Egg shell cure small recipe


Make the skin smooth and smooth. Collect the layer of egg white in the egg shell, add a teaspoon of milk powder and honey, mix into a paste. After washing your face at night, apply the adjusted egg paste to your body. After 30 minutes, wash off.This method is relatively smooth and smooth on the facial muscles.


The egg shell for treating pediatric osteochondrosis contains more than 90% of calcium carbonate, sodium carbonate, hydrogen phosphate and other substances. It can be taken orally and can be used to treat pediatric osteomalacia.


There is a thin layer of egg film on the inside of the egg shell.

When a certain part of the body is burned, you can lightly beat an egg, peel off the egg film, and apply it to the wound. After about 10 days, the wound will heal.

Another advantage is that it can relieve pain after application.


Anti-inflammatory and analgesic can be applied by rubbing the egg shell into the end and applied to treat wounds and reduce inflammation.


To improve stomach pain, wash and break the egg shell, add it to a wok and stir-fry the yellow (not fried), then grind it into powder, the finer the better, take one egg shell per day, 2 times?
Take it 3 times with water before or after meals. It has analgesic and acid-producing effects on patients with duodenal ulcers and stomach pains and hyperacidity.

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Tomatoes can prevent prostate cancer

Recent studies have shown that daily consumption of tomatoes and tomato products and oral supplements containing lycopene have considerable benefits for human health and have the effect of preventing prostate cancer.

  Harvard Medical School surveyed 47,894 male health professionals who did not have prostate cancer, and the results showed that large amounts of lycopene could effectively protect the prostate.

Of the 46 foods containing carotenoids, three-quarters of those related to reducing the risk of prostate cancer contain lycopene-tomato sauce, tomatoes.

If you eat more than 10 tomatoes and tomato products per week, substitute 1 for those that eat weekly.

Five people can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 35%.

For severe prostate cancer, lycopene appears to be more protective.

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I do n’t understand young

[Letter from a blogger]My boyfriend and I were classmates from high school. At that time, he liked me.

For three years in high school, I have been secretly fond of the boy in the back seat, but it is another feeling to him!

After graduation, he was admitted to a military academy in Xi’an.

But I stayed in college in my hometown.

During my freshman’s first winter vacation, I became his formal girlfriend.

Although I knew that this feeling might not be considered love, I knew that I couldn’t live without him.

On the first date, he kept holding my hand and asked how I felt?

I said lightly: nothing.

But I never thought about it, but he cared!

He cares so much, but he doesn’t say anything.

  When he broke up with me for the first time, he felt that my teeth were uneven and he asked me to have my teeth fixed.

I can’t accept it, because I think love has nothing to do with looks!

But he said he would take me to see his parents and family, hoping that I would have a better image!

I still couldn’t accept it, so we broke up.

Although we still keep in touch, I feel uncomfortable when I think that he is no longer my own.

Five years of this year I have my teeth set.

On the phone, he kept saying love me!

I forgot everything, and at that moment I found that I fell in love with him!

  Maybe the first time is just the beginning, after that I have been making mistakes.

First, I took his father’s QQ number and chatted with his father.

Actually, I just want to know if his father is some kind of person!

I lied to his father that he didn’t know his son, it was just an alumni who accidentally searched his QQ number.

It turned out to be out of control!

His father is so enthusiastic, he wants to invite me to dinner, and also my mobile phone number!

I gave him the phone and I couldn’t refuse the enthusiasm.

But the end result was that when all three of us were present, we helped out!

When the two of us stood together, as fathers, we were polished!

I don’t know what happened between their father and son later, and he didn’t tell me anything.

  Since then, his dad has put me on the blacklist.

The second thing was, that summer, when he returned, I promised to pick him up at the train station.

As a result, for various reasons, I did not go there!

Maybe that was his great hope, but I let him down, and then we became very cold.

During a quarrel, because I couldn’t stand his attitude, asked him to give me a promise!

But he proposed to break up, saying that it was not because he no longer loves me, but because of his father.

  Between love and filial piety, he chose filial piety . this semester, he will never see me again, nor will he call me, only allow me to have something to chat with him QQ

I asked him, is it still possible for us?

His answer was still so determined!

impossible!Don’t meet me anymore!

We are a senior this year and will graduate next semester.

I still can’t let him go!

What should I do?

  [Young people don’t understand]It is a mess, so that young people make mistakes, but when they make mistakes, God may not give you the opportunity to correct them because of your youth.

If you haven’t become a QQ close friend of your boyfriend’s father, you haven’t exchanged your mobile phone number, you haven’t come out to meet . maybe everything has a chance, but now that things have reached this stage, it is really difficult to turn things around.

  From the beginning, you did n’t cherish him. You thought he was yours, but you were n’t hiss. You regarded him as your courtier and your love for him as a reward. Year after year, you are high above you.The gesture gradually wears away the flame of his love.

Who do you blame?

Of course I blame you!

He may love you wholeheartedly, but you like him half-heartedly.

Love needs to be encouraged. A fist hits the spring, and the spring will bounce back immediately, and the fist will re-combat. If anyone hits the cotton with one punch, there will be no response at all. Once or twice . there is always a fist.When you lose interest!

Girls fall in love when they fall in love. They think they have to be princesses. They can hurt themselves spontaneously without any dissatisfaction. How can there be such a thing in the world!

  You said that you did n’t feel much about him. It may be true at the time, but some of the truth ca n’t be told. Especially for him in love, it ‘s like a head of ice water. Think about it, your beloved girlfriend is right.I don’t feel anything, this man has failed for many years!

Nothing hurts his self-esteem any more!

In addition, you have had a period of “QQ love” with his father. Although it is in a virtual world, you can also let their family have a stigma for you, saying that his father would not accept you, otherwiseHow to get along in the future?

In this case, it ‘s really your fault and you have a limit to play. At the same time, you ca n’t resist his father ‘s enthusiasm, it ‘s better to say that your heart is too unstable, and even continue to reconcile and develop with your boyfriend.The same will cause other troubles in the future.

It ‘s not because you ca n’t resist the temptation, or you are more young, you still crave for temptation, and even if he gives you a promise, it wo n’t really make you happy, because your heart is still restless, and you want his love., But not just longing for his love.

You need a lot of people’s love, just hope this includes his share!

  Don’t spend your days in sorrow anymore, being young doesn’t mean you can’t take responsibility for your fault.

Since he said so firmly that he broke up, I’m afraid it hurts you.

Do n’t hurt him again, reorganize and wait for your next time, the first love itself will not be complete, not the problem here is where the problem is, why bother to be persistent, the younger one does not understand!

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The “attack” and “defense” of skin care products

There are too many fake and shoddy cosmetics on the market, and many female compatriots suffer from fake and shoddy products every day.
Here are a few cosmetics counterfeit ideas to come out and communicate with you.
  The first trick of anti-fake experience: skin care recipes spread on the Internet, do n’t try it. MMs have heard many so-called amazing and cheap beauty recipes!
Some of these remedies have been tried to some extent, but each person’s skin is different. Before you fully understand the remedy, don’t try it blindly.
Many MM’s skin is miserable for these so-called magic remedies.
At the same time, the editor also collected some recipes that are absolutely unusable, so don’t try them, otherwise the beautiful face will not change.
The precautionary list is as follows: skin remedy 1: high-concentration tea tree oil to remove acne; skin remedy 2: hemorrhoid cream for dark circles and fine lines; skin remedy 3: lemon whitening, lose your wife and lose arms;Recipe 4: Tofu mask smooth skin; Recipe 5: DIY honey mask is suitable for any skin type.
  Anti-fake experience second trick: we must learn some tips to identify cosmetics.
  The most important thing is how to really recognize when buying cosmetics!
So be sure to study hard and learn how to distinguish fake and shoddy cosmetics!
Only in this way can you always prevent yourself from falling into the trap of fake and shoddy products!
  The third trick of anti-counterfeiting tips: Some beauty experts’ beauty secrets, it is better to keep an eye on it.
  Big S’s “Beauty King” has become a hot sale, and many MMs are also scrambling to use the big S method to make themselves beautiful.
But are those methods of Big S really scientific?
Many skincare experts have also studied the methods in Beauty King, and the facts have proved that some of them are not scientific and the best.
So should the MMs also take this as a lesson, and then think about and verify some of the methods to be used again?
Not blindly!
  The fourth trick of anti-fake experience: Do not try the blacklist of online shopping bad reviews.
  Everyone knows the convenience of online shopping. Many MM cosmetics are also purchased online. Do you know?
There are many cosmetics that cannot be purchased on the Internet. They often use the name of imported homemade products, and then carry out this fake transaction.
Therefore, if you want to prevent yourself from being deceived, better protect your skin, or understand which products are blacklisted and which are bad reviews!
  Butterfly Cui Shi deep makeup remover oil reference price: 198.
00 DHC Deep Cleansing Oil with high-quality olive essence as the main ingredient is an oil, but it is water-soluble and can be completely washed with water. It is an epoch-making makeup remover.
It can quickly dissolve makeup that is difficult to remove, and penetrate into the inside of pores, so that the accumulated unclean sebum and aging cuticles naturally appear, effectively removing dirt in pores.
After the dirt and makeup remover are fully integrated, you can rinse off with clean water, which is refreshing and non-greasy.
The contained plant ingredients are mild and non-irritating, and are extremely popular makeup removers without fragrance, color, or mineral oil.
  Herborist Whitening Cleansing Gel Reference price: ¥ 80.
00 products are added with seven kinds of effective extracts of Chinese herbal medicines such as white peony, white peony and atractylodes, which can gently cleanse the facial skin, soft and rich foam, and after light massage, it can effectively reduce the facial pigmentation and improveThe blood microcirculation of the facial skin improves the metabolism of the skin, effectively inhibits the production of melanin in the base layer of the skin, thereby increasing the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients and its own resistance, and effectively resists damage caused by external harmful substances to the skin.
Long-term use will whiten and soften the skin.
  Shiseido introduction liquid Reference price: ¥ 118.
00 Fill a bottle of Aqua Synergy, a moisturizing water-based beauty liquid, to enhance the effect of daily skin care.
  1. In the process of tapping, the active ingredients of the skin care products used before were “pushed” into the skin, penetrated deep, and effectively exerted excellent results.
  2. After use of lotion and lotion, the skin surface is fresh and cool, and the inside is soft, plump and elastic.
  3. Care for the skin gently and keep the skin weakly acidic.
  4. No fragrance, no coloration, and tested for hypoallergenicity.
  DHC Cherry Guoming Beauty Cream Reference Price: ¥ 138.
00 Guides the skin to a moist, transparent cream filled with avocado cherry essence.Concentrated with the fresh energy of natural avocado extract, it is a whitening cream that locks skin moisture.

Completely double-added the acerola cherry pulp and the plant extracts in the seeds. It also combines a variety of beauty ingredients such as vitamin C inducer, collagen, hyaluronic acid, placenta extract, etc., to give the skin fresh and hydrated skin.

The acerola cherry pulp extract of Vitamin C previously improved skin transparency.

And the polyphenolic beauty ingredients such as flavonoids contained in the seed essence can keep the skin healthy.

In addition, it is supplemented with vitamin C inducer, vitamin E, collagen, hyaluronic acid and other beautiful skin ingredients to condition the skin to the ideal state of moisture and permeability.

Excellent extensibility, it can cover the skin smoothly and enhance the transparency.

At the same time, adjust the skin’s water and oil balance to guide the skin’s health.

It is moisturizing to the touch, but not sticky, and can spread smoothly on the skin surface.

Especially suitable for young oily skin.

  L’Oreal Paris Moisturizing All Day Moisturizing Cream Reference Price: ¥ 110.

00 fresh cream formula, rich in moisture, moisturizing skin C, E, B5 and mineral ingredients, nutrition and moisturizing skin two formulas, suitable for different skin types.

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What do you think of marriage?

Almost in the 1960s, people had too many heavy shadows of destiny. In the 1980s, people were disturbed by too many directions of life. People born in the 1970s were a kind of people who existed in the cracks of history. One of the sandwich biscuits was in the middle.That layer.

People in the 1970s didn’t seem to be “great.” In the eyes of the 60s, they were a rebellious generation. But in the eyes of the 80s, they were outdated.

  Until the 1980s, most people were unmarried, and most people in the 1970s were not married or planning to get married, and maybe some people were busy divorcing.

Of course, there are still many people who are still unmarried in the 1970s.

Therefore, the marriage of the 70s, that is, the “post-70s” marriage should be the latest marriage in the society. Their marriage has been marked by the 70s, and it is quite unique with the old marriage.

  As described by Tang Yan, the author of the popular novel “Heart”, “The marriage of the post-70s is a silver-like gunhead that looks trendy and stylish.The surface layer melts.

In the past, the traditional concept of ‘holding hands, and the old man’s marriage’, and the concept of love after the 1970s were all different.

“Marriage is happy, a final state that everyone desires.

However, in the 1970s, people treated marriage with mixed flavors. They had some traditions and old-fashioned bones, but the pursuit of liberation of personality has become more and more their yearning for emotional life.

Many of them have experienced premature love and explored the way of love in a passionate and direct way, but they went too fast, so it is inevitable that sometimes they will get confused.

There are also some people who go their own way and let love become an impassive game. For them, marriage is a way of life without ending.

Love is also a way of life, not ideal.

  Love is a bit like a bank, less ● Liu Kun, male, 29 years old, manager of the company ‘s human resources department ● Xiao Li, female, 27 years old, foreign company clerk ◆ Wedding time: two years this week, my wife and I had two fights and went to work on FridayXiao Li still had a dark cloud when she went out.

I wanted to find a ladder to let both of them down, and when I saw the dark cloud, when I got to my mouth, my throat went down again.

  The company was very busy that day, and there was no chance to use the toilet in the morning.

I didn’t go to eat at noon. I brought a glass of water to paralyze on the chair, and the dark clouds of my wife’s shin fluttered in front of my eyes.

Actually now, when we think about it, what are we arguing about?

  The incident happened last Monday night. I called Xiao Li and said that a new restaurant was opened under “Pride”. After work, I tried it. My wife was very pleased to be coquettish.

Two years of marriage, like this two people go out to find something delicious, how to have it once a week or two.

After eating home, I was a bit tired, and the two of them picked up the remote control board.

There was a tennis match that night with my favorite Ferrell, but my wife wanted to watch “The Story of Cats and Dogs”.

  I never liked to watch San Francisco. Somehow that day, I just held the remote control board without letting go.

His wife was hairy and stood in front of the TV like a child.

I suddenly felt that Xiao Li was not pleasing to the eye and threw the remote control board onto the sofa and entered the study.

His wife didn’t follow in and said, “I’m not mad, what’s your anger?

Did I usually fight with you?

What you want to watch is what you want to watch. You buy a TV and watch it by yourself!

“It was so good at night.

  The one on Wednesday was a bit clueless, just because my wife said that my scrambled tomatoes and scrambled eggs didn’t taste right?

I don’t know why, we seem to be getting more and more repeated recently.

Sometimes she calms down and says, can we not be noisy?

But encountering some trivial matters is another battle.

I was so angry that my wife was crying for divorce. I was angry and followed her to the police station. Fortunately, I helped a friend come and scolded me for a meal before persuading me.

  Every time I quarrel, I don’t want to go home and hang around with a group of friends in the bar.

Everyone feels quite the same, can not help but stand on the same front, drink and groan, complain.

Mixed up, the words of a man made me agree.

The buddy said that love accumulated before marriage, and also accumulated until the time of marriage, and then died out. On the wedding day, the money was saved the most. At one point, I slowly withdrew money. After the quarrel, I got a lot of money.Therefore, try not to quarrel after marriage, otherwise, the relationship bank will be overdrawn by the husband and wife at a loss.

When I heard it, I felt that if I was like this now, I would probably overdraw sometime, and then it would freeze.   I really didn’t think about the problem and I was going to work again.

While I was in the bathroom, I decided to think clearly. Is it going to go home tonight with a cheeky face to talk, or continue to hang out for a while.

Just got up and the phone rang.

I picked it up and it was my wife calling.

I picked up the phone and suddenly felt sorry for not being able to go to the nightclub.

  What kind of love, family, security, feelings, community of life do people want from marriage in the 70s . what do people want from marriage in the 70s?

Are the needs of people in the 1970s brilliant?

On May 18, in response to the marriage needs of people in the 1970s, the reporter conducted a sample survey with analysts of Chongqing New Thinking Psychology Company.

  ◎ Subject: Hu Xiaorong, female, 28 years old, civil servant of the government ◎ Keywords: love 1, why did you decide to get married?

Answer: Because of love.

From the moment I saw him, I knew he was the lover I wanted.

  2. What do you want from your marriage?

A: I belong to the old-fashioned woman, or do I want the kind of love that can be shared by people.

  3. Did you get what you needed in your marriage?

A: My husband and I are in good health, and the kindergarten children are also very sensible. I am already satisfied.

  4. What do you think is the most ideal state of marriage?

A: If you can’t love each other for a lifetime, you should at least respect each other.

  ◎ Subject: Song Rui, male, 31 years old, tour company tour guide ◎ Keywords: family 1, why did you decide to get married?

A: There is a long way to go in life, and a beloved woman is accompanied by endless fun.

  2. What do you want from your marriage?

A: A warm feeling of home.

  3. Did you get what you needed in your marriage?

A: I am very lucky. After 5 years of testing, I have received care and confidence.

  4. What do you think is the most ideal state of marriage?

A: Two people go hand in hand in their careers. They care for and trust each other in life and work together to build a small family.

  ◎ Subject: Chen Hongyu, male, 29 years old, self-employed ◎ Keywords: living community 1, why did you decide to get married in the first place?

A: After struggling for many years, she began to yearn for a family. After getting along with her for a long time, both parents were satisfied.

  2. What do you want from your marriage?

A: She can share some work for me. Of course, feelings are also important.

  3. Did you get what you needed in your marriage?

A: Not everything I thought about before my marriage, but I learned to be tolerant.

  4. What do you think is the most ideal state of marriage?

A: Life itself is not optimal, and so is marriage.

  ◎ Subject: Zhang Xuelu, female, 26 years old, middle school teacher ◎ Keyword: sense of security 1, why did you decide to get married in the first place?

A: After two years of love, I just felt that we should have a warm home with each other and we got married like this.

  2. What do you want from your marriage?

Answer: Life is sweet after marriage.

  3. Did you get what you needed in your marriage?

A: He is a patient person. When I am at a loss with my children, he can coax them into obedience, and marriage gives me a sense of security.

  4. What do you think is the most ideal state of marriage?A: A little sense of distance is the best. He often travels in other places. Seeing him after a small farewell has a sense of freshness.

  ◎ Subject: Zhao Zheng, male, 33 years old, surgeon ◎ Keywords: Emotion 1, why did you decide to get married?

A: My wife is a college student. Marriage is an inevitable result of emotional development.

  2. What do you want from your marriage?

A: To get affection is my sole purpose.

  3. Did you get what you needed in your marriage?

Answer: Ideal and reality are basically in sync with each other, which is different from imagination.

I think marriage will have a break-in period.

  4. What do you think is the most ideal state of marriage?

Answer: Blind love each other, I can’t tolerate the other half of the spiritual world and my spiritual world.

  Walking between classical and modern — the unity of radical personality and conservative sentiment Some people describe that people born in the 1970s left “Readers”, picked up “Sales and Markets”, and were dazed by the shelves of bookstores full of Harvard MBAs.Generation.

This sentence is indeed quite appropriate if it is set on Holling. She is 30 years old and was born in 1975. She is a standard white-collar worker.

After resigning from a middle school in Nan’an a year ago, she dropped the “Chinese” textbook, picked up “Sales and Marketing”, and became a vice president of sales for a digital products company.

  ”Our generation managed to get admitted to university, but the country did not include distribution. They had to resume holding resumes with the title of former outstanding student cadres. Better, like I have tried hard to get into a public institution, but found hereIn the era of passion and entrepreneurship, when a working salary earner is really pitiful, I choose to leave smartly.

On May 18, in the Mino coffee shop next to the metropolis, Holly sipped her coffee elegantly and relaxed.

  When she was studying in the 1990s, she studied teacher education. “Educators always say that a person is an important age between 13 and 15, and the education they receive will have an impact on their lives.

All of our generation at this stage received orthodox education in black and white, but everything changed when they entered college.

“Xue Hao was also born in the mid 1970s, majoring in civil engineering.

Many of his classmates are still in this major, but when he graduated, he did not want to work step by step.

Because he loved clothing and photography since he was a child, by chance, after a friend’s introduction, he tried to write an article for a foreign clothing newspaper. As a result, Fuxing has been a well-known freelance writer.

Normally, he often took to the streets in the afternoon, took photos to find writing inspiration, then went home to listen to music, read a book, and started working at night in the dead of night.

  ”Because I have some classmates abroad and friends online who often send me e-mails, it is a must-do before I go to bed every night to receive and send e-mails and browse the online information.

“When not busy, he will invite two or three confidants to sit around the house for coffee, chat, or go out to play tennis.

Go to a fast food restaurant for a hamburger, steak, and cola.

For love, he confessed that he longed for freedom, romance, and belief in feelings, but was unwilling to consider marriage. Marriage brought him restraint after the feeling of fear disappeared.

  Zhu Shan, working in a bank, was born in 1978 and is a lively and opinionated girl.

Since the working time is two days off with three days of work, there are more long hours.

She studied finance in college, but she dresses herself in her finished clothes-she likes some loose “alternative” casual clothes.

When reporters interviewed her by phone during the day, she was sleeping.

Usually she sleeps during the day, goes to aerobics at night, swims, bars, and surfs the Internet at night.

Many people are envious of her work before it is too late, but she disagrees. She is thinking about changing the court, thinking that this work is too stable, also depressed, and lost the opportunity to try other jobs.

She said that if she had the chance, she would open a small shop herself and addiction to the “boss”.

  By the time of 2005, people like Huo Lin in the 1970s had gradually become the backbone of social development. They were both conservative and radical, and nostalgic and popular.

They may have elongated appearance contrasts, but they have similarities in psychology: they do their own thing and choose a personalized life.

They believe that life has a traditional promotion as the goal, and there are too many uncontrollable factors, so why bother looking for trouble?

Earn money by doing things and enjoy life, this is the real life.

Work should not be painful, but work happily. If there are many factors that make you unhappy, it is better not to do it.

  ”People in the 1970s have not experienced the suffering of the 1960s, nor have they experienced the avant-garde mentality of the new and new humans in the 1980s.

“Wang Zhenhai, the author of” Chongqing Solitary Man and Widow “, is also a man from the 1970s. From this, he said deeply,” They walk between classical and modern times, traversing between sensibility and rationality, especially for new things, new knowledge, new skillsSensitive and easy to learn, this is an inevitable phenomenon in the period of social transformation.

“However, he believes that in the 1970s, there were too many idealistic things in marriage.”The thirst for truth, the state of life, and the longing for the spiritual world are all very different from those in the 1980s.

Most of the girls in the 1970s were gentle, hard-working, hard-working, family-friendly, and the virtues of traditional women were more or less reserved, but these were less in the 80s.

Not long ago he asked a 32-year-old “old” 70s old friend, “when exactly do you get married?”

The old friend replied, “Most of the good girls of the same age are already married. If they are not married, they are either inappropriate or impossible to see.

Based on how the girls in the 80s did not dare to marry at home, expecting them to honor their parents and to marry their sons and daughters may be even more difficult.

“This suddenly reminded me of the lyrics‘ It ‘s not that I do n’t understand, but the world is changing fast. ‘

Wang Zhenhai said with a smile.

  Marriage is not a children’s play. Weddings can be played in a new style. Marriage is about love and affection. Zeng Junxiong is 28 years old.

Although he fell in love with his girlfriend for 5 years, he was not in a hurry to get married.

“A marriage without a career and material foundation will eventually crumble.

“He plans his marriage age at 30.

Like him, Li Ke, who has entered the “Ben San” age group, has worked in a state-owned steel factory for many years. Although his career is stable and he has some savings, he believes that marriage will take time.When the person who loves me waits for me, it is my wedding period.

“They don’t seem to think carefully about the reasons for marriage.

  In Li Ke’s eyes, single status indicates that there is more than one marriage status, another life status and self-feeling, “I am the group of people who have the ability to choose a marriage without choosing, or not to choose a marriage for the time being.
The important point is that I am free. I can do what I want to do without being tied by anyone.

After busy work, I can meet friends and join the party, playing higher than anyone else.

“Ji Chuan, a senior psychological counselor of Chongqing New Thinking, believes that in the 1970s, there is actually such a thought: Marriage is a matter of two people, and affection is in harmony with nature, freedom. Late marriage is becoming a new attitude toward marriage.Marrying and having children is a matter of righteousness, and it is also the responsibility of the heirs to pass on the line. Beyond this age will be considered alien.

Now, alien hats are given to people who get married prematurely.

In fact, in the 1970s, people were more willing to regard marriage as a lifestyle choice. They could choose their marriage period and partner according to their economic strength, emotional needs, etc. The content and form of marriage had also changed dramatically.

“Zeng Junxiong plans to run his wedding in a tourist way.” If there is too much money, we are looking forward to enjoying an exotic romantic atmosphere abroad.

“In his opinion, the traditional way of banqueting is suddenly clichéd and overhyped.

Of course, this does not mean that people in the 1970s no longer value the form of marriage, on the contrary they are more inclined to be fresh and exciting.

“Marriage cannot be a child’s play, but a wedding can be a game, some honeymoon trips, underwater marriage, church baptism, parachute marriage, I like to try if conditions permit.

Li Ke said.

  In the 1950s and 1960s, a few grains of fruit candy, a plate of peanuts, two rolls, and singing revolutionary songs were the wedding scene of the time.

After the 1970s, bicycles, electric fans, sewing machines, radios, and televisions, refrigerators, and washing machines were the “three big things”.

Today, when it comes to getting married, you can’t live without a house. The cost of a car has increased dramatically.

  A survey conducted by the China Social Research Institute in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chongqing showed that for this “most beautiful moment in life”, most people spent about 5,000 yuan to buy clothing and banquets of about 10,000 yuan.Bin Peng, add jewelry at around 5,000 yuan, pay the wedding company at around 3,000 yuan, and rent a wedding dress at around 100 yuan. This is just a “popular” increase. Without 30,000 or 40,000, a wedding ceremony cannot be “decent”.

  Compared to the cost of adding hardware to the marriage, the extra cost of the wedding ceremony is insignificant.

Zeng Junxiong budgeted that his minimum marriage cost was 250,000 yuan. The main purpose was to buy a new house, about 200,000 yuan. The rest was used for weddings, home appliances, and tourism.

He temporarily put aside the idea of buying a car, thinking that “after a small middle-class family is completely established, the savings will be almost zero, and we will have to fight again from the beginning, making it more realistic to buy a car after marriage.”

  Wedding and home, behind the scene of “Fenghuaxueyue” is the life problem of Chaimi oil and salt sauce vinegar tea.

After forming a home, the various possible costs are countless. If you want to have a child, you will surround a bottomless investment abyss.

For those born in the 1970s, whose careers have not yet taken shape, and who are now at the age of marriage, the dual pressure from economics and careers has led them to be reluctant to enter the halls of marriage.

So another way of marriage has also quietly risen among them in recent years, which can be regarded as a return to life.

  Wang Zhenhai said that some young colleagues around him have chosen a frugal way of getting married. For them, since the two have decided to stay together for life, things in form can be omitted, and a friend is invited to have a meal in private.Even if married, “This is a bland and happy way. As personal choices increase, the ritual function of marriage is diminishing, and love and affection are what people really care about.

Marriage also has a variety of costs-operating with happiness to maximize happiness. Qin Xiaochuan, who was born in 1979 and graduated from the Department of Mathematics of Chongqing University four years ago, is now called a “owner.” But in fact, the house was bought by his parents.With his monthly salary of 1,500 yuan, he only continued to maintain a simple life with his wife.

When he mentioned this, there was a hint of helplessness in his eyes, but he soon recovered his natural and even proud look.

“I just graduated with a small salary and want to fall in love. It is good not to reach out to my parents.

Qin Xiaochuan told reporters that most of the students who have graduated for many years are like this, and their lives are not much better than when they were in college.   Manager Zhang of Chongqing Marriage Crisis Management Center pointed out that from the background of social changes, since the mid-1970s, due to the implementation of the basic national policy of family planning, more than 90% of couples in the city have only one child.Especially those born in the mid-to-late 1970s became the first generation of only children. “They have nothing to worry about, do n’t experience much hardship and suffering, and they entered society from the ivory tower.

They seem to be mature, and they are trying to be stable, but their hearts and behavioral abilities are not yet “weaned”, and they still cannot be separated from their parents’ care.

When faced with problems that adults should solve on their own after independence, they feel comfortable accepting parents’ help and everything is logical.

“Not only that, many people in the 1970s not only needed their parents to invest heavily in new marriages, but most of them also had” poor housework. ”

Although they are fully adults, they still need parents to help each other.

The center conducted a follow-up survey of dozens of married 70s people. The results showed that 20% of these families hired part-time workers to do housework, 10% were regularly arranged by their parents for housekeeping, and 50% of the families stayed at both parents’ homes for a long time.30% of couples have to take their own dirty clothes to wash at their parents’ homes. Half of the families have conflicts. The main reason is that they complain about each other and do not do housework and do not know how to take care of people.

  ”Most men and women in the 1970s, around 30, were inside and outside the siege.

Manager Zhang told reporters that if you look closely, you will find that the marriage characteristics of this generation are gradually becoming two extremes: they are either married or divorced, or they are particularly happy, and the world of the two is extremely happy, otherwise it is particularly unfortunate.”Reef hit” broke up.

  In the records of the Marriage Crisis Management Center, such examples are endless: Ms. Zhao, 30, had fallen in love with her husband for 5 years, but found that she still could not keep her life forever, and divorced after one year; Pang, 28After his marriage, Mr. had a heartbreak for another girl. He felt guilty, and expressed divorce to his wife in the state of unrequited love. Later, his relationship was hopeless, and he planned to “turn back to shore.”Madam, after experiencing a violent extramarital affair, her husband also said that he could forgive her, but for more than a year, the relationship between them became increasingly indifferent, and they decided to divorce.

  Manager Zhang said, “Perhaps you would think that these 70’s people are divorce as a joke, but it is not necessarily true.

If economic costs can be reduced, the spiritual cost of marriage varies from person to person.

In previous years, the use of baby bottles as portable water bottles was popular among college students. At the time, some psychologists pointed out that this situation showed a tendency of young people to become younger.

Many of the men and women who entered the marriage age in the 1970s also tended to be psychologically younger. Although their biological age has reached the requirements of marriage, their psychological status is far from the level of a responsible husband or wife.

“He believes that, like other behaviors, there are also costs and benefits. Marriage behavior of rational people also intentionally or unintentionally maximizes benefits.” The cost of marriage for two people is directly related to the cost of marriage and family formation. “cost.

Benefits include actual benefits and psychological benefits. The two people who make up the family live together to achieve economies of scale. Both the cost of living is reduced and working together to increase income. This is the actual benefit. The enjoyment of family life is psychological benefits.

It is amazing that the information in this era is so developed. While accepting new ideas, we also have the opportunity to learn how to manage happiness.

Families who are good at running happy families benefit the most from each other.

When getting better, loyalty and responsibility are choices that do not require determination.

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How to be glamorous in Party

Don’t look like an upstart who wants to be the protagonist of the party.

But in dress, I advise everyone to keep in mind that the material must be reversed!

Unless you are attending a party with special requirements for clothing, or a mask party or masquerade, etc., you must not damage your image in order to pursue excessive glare.

In any case, the most important thing is nature and freedom.

As long as you know yourself, know your true value, and maintain your own unique style, you can be full of charm.

  Don’t be self-centered. Don’t always focus on yourself. Try to focus on the lives and interests of others. Sharing the opinions of others or sharing the secrets of others will make others treat you as a confidant.

Because to others, you trust him.

Stubborn opinions and aggressive arguments may make others feel awe in you, but it is difficult to win friendship.

  Recognize and respect others Learn to remember other people’s names, remember the content of their most recent personality, and make him or her feel unique in your eyes.

Keeping this in mind will make you beloved and endless.

Praise others face to face, naturally and from the heart.

Listening carefully to others’ personalities and expressing your concern will make others trust you.

  Treat others optimistically and friendly when talking with close friends, try to get close to him, and pull his range very naturally, pat his shoulders, and express your affinity.

Always show your charming smile, say hello to everyone you meet, and use your enthusiasm and friendliness to infect everyone around you, and your charm will quietly bloom.

  Appreciating and expressing yourself A person who is worried, shy, and lacking confidence may easily gain sympathy, but there is no charm at all.

A person who knows how to appreciate himself and is good at expressing through body language will definitely win everyone’s attention and favor.

Remember: Be sure to lift your chest and abdomen when accurate. Good standing posture will make you look more confident.

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Babies eat more Chinese cabbage can improve immunity

Chinese cabbage has high nutritional value, and it is also a vegetable we often eat.

Nutritional analysis Chinese cabbage is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and supplementary fiber, carotene, a small amount of protein, trace amounts, residues, vitamins and so on.

Chinese cabbage consumes fiber and vitamin A, and the content of vitamin C is relatively high, which will greatly help the baby’s initial health, vision development and immunity improvement.

For babies who accumulate food, it also has the effect of digestion; for babies who have cough due to lung fever, it has the effect of clearing the lungs and relieving cough.

The content of zinc in cabbage is also among the best in vegetables, which has a good effect on improving baby’s immunity and promoting brain development.

Cabbage juice ingredients: 30 grams of tender cabbage leaves.

Method: Soak the cabbage leaves with saline for about 5 minutes, then rinse them with water and squeeze them into juice.

Nutrition inventory: The most comprehensive nutrition for raw cabbage, but be sure to wash the pesticide residues on the vegetables before giving it to the baby.

Suitable for babies aged 5 months and over.

Creamy cabbage soup ingredients: 20 grams of cabbage, the right amount of formula milk powder.

Practice: 1.

Soak the cabbage in salt water for 5 minutes, rinse it with water, and then chop.


Add water to the boil and boil the cabbage. Cook over low heat for a while.


Remove the crushed cabbage, cool the cabbage water to normal temperature, add formula milk powder and mix thoroughly.

Suitable for babies aged 6 months and over.

Tip: Cabbage will produce nitrite during the decay process, which will cause the hemoglobin in the blood to lose its ability to carry oxygen, which will cause severe hypoxia in the human body and even endanger life.You can’t eat cabbage.

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Five reasons for newborn babies

The baby’s belly will be larger than an adult, and it looks bulging. That is because the baby’s abdominal wall muscles are not yet mature, but they have to accommodate as many internal organs as adults.

what is the root cause?

  There are reasons for the baby’s stomach bulging. 1: The abdomen will be more prominent when the abdominal muscles are not strong enough to bear it, especially when the baby is replaced, the abdomen will suddenly sag.

In addition, the baby’s body is round before and after, not slightly slender like an adult, which is one of the reasons why the belly looks bulging.

  Reason 2: Babies are more likely to inflate than adults.

The baby eats and sucks too quickly, increasing the intake of air in the abdomen; the nipple hole of the bottle is not appropriate, and the air will enter the baby through the gap between the nipples; therefore, the baby inhales the air by crying too much; eating milk or other food, digestingThe tract is fermented by intestinal bacteria and other digestive enzymes, and a large amount of gas is generated to promote abdominal distension.

  If the baby can eat and pull, there is no vomiting, the belly is soft to the touch, good mobility, normal venting, and normal weight gain. This type of bloating is mostly functional bloating. No special treatment is needed, as long as preventive measures are taken.That’s it.

  Reason 3: Indigestion and constipation cause the body to accumulate feces due to the accumulation of fecal bacteria, or to cause milk protein allergy, lactose intolerance, enteritis, etc., which cause digestion and indigestion, and easily produce a large amount of gas.

  Reason 4: Organs in the abdominal cavity are enlarged or have tumors, such as hepatosplenomegaly, liver cirrhosis, etc. Organs and tissues in the abdominal cavity may grow tumors, and the longer the tumors cause abdominal distension.

  Reason 5: Baby’s lower inertia is dominated by abdominal distension.

Intestinal tuberculosis in infants and children is severely doubled, and it is often found shortly after birth because of obvious symptoms.

But if it is only incomplete, it may still be missed after a long delay.

Such as congenital colitis, it is because the initial ganglion development in the developmental stage is not completely stopped and the end of the large intestine cannot relax, so the normal large intestine swells greatly.

In addition to the symptoms of the baby’s significant abdominal distension, usually there will be delayed release of feces or constipation.

  Parents’ response measures 1: Do not let your baby be too hungry before feeding.

Babies are too hungry for too long, and will suck too much air when sucking.

Therefore, it is necessary to feed the baby on time, and after feeding, gently pat the back of the baby to promote snoring, so that the gas from the stomach is discharged from the esophagus.

  Measure 2: When the baby is crying, it is easy to inflate. In this case, parents should give more comfort, or hug him, to avoid the increase of inflation by adjusting his mood.

  Measure 3: Massage the baby’s abdomen more, and massage it clockwise for 5 minutes.

Or use wind-repellent oil on the abdomen. Covering it with warm towels is also helpful. These help gastrointestinal motility and gas discharge to improve digestion and absorption.

  Measure 4: If there is too much sugar in breast milk, the sugar is over-fermented in the baby’s belly, and it is easy for the baby to have flatulence. At this time, the mother should pay attention to limiting her sugar intake.

In addition, if you suspect that your eating may cause your baby’s bloating, then mothers who replace breast milk should remove suspect foods such as beans, corn, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and spicy foods.

  Measure 5: For babies who are fed artificially, fill the front of the mouth of the bottle with milk and do not have a bevel to prevent the baby from inhaling air.

If a baby is breastfeeding, if the baby’s mouth and the mother’s breasts are not positioned properly, then the baby may inhale too much air and cause belching or bloating.

The correct posture is to have the baby’s face facing the mother’s breast to ensure that his mouth covers both the nipple and areola.

  Action 6: Certain solid foods may also cause belching and bloating.

For example, whole grains, some vegetables such as pea puree, soybean paste, etc. contain fibers that can cause flatulence.

And kiwi, pear, pineapple, fruit juice and other high-concentration sugars are also the cause of bloating in infants, and should be eaten less.

  Measure 7: If the baby has abdominal distension with vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, poor anal defecation, or even fever, deflection of hemorrhage, or tenderness in the stomach, or combined with shortness of breath, or similar on the bodyThe lump should be paid special attention and be taken to the doctor for examination and treatment as soon as possible.

  TIPS: Method of degassing Actually, babies also have some ways to dissipate gas, for example: after feeding, gently pat the back of the baby to promote snoring, so that gas from the stomach and stomach is discharged from the esophagus; Some babies are very good at venting and can exhaust gas through the anus;  In addition, continuous absorption of the dialysis wall can also relieve the phenomenon of bloating.

  Need treatment?

  Since inflation is not a disease, no treatment is needed. In principle, the baby’s clinical symptoms should be taken as the criterion.

If the baby can eat, pull, and not vomit, the belly feels soft, has good mobility, normal venting, and normal weight gain, then this type of bloating is mainly functional bloating and does not require special treatment.

  If your baby is sick, such as a respiratory infection, enteritis, or constipation, it can easily lead to peristalsis, poor digestion and absorption, and flatulence in boots, even affecting appetite.

If these symptoms appear, then the doctor should be included in the treatment.

  Dangerous body warnings. Under what conditions should bloating be given special attention and treated by a doctor?

  1. Abdominal distension with vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, etc., and even fever, hemorrhagic symptoms.

  2. Tummy tenderness.  3, the stomach is bloated with tension.

  4, combined shortness of breath.

  5. You can feel something like a lump in the abdomen.

  If the above situation occurs, it may be caused by pathological factors, including long abdominal tumors, enlarged parenchymal organs (such as liver, spleen, kidney), ascites, and problems with the urinary system.

If so, they must be immediately sent to the hospital for further examination.

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Love in the ivory tower like years of porcelain

Her name is Qiu, the daughter of my good friend, and I call my uncle.

I graduated from a university in Hainan last year, and just stepped out of the shadow of being broken in love, only then did I have the courage to call me.

It is regrettable that I did not listen to me at the beginning, and wasted a good college time.

  It happened to be the weekend and I invited her to eat in a restaurant.

Speaking of her college love again, she couldn’t even cry.
We all lonely blame me

After the college entrance examination letter came down, I still insisted on attending this very ordinary university.

Dad had to agree.

In this way, I came to Hainan.

  When I was a freshman, I still worked very hard and my grades were always among the best.

Gradually, I found out that the students in the class were not so fancy about their grades, but more about who their boyfriends are more handsome, turned into money, and whose family background is more powerful, because what everyone cares most is after graduationWork issues.

Looking at the classmates in the dormitory, the most talked about topic for the time being is where to spend today with my boyfriend.

  After listening, I began to feel lost and even sad.

Seeing that I am going to be a sophomore, I have never tasted the taste of love. Regarding appearance, I am no worse than others. Why ca n’t any boy chase me.

Why did I become the only girl in my class without a boyfriend?

I’m really lonely and depressed.

The favorite song of the girls in our dormitory is Eason Chan ‘s “We Are Lonely”: “I watched the taxi after work and smiled / I do n’t want to go home after work. Whoever cares about me . I ‘m afraid of loneliness.Lonely lonely / And after you say I want someone to love me, someone loves me / But I do n’t know what I want, I do n’t know what I have / Maybe we are all lonelyI do n’t know what I want. I do n’t know what we have. Maybe we are all lonely. You who walk across the road say we all are lonely. ”

  One of my best female classmates asked me, is loneliness because I miss someone, or do I want to forget someone?

I shook my head because I was not qualified to answer.

I asked her why she was in love, she said, because of loneliness, that’s all.

I asked her about college love reality?

She said, regardless of him, I have never replaced love and marriage, as long as I am happy, I will talk about future things later.

Follow your feelings, unless you catch a hand that may dream, at least you have no regrets for your youth. Why should you suppress yourself?

Her words touched me so much that I decided to have a love relationship.

But I didn’t expect that I talked so vigorously, lost so miserably and miserably, and loved so much alive . I found Prince Baima, a school tour organized by the school, and practiced survivability on an isolated island far from the city.

In the crowd, I saw his handsome face at a glance, his hairstyle of four or six points, and he was particularly handsome. The most touching thing was his eyes.

Within seconds of staring at him, my soul was gone . no doubt I fell in love with him.

Later I knew that he was in the tourism department. I think he will be a tour guide in the future, and the female customers will definitely be considerate to him.

  Back in school, I ignored the girl’s shyness, and started writing love letters, texting him, and chasing him frantically.

As the saying goes, men chase women, separated by mountains; women chase men, separated by gauze.

But it was really hard for me to chase him.

He began to be unsatisfied with my appearance. I was not discouraged, I spent money to make a hairstyle, bought high-end clothes, and dressed myself up.

Then three meals a day, I bought him all, that is, his dormitory.

He likes spiced peanuts. I don’t have it in the school cafeteria, so I bought it in the restaurant.

Finally caught up with him, he agreed to be my boyfriend.

Well, I am happy to die, pull him to the street, buy him a jersey.

At home, I do nothing, but in front of him, I am willing to do anything, as long as he is happy.

I love him already in the bones.

He is my first love and is my favorite person.No matter how hard it is for him to do things.

  In the second half of the sophomore year, after school vacation, I followed him to his hometown, a remote village in Hubei Province.

When I arrived at his house, I realized that there was such a poor family.

Although surprised, I didn’t mind.

Because I love him.

We have long sincerely promised that we will not be separated for a lifetime.

We met to get married and have children in Hainan, and then we brought in our parents.

  My parents knew about us and stepped in to intervene.

My mother’s tears and my father’s curse did not let me back down. Maybe it was a rebellious mentality. The more they opposed me, the more they wanted to be with him.

  I really love him very, really, and want to live with him forever.

Although his family is poor, now that he is in love, none of this matters.

Maybe I read too many romance stories, so at that time I was full of fantasy about love.

This is a few years.

He is a careful person and treats me very well. He said that he would love me and take care of me all his life.

We did n’t know much about contraception at first, so I had three drug flows with him in the past few years, and each time I was terrified.

So, from my previous love to having sex, I was scary about having sex.

Because I was afraid of becoming pregnant again, we started to have discordant factors, and occasionally had quarrels, but soon reconciled because I always loved him as always.

I think he is my favorite person in my life.

At least I thought so.

I can’t imagine how I would live without him.

  The more love hurt, the more he graduated.

He found a job as a tour guide.

We rented a house. Because I spent too much time, I haven’t got a job. I’m sorry to ask for money from my family.

He paid the rent and living expenses temporarily.

As his chances of traveling increased, his attitude toward me became more and more indifferent.

The woman’s intuition told me she had another woman.

I was just embarrassed to say that we should break up. He wanted to “coldly deal” with me and let me leave him.

The love that once thought was the most beautiful, just like a dream is about to pass away from the melody of my life.

I was right, the woman called me and humiliated me.

I really wanted to commit suicide at the time . but I still love him and hope that he will change his mind.

Follow him, I am willing to work hard, after all, I pay too much.

  My petition still didn’t keep his heart.

What is the relationship?

what is love?

A few years of feelings say no, no?

I can’t stand it.

A classmate advised me not to say that a woman believes too much in a man, a woman believes too much in a relationship, and a man can be hurt.

Life is complicated, you just make it simple; life is also very simple, you make it complicated, and it’s quite boring.

I said to her, you never understand my sadness, like the darkness of daytime and night, like the eternal burning sun, and the lack of the moon, you never understand my sadness, like the darkness of daytime, noUnderstand why that star fell.
College love is really like years of porcelain. When it meets the hard reality, it is broken except for being broken. There is no vagueness at all.
It takes time to love someone, but endless time to forget someone.
Fortunately, I finally came out now.

I wouldn’t be so stupid if I had the chance to start over from scratch.

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White pepper and red jujube pills can cure stomach cold pain

In the winter, the hypertensive tract is prone to contractile contraction due to cold stimulation, and its resistance is weakened.

Some people gluttonous and cold drinks in summer and autumn, when the spleen and stomach function weakened in winter, the phenomenon is often highlighted, often manifested as stomach pain, stools and so on.

Here are a few effective winter stomach warming medicated diets, patients can choose according to their own circumstances.

  Yangzao glutinous jujube porridge: take 150 grams of mutton, 10 grams of sweet potatoes, 10 red dates (coreless), 5 grams of galangal, 100 grams of glutinous rice, add porridge with water, season and eat.

This porridge has the effects of warming the yang, invigorating qi, and strengthening the stomach, and can treat the symptoms of asthenia and cold stomachache, chills in the extremities.

  Anchovies: Take 1,000 grams of live anchovies, 10 grams each of Amomum villosum, tangerine peel, 2 heads of garlic, 10 grams each of pepper and pickled peppers, and appropriate amounts of onion, salt, and soy sauce.

After descaling, cleaning gills and offal, fill the belly of the fish with rind, amomum, garlic, pepper, pickled pepper, shallot, refined salt, soy sauce, etc., and then fry the fish in an oil pan and put in an appropriate amount of water, Stew into a wonton.

This palate has the effect of refreshing the spleen and warming the stomach, and can treat chronic diarrhea and chronic ulcers such as spleen and stomach deficiency.

  Grass-bone and black-bone chicken: Take one black-bone chicken of about 500 grams, wash it after depilation and internal organs, and put 5 grams of grass-fruit and cardamom in the belly of the chicken. Seal it with a bamboo stick and add an appropriate amount of waterCook and cook.

This meal has the effects of warming the stomach and invigorating the spleen, dampening the spleen, moistening qi, and relieving qi and analgesics, and can treat spleen and stomach deficiency, defecation, and appetite.

  White pepper and red jujube pills: Take 7 jujubes and remove the kernels, put 7 white peppers in each, tie them with wire, steam them, and then mash them into green bean-sized balls, taking 7-10 pills each time.

This pill has the effect of warming the stomach and nourishing blood, and can treat stomach cold pain.

  Cinnamon Hawthorn Drink: Take 6 grams of cinnamon, 10 grams of hawthorn meat, and 30 grams of brown sugar.

Fry the hawthorn first, and then add the cinnamon. After frying, strain out the juice, add brown sugar, and mix the hot drink thoroughly.

This drink has the effect of warming the stomach and dispersing cold, and can treat cold stomachache.

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