the season when grapefruits are on the market. The grapefruits lower the fire and taste refreshing. They have the title of “natural canned fruits” and are a very good health fruit.

  There are so many benefits to eating grapefruit.
What are the benefits of eating grapefruit? First: Skin experts have found that grapefruit is rich in vitamin C. This substance can effectively reduce pigmentation in the skin.

Therefore, grapefruit is also a very good beauty product. After cutting the grapefruit, pour some honey on it, then gently apply and massage the skin, which can whiten the skin very well.

  Second: The skin contains a large amount of vitamin c in grapefruit, which can not only eliminate the pigmentation, but also make our skin firmer and maintain an optimal state.

This is mainly because vitamin C has a very important role in the body’s secretion of collagen.

Taking grapefruit regularly can make our skin thicker and smoother, and has a good skin care effect.

  Third: Stroke Reduction The latest research found that grapefruit contains a flavonoid, which can effectively reduce the possibility of stroke in people.

This oxidant can enhance blood vessel function and anti-inflammatory effect in our body. Taking it regularly can protect our brain well.

After 14 years of scientific experiments, scientists have found that women who eat citrus or grapefruit often can reduce the risk of stroke.

  Fourth: physical fitness grapefruit can effectively help the body absorb calcium and iron, which is very good for the body.

In addition, grapefruit only contains a relatively large amount of natural folic acid, which is very good for women who are preparing for pregnancy or during pregnancy, can effectively prevent the possibility of anemia, and has a good promotion effect on the development of obesity.

  Fifth: Studies that are beneficial to weight loss and nutrition experts have found that without changing other eating habits, eating half a grapefruit a day before meals, and then sticking to it for more than 12 weeks can play a very good weight loss role.

Why is this happening? First of all, because a compound contained in grapefruit can effectively and quickly burn slightly, grapefruit is also a natural weight loss fruit.

  Sixth: Protect the heart. Eating a grapefruit every day can effectively reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the human body.

Especially dark red grapefruit is better for heart health because it contains higher oxidants.

  Seventh: Anyone who has eaten grapefruit for the treatment of diabetes knows that grapefruit has a unique bitter taste. Don’t disappoint it is not good. This bitter substance, naringenin, has a good health effect on the body.

Naringenin can effectively help treat diabetes and effectively increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Therefore, regular use of grapefruit can achieve a very good treatment of diabetes, and is a very good health fruit.

  So, how to pick delicious grapefruit?

  Select grapefruit tips 1.

Pick the tip instead of the circle, the sharper the better.


Choose big instead of small, and big men will be better.


Choose yellow but not green, yellow matures earlier than cyan.


Choose heavy instead of light, heavy fruits are fuller.


When picking grapefruit, insert it with your fingers at the bottom. It’s best to keep it pressed.

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Pilates of choice

Exercise group one: effect of back support action: lose weight on the back of thigh.

Tighten your hips, abdomen, and lower hips at the same time.

  Action: Sitting, chest up, abdomen, shoulders.

Straighten your legs forward, put your hands behind you, point your fingers forward and inhale.

  Action: Exhale, lift your hips up, leave the ground, and straighten your feet.

  Action: Inhale.

Keep raising your tip until your body stretches into a straight slash.

Hold for 10 seconds.

Exhale back to action repeat 2?
4 times.

  Keep your body stable.

  Don’t shrug.

  Bend your arms and legs as much as possible.

  If the wrist is injured, stop practicing.

  Practice group two: The effect of one-leg kicking: from hips to thighs to calf to foot.

  Action: Lie on your stomach with your palms facing down, your forearms against the ground, your elbows underneath your shoulders, and your upper body lifted.

Stretch your legs close together and feel your hips tighten.

  Action: Exhale.

Lift your calf 15 degrees from the ground and avoid bending.

  Action: Maintain a 15-degree posture.

Inhale, kick your right foot towards your right hip; exhale, kick your left foot towards your left hip.

  Left and right foot repeated 6?
8 times.

  Keep your head, neck and back in a straight line, don’t lean back.

  Don’t shrug, bow back.

  Remember to close your belly.

  When kicking, keep the other leg off the ground at 15 degrees.

  Use the strength of your thighs and tibia to lift your calf off the ground, not the strength of your knee joint.

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Treatment and prevention of stroke in the elderly

Stroke is a collective term for acute cerebrovascular disease in Chinese medicine.

It is a type of disease whose main symptoms are sudden fainting, unconsciousness, accompanied by skewed corners, unfavorable language, and hemiplegia.

Due to its high morbidity, high mortality rate, high disability rate, high recurrence rate and many complications, the medical community ranks it with coronary heart disease and cancer as one of the three major diseases threatening human health.

So how should older people treat and prevent stroke?

Treatment: The incidence, mortality and disability of cerebrovascular disease are high, so prevention and treatment should be strengthened.

Specific diseases have specific treatments.

(A) Acute phase: 1.

Medical treatment: (1) General treatment: ① Quiet in bed.

② Sedation, cough and painkillers.

③ The head cools.

(2) Adjust blood pressure.

(3) Reduce intracranial pressure.

(4) Pay attention to the balance of water, electrolyte and acid.

(5) Thesis.


Surgical treatment.

(II) Recovery period: The main purpose of treatment is to promote the functional recovery of limb and language disorders, improve brain function, reduce sequelae and prevent recurrence.


To prevent high blood pressure and emotional excitement, life should be regular, diet should be moderate, stool should not dry out.


Functional exercise.


Drug treatment: optionally use drugs that promote neurometabolism, such as brain rehabilitation, citicoline, cerebrolysin, r-aminobutyric acid, coenzyme Q10, vitamin B, vitamin E and vasodilator drugs, etc.Huayu, Yiqi Tongluo, nourishing liver and kidney, Huatan Kaiqiao and other traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions.


Physical therapy, physical therapy and acupuncture.

Prevention methods: 1. Primary prevention: “If there is only one or more of the above-mentioned risk factors in a body without aura or manifestation of cerebrovascular, we will list them as the primary prevention object, that is, actively treat the existing risk factors,At the same time, regularly monitor the occurrence of other risk factors and take targeted measures.

2. Secondary prevention: Individuals already have risk factors and have emerged a stroke threat. If temporary short cerebrovascular disease, early diagnosis and early treatment are given to prevent severe cerebrovascular disease, which is secondary prevention.

3. Tertiary prevention: For patients who have already suffered a stroke, early or very early treatment can reduce the degree of disability and eliminate or treat risk factors to prevent multiple occurrences of tertiary prevention.

The so-called early treatment refers to the treatment of the acute phase of the patient several hours after the onset of the disease. The so-called ultra-early treatment refers to the treatment implemented within several hours after the onset of the disease. For interventional stroke, thrombolytic therapy is started within 6 hours after the onset ofThe earlier the intervention of targeted treatment measures, the better the treatment effect and the lower the degree of disability.

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Do the lowest level 6 of hot yoga at home

Aerobics at home, banging, making the neighbors downstairs cover their ears.

Now girls love yoga. As long as they quietly “support” an action, they can achieve healthy results.

  Then let’s do the lowest level of “hot yoga” together. Although the “hot” plea cannot be reached at home at present-the indoor temperature is 34-38 ℃, but it can also help yoga fans to understand.


Meniscus HalfmoonPose This movement is easier to imitate, just straighten your arms and slowly bump towards the body.

Pay attention to looking at the corrective actions in the mirror. Pay close attention to your abdomen and chest. You will be close to both ears, otherwise you will not be able to breathe smoothly.


EaglePose’s principle of “same hands and feet”: If the right hand is behind the left hand, then the right leg should also work hard behind the left leg; of course, it can also be done the other way, without necessarily begging.

After successfully twisting the complete “Twist”, it is not easy to expect 1 minute, and beginners must do their best to hold on!


Stand on your head and knees, StandheadtokneePose. Your legs should be suspended and straight, and your hands should touch your feet. If your ligaments are too tight, you will think it is very difficult to do so. Please ask others for help, and try to complete them as much as you can, but do n’t deliberately pursuelength of time.


ToestandPose This is a difficult action!

Fold your hands together, move your feet to the groin of the other leg, and slowly squat, then keep your hands on the ground to maintain balance, and then continue to squat slowly.

Finally squatted on one foot, then raised his hips, and kept his balance with his toes.

Be careful not to fall.


Camel CamelPose knees on her knees, and her body is “anti-mockery”. What level can be achieved, varies from person to person, and is not forced.

But hold yourself, look back as far as possible, support your hands on your heels, and place your knees at right angles.


Cobra Pose lays face down and tries to lift its head up, just like Cobra, don’t think it is a relaxing exercise, it is not easy to do it.

  It ‘s important to take a deep, even breath from start to finish!

After 3 hours a day, wait for digestion on an empty stomach.

Please drink plenty of water after the stagnation.

Adhere to a peaceful and comfortable environment, preferably with beautiful music.

Work hard and don’t succumb to it. If you have insufficient body, you can stop practicing for a few days.

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Quick whitening spike skin care after sun

As summer approaches, skincare, sun protection, and whitening are important skin care steps that cannot be ignored.

In daily life, cabbage, milk, pearl powder, etc. have anti-inflammatory and sun-repairing effects. Let’s take a look at a variety of DIY whitening masks, so that our housewives can easily skin.

  Yogurt banana mask effect: remove facial acne and freckles practice: half a banana, mashed into a mud, mixed with an appropriate amount of yogurt, adjusted to a paste, apply on top, keep it for 15?
After 20 minutes, rinse with water.

This method can make the skin fresh and smooth, and remove facial acne and freckles.

Whitening Mask.

  Pearl powder plus yogurt Choose the finest powdered pearl powder and yogurt mixed together, apply it to the sunburn, do not massage.

Usually pearl powder massage can press the effect of exfoliating, but the skin is still fragile after sun exposure, just apply for 5-10 minutes.

  Milk mask DIY role: whitening and moisturizing, the face will be smooth and tender Oh method: steam the face with steam, soak the cotton pad with fresh milk, apply to the body for about 15 minutes, remove, wash the milk on the face with waternet.
Long-term adherence can make skin tone white and even.

TIPS: In summer, you can also put fresh milk in the refrigerator and put it cooler, which will be more comfortable.

  Raw pear almond oil compresses the face: can make oily skin tender, and can also treat acne.

  Method: Boil 6 pears thoroughly, compress them after cooling, add 1 tablespoon of almond oil, stir well and apply on the face.

  Tomato Honey Mask: This whitening formula can be used to whiten the face and hands at the same time.

Especially for acne-prone skin, it can effectively remove oiliness, prevent infection, and make skin fair and delicate.

  Usage: You can mix tomatoes into tomato juice and add an appropriate amount of honey to stir until a paste.

Apply evenly to face or hands and leave to wash for about 15 minutes.

It is recommended to do it 1-2 times a week.

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Ah Lian is playing a healthy ball!

The last quarter will win!

Are you still like Du Feng?

Exercise young players!
Ah Lian is playing a healthy ball!
The last quarter will win!
Are you still like Du Feng?

On October 21st, Beijing time, the new season CBA regular season started, Du Feng ushered in his first battle to return to the Guangdong men’s basketball team.

Despite the team’s short running time, lack of tacit understanding, and mistakes as many as 20 times, Du Feng still relied on the tactical doomsday reversal of the key moments, and he has been rotating the players according to his own deployment, not afraid of danger, showing the temperament of the famous coach.
As the first game of the new season, everyone hopes to usher in a good start to boost morale for the team, the game must be self-evident.

However, Du Feng is always flexible, but he has been flexible in adjusting his players according to his own plans and changes in the field.

A total of 11 people played in the game, instead of killing 8 players like Yunus last season, very much using the lineup of the run-in and tacit understanding.

Du Feng dared to use the young players boldly in the game.

Ren Junfei’s state of the game is very poor. He made 0 of 5 shots in the first three quarters. At the crucial moment in the second half of the fourth quarter, Du Feng decisively abandoned Ren Junfei and boldly used the first-year newcomer Du Runwang. Du Runwang also lived up to expectations.In 3, 2 points and 1 in 1 and scored 11 points, and in the last quarter of the last quarter, the defense of the Guangdong men’s basketball team, which greatly enhanced the physical defense, withstood the counterattack of the Beijing men’s basketball team.

Du Feng dared to let Yi Jianlian play health basketball in the game.

Du Feng has made significant changes to the use of Yi Jianlian in this game. He no longer blindly makes Yi Jianlian the main attack point on the field, and rationally arranged Yi Jianlian’s playing time. He only played 33 minutes in the game, unlike the above.As for the season, nearly 40 minutes of death, Yi Jianlian is very rare to play a health ball, to cope with a longer season.

This game Yi Jianlian scored 11 points, 12 rebounds and 3 steals.


Du Feng dared to use the odd tricks to reverse the game at a crucial moment.

At the final battle of the game, Du Feng boldly used the draenei in the first three quarters to replace Weems, adding one more outside point. The draenei also made a fatal three-point proof at the last moment.The correct use of people.

On the defensive end, Du Feng suddenly let Zhao Rui and Zhou Peng join forces to attack Jackson. Beijing Shougang faced a sudden change in defensive changes and was unable to adapt to several consecutive mistakes. The Guangdong men’s basketball team seized the opportunity to overtake the score within 2 minutes.

Du Feng was heavy and calm in his first show of returning to Hongyuan. He boldly used young players, strategizing, looking long-term, and tactics unexpected.

Do you still have such a Du Feng?

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Does hot yoga have some effect on the body?

Hot yoga, also called hot yoga or hot yoga.

That is to do yoga in the high temperature environment of 38 ℃ -40 ℃.

It is composed of 26 kinds of contraction movements. It belongs to the flexible movement, which can improve the spine softness and is suitable for the office family.

  The effects of high-temperature yoga: 1, weight loss (significant effect on obesity caused by hydration of tissue cells).

  2. Burn the aunt in the body (this effect is achieved by exercising at high temperature).

  3. Enhance heart, lung and kidney function (this effect is achieved by practicing breathing and whole body exercise).

  4, increase the softness of the body, reduce the feeling of pain and reduce the chance of injury.

  5. Regulate personal emotions and stress to make your mood peaceful and optimistic.

  6. Promote metabolism, strengthen immunity, and improve joint complications.

  7, stimulate the lymphatic system, expel toxins from the body, quickly eliminate fat, make the skin beautiful, shiny 8, balanced diet and regulate endocrine

  9, through the adjustment of pressure to achieve the role of promoting sleep.

  10. Promote blood circulation.

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