China Jinhua Aussie Open Badly Signed, Wang Qiang May Meet Xiaowei
It is not easy for Wang Qiang to want to be upset in Melbourne this time.Data Map / Osports2020 Australian Open Open main draw is released tonight, and the competition is about to open in Melbourne on January 20th.After Li Na retired, although China Jinhua has not achieved much in the Grand Slam in recent years, the thickness of the entire Chinese women’s net has gradually increased.This year the Australian Open, Wang Qiang, Zhang Shuai, Wang Yafan, Zheng Saisai, Peng Shuai and Zhu Lin brought the rankings directly into the main game.In addition, there are 9 women, 3 men and a total of 12 players shortlisted for the Australian Open Qualifying Tournament, the largest number in the calendar year.In the women’s singles signing form, “Golden Flower Sister” Wang Qiang played with the 27th seed.After spending the best season of his career in 2018, Wang Qiang had mixed results last year to achieve the season goal.This season, Wang Qiang scored the quarterfinals in the Shenzhen Open, losing to Alexandrov who won the championship.After the Adelaide Open, Wang Qiang was swept by Corbel in the first round, and went to Melbourne with a two-game losing streak.On January 14, Wang Qiang just finished her 28th birthday.This season, Wang Qiang hired French foreign teacher Thomas, a few have once taught Bartoli, Tsonga and others.Thomas has enough expectations for Wang Qiang, “Our goal is to train Wang Qiang to become a Grand Slam champion within two years. She definitely has this strength.”However, Wang Qiang’s current Australian Open signing is not good. She fell in the 2/4 area against French player Parmentier in the first round.If he can successfully pass the first two rounds, Wang Qiang’s potential opponent in the third round is No. 8 seed Williams.Last year’s US Open quarter-finals, Wang Qiang lost 1 to 6 and 0 to 6 against Serena Williams. This time it is not easy to want to be upset in Melbourne.Another Chinese player, Zhang Shuai, improved slightly at the beginning of the season. Although she stopped in the second round of the Shenzhen Open, she reached the top 4 in the Hobart Open this week.The top 4.However, because the world ranking has fallen to 40th, Zhang Shuai can only play non-seeds in the Australian Open.Badly signed Zhang Shuai won the No. 24 seed in the first round, former US Open champion Stephens.If the first round pass, Zhang Shuai’s opponent in the second round is likely to be a good girlfriend Stosur.Last year at the Australian Open, Zhang Shuai / Stosur won the women’s doubles championship.

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Liu Shangxi: Few investments in new infrastructure that the market cannot participate in
Recently, 31 provinces have launched a 40 trillion infrastructure investment plan, and the call for a new round of large-scale infrastructure construction is also rising.In essence, the “new infrastructure” was named by high-level officials.On March 4, members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China should choose investment projects, strengthen policy support for land use, energy use, and funds, and accelerate the construction of major projects and infrastructure that have been clearly defined in the national plan.We must increase investment in public health services, emergency supplies, and accelerate the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G networks and data centers.Pay attention to mobilizing the enthusiasm of private investment.Does China need a new round of infrastructure investment to promote economic growth?Liu Shangxi, the dean of the China Academy of Fiscal Sciences, said in an interview with that large-scale stimulus policies cannot solve the current problems of the Chinese economy and require careful consideration.However, he also said that he is not opposed to the government’s investment in infrastructure, but to focus on the development of China’s economic scale, the focus of government investment should be changed from hard infrastructure investment to soft social investment, and investment based on “things” should beTurning to investing based on “people” will not only solve the short-term economic growth problem, but also take into account the long-term sustainable development of the Chinese economy.At the same time, Liu Shangxi believes that urbanization still has huge room for development. Infrastructure investment can make a fuss about urbanization, but infrastructure construction investment and public services around urbanization are forward-looking, and they must “follow people” accordingly.Instead of investing everywhere.Regarding the new infrastructure that has been booming recently, Liu Shangxi believes that the so-called new infrastructure is mainly digital infrastructure, which can advocate new infrastructure, but should be replaced by the market.”At present, the market is completely non-existent and there are very few so-called new infrastructure projects that cannot participate in investment at all.If the government invests instead of the market, it may be inappropriate.”Liu Shangxi said.What role should the government play in including infrastructure investment within the new infrastructure?Liu Shangxi believes that if the government wants to create good conditions for market investment, it should make the resolution of conflicting market investment enthusiasm a top priority, and speed up reforms in the market economic system and business environment.”If the government does not work on a substandard scale to solve the obstacles and problems encountered in market investment, or implement short-term expansion stimulus policies, this is the inversion.”” The stimulus policy cannot solve the problems of the current Chinese economy. “Sauna Night Net: Recently, the 40 trillion investment plan launched by 31 provinces across the country, while the call for support for the new infrastructure is also rising.What do you think of these phenomena?Liu Shangxi: I think there may be multiple reasons behind these phenomena: First, before the outbreak of the epidemic, China’s economy continued to decline, and the impact of this year’s epidemic may worsen the Chinese economy.The two factors are superimposed, and a large number of people have proposed to stabilize the economy through investment in infrastructure and prevent large displacements in economic growth.Approximately, 2020 is the 13th Five-Year Plan, the year of ending the comprehensive construction of a well-off society and the achievement of the first 100-year goal, and also the year of preparation for the start of the 14th Five-Year Plan.The local government has launched a series of infrastructure investment plans, which are basically based on the actions required in the 14th Five-Year Plan. At the same time, it also hopes to ease the huge pressure on local economic and social development goals through infrastructure investment.But the question is whether the government can solve the current economic problems of China through large-scale infrastructure investment. What role can large-scale infrastructure investment play in the end, and what alternatives does it have?Will there be new risks?The phrase “the digestive period of the previous policy” is still in our ears, and these issues all require in-depth research.At present, the main problem of the Chinese economy is not on the demand side or on the supply side. It is the supply of factors (especially the resumption of trucks) that has been affected by the epidemic. The flow of people and logistics have not been fully opened.The lack of necessary conditions for enterprises to resume production.Under such circumstances, it is ineffective to use stimulating demand to solve problems such as sufficient supply, poor logistics, and difficulty in resuming production and resumption of production.Even after the end of the epidemic, companies started to resume production, and the use of stimulus policies could not solve the problems of the Chinese economy.What are the prerequisites for the stimulus policy?It is because stimulus policies have an enlarged multiplier effect, but now the multiplier effects of stimulus policies are getting smaller and smaller-in fact, we have found in research that the multiplier effects of many stimulus policies are less than one.If the multiplier effect of the stimulus policy is getting smaller and smaller, and the investment efficiency is getting lower and lower, how can the government’s investment achieve the effect of four or two thousand pounds, and how can it stimulate economic growth?In my opinion, it is not necessarily effective to engage in “large-scale” infrastructure investment like 2008 to stimulate economic growth, and it cannot solve the current problems of the Chinese economy, so it needs to be carefully considered.”The focus of government investment should shift from rigid infrastructure investment to soft social investment.” Sauna Yewang: Do you not admit that economic growth is driven by infrastructure investment?Liu Shangxi: The government-led infrastructure investment is very important. I have no objection to the government’s investment in infrastructure.But the question is how large-scale is the government’s infrastructure investment, investing in certain fields and projects?The current Chinese economy is aimed at expected development. Around this goal, the focus of government investment should shift from rigid infrastructure investment to soft social investment, from investment in things to investment in people-this includes both public healthInvestment, people’s livelihood improvement investment directly related to people’s lives, also includes investment to enhance human capital-instead of the previous investment stimulus mainly for the purpose of stimulating economic growth.In particular, the Chinese economy pursues long-term development, and innovation-driven development needs to be based on and replaced with expected human capital.However, human capital with the largest number of people is precisely one of the biggest shortcomings of current growth and development-the lack of human capital accumulation and inequality has led to a gap in capacity, unequal opportunities, and further led to the widening gap between rich and poor.At the same time, in the context of an aging population, investment in human capital has become more urgent and important than ever.Therefore, the government should increase investment in human capital construction to improve people’s basic cultural qualities, labor skills, social moral standards, and health qualities.In the short term, including social investment in human capital investment can expand demand, and in the long term, social investment can improve supply.In this way, social investment can not only solve the problem of short-term economic growth, but also take into account the requirements of China’s long-term transformation and development, and organically combine short-term stable growth and long-term transformation and development.If we only consider the requirements for realizing steady growth through large-scale infrastructure investment, we may involuntarily divide the requirements for economic scale development.”Infrastructure investment around urbanization should follow people” Sauna Yewang: But the current consensus in the economics community is that there is still huge room for urbanization, and many people invest in infrastructure around urbanization.Liu Shangxi: There is still huge room for development in urbanization, I think there is no problem.Infrastructure investment can make a fuss about urbanization, but it needs to focus on urban agglomerations, metropolitan areas and central cities-because population, manpower, and resources are all spatially concentrated in this direction.At the stage of urbanization that has not yet been completed, society is a dynamic, mobile society, and people are moving towards cities.In this case, even the rigid infrastructure investment around urbanization should be based on the needs of “people”, the flow and distribution of people-where do people go, and where do infrastructure investments and public services follow?, Not the other way around.Without considering the mobility of people and the development trend of urbanization, static layout according to the registered population will only result in a waste of investment.For example, many villages have implemented village-to-city links, but too many villages may be empty in a few years, and many people have moved to work and live in cities.Therefore, infrastructure investment and public services cannot be considered and arranged according to the regional distribution of static household registration population.In the past, the title of leaning resources to underdeveloped areas and leaning to poor areas was no problem, but from the perspective of the current urbanization process, this meaning is not accurate-the population has already gathered in cities and developed areas, focusing on urbanization’S infrastructure investment is indeed forward-looking, and accordingly “follow people” instead of investing everywhere.”There are very few new infrastructure projects that the market can’t participate in.” Sauna Yewang: What do you think of the new infrastructure that has been clamoring recently?Liu Shangxi: The so-called new infrastructure is mainly digital infrastructure. This has a very important question: Should the investment in the new infrastructure be led by the government or market intervention?At present, the market itself is investing in digital infrastructure such as 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and data lakes. If the government invests instead of the market, it may be inappropriate.In the digital infrastructure investment, we must deal with the relationship between the government and the market, and let the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources before considering how the government can better play its role.The government must not intervene, interfere with or even destroy the market ‘s decisive role in the allocation of resources. If the government deviates from the basic principle that the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources, large-scale stimulus will not solve the current economic downturn in China.This problem, at the same time, brings greater risks to the Chinese economy-this is not to suppress the risk, but to manufacture or even expand the risk, causing the risk to further escalate.It is conditional for the government to function better. If these conditions are not clear, the government will become blind. The result is self-evident.Sauna Nightnet: Are all new infrastructure projects invested in a sustainable market?Liu Shangxi: Infrastructure investment projects can be divided into three categories: projects with expected investment in the market that do not require government participation in investment; projects that the market is unwilling to participate in and require government investment; projects with partial market participation and government intervention in investment.If the project portfolio is implemented and a new infrastructure construction model is adopted, the market cannot participate very little.The rapid development of domestic infrastructure is precisely due to the full use of market forces, and construction by government investment alone cannot reach today’s level.With the improvement of traditional infrastructure and the construction of new-type infrastructure, especially digital or information infrastructure, the market plays a leading role in it, and the scope of government and market promotion is constantly changing.In my opinion, the market is completely non-existent and there are very few so-called new infrastructure projects that cannot participate in investment at all.It is possible to advocate new infrastructure, but it should be transformed by the market.The technical content of digital infrastructure is very high, and the forward-looking requirements are also very high. The government may not have an advantage over the market. The government is mainly for strategic guidance, strategic coordination and creating conditions.”The government should make the issue of investment enthusiasm in conflict markets a top priority.” Sauna Yewang: But the enthusiasm of most private investment is not high.Liu Shangxi: Many factors now lead to low market investment enthusiasm, and private investment is growing rapidly. At this time, the government will play a role and create better environmental conditions for market investment.The government should make solving the problem of investment enthusiasm in conflict markets a top priority, and should focus on solving the problems of plugging, difficulties, and pain points encountered by social capital in the investment process.It is necessary to sort out exactly what factors are interfering with the market’s enthusiasm for investing in the market. If the market mechanism is not perfect and the business environment is not perfect, then we must make great efforts in these areas and make the greatest efforts.If we do n’t work hard in this regard, and when the market investment is sluggish, the government will charge forward and the government charges ahead, blindly resisting government forces to expand investment to stimulate the economy to supplement the downturn in market investment, I think this is useless.Regarding investment in infrastructure, I think we must fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the market and the government. Combining both hands, digital infrastructure investment should go in this direction-this can alleviate the risk of local debt.At the same time, it can optimize resource allocation.This requires innovatively handling the relationship between the government and the market, starting from reality and creating a new model of construction that includes market forces.At present, we should innovate and develop the PPP model, form an effective carrier of social capital and local government cooperation, and mobilize the enthusiasm of social capital to a greater extent.For example, the developmental government-society cooperation (developmental PPP) model that has been formed in practice provides a new path for local governments to break through debt through development.When we explored the localities, we found that the local government mobilized social capital to participate in the construction of infrastructure through the mode of government-social cooperation.But after the local government issued special bonds on a large scale, a lot of social capital was squeezed out.Of course, there are irregularities, but you can waste food because of choking.Under the current trend, it is necessary to avoid the emergence of this expansion effect, otherwise it will inhibit the role of the market, and it is not conducive to the cultivation of new economic momentum.The economy of the mainland of China has reached the level of 100 billion, and it is increasingly necessary to fully mobilize the initiative and creativity of the broad masses of the people.With the people as the center, the market mechanism is an effective carrier. If there is a more complete market mechanism, it can rely more fully on the people to develop the economy.In short, I am not opposed to stimulating economic growth through investment, but the problem is that investment is used to spur economic growth in some way.I think that we must rely on market investment to promote economic growth, and the government must create good conditions for market investment, accelerate the reform of the market economic system and business environment, and thus mobilize the enthusiasm of private investment.If the government is not the next level of effort to solve the obstacles and problems encountered in market investment, or implement a short-term expansion stimulus policy, invest in projects, I think this is the end of the book.”The market plays a role in the field of digital infrastructure to transform old kinetic energy into new kinetic energy.” Sauna Yewang: Can the new infrastructure investment carry the banner of steady growth?Liu Shangxi: At present, China’s economy is shifting from rapid growth to development. An important point in the transformation and development is to change the situation of insufficient new kinetic energy and low technological content.This requires a digital technology revolution, and the digital technology revolution requires digital infrastructure to support it.In these new infrastructure areas, the market can play a huge role in transforming old kinetic energy into new kinetic energy and enhancing the momentum of economic development.How can we better stimulate the power of this economic development?There are also some specific problems that need to be solved.Now the construction and investment of digital technology platforms are developing the best. The fastest is in the market. In enterprises and governments, the application of digital technology is quite lagging behind, far behind enterprises, but affecting the construction of enterprises in digital infrastructure.And investment.For example, market investment in digital infrastructure requires a comprehensive grasp of large amounts of data, and various government departments are data islands, and society cannot share these data, which will affect the market’s investment in digital technology platforms to a certain extent.For example, the construction of digital financial infrastructure has been extended to the segmentation and closure of government data.For investment in digital infrastructure, the government should provide better services to the market-provide planning, standards, laws, promote the replacement of government information, connect big data in various departments and gradually open to the market.If these can be achieved, it can reduce the market’s investment in digital infrastructure, whether it is to promote economic growth or development, improve the level of social governance, and facilitate the people, etc., will have a great role.Sauna, Night Net Editor Hou Runfang Chen Li proofreading Chen Diyan

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Conversation with Guan Deche to CEO Yu Chang: Oil companies’ price war may become more violent after the epidemic
“Compared to other commercial retails that have not yet returned to normal, the service industry and the gas station business have recovered quickly. I think that the industry’s most influential stage should have passed.”” Recently, Guan Deche arrived at the founder and CEO Yu Chang said in an exclusive interview with Sauna Nightnet that the gas station sales fell to 20% in the same period of the previous year due to the epidemic; but the industry has recovered quickly and most gas station salesIt has recovered to more than 50% of the same period in previous years.Guande Automobile is a well-known domestic gas station chain brand, competing with Sinopec, PetroChina and other state-owned giants, Yu Chang said that in addition to the epidemic leading to increased gas station performance, oil companies are eager to resume sales after the epidemic.Under the circumstances, the price war may proceed more violently, so that the overall profit margin of the industry is gradually squeezed.Yu Chang predicts that the future integration of the gas station market is only a matter of time. “Compared with any mature or mass-market in foreign countries, it is basically highly concentrated, and there are only a few in the industry (specific data is not recommended.There are differences) companies compete with each other.”The following is the text: Sauna Night Net: Saudi Arabia reduced the crude oil impurities in April on March 7th in the world, and the global crude oil prices fell sharply.What do you think about the impact of Saudi Arabia’s price war on the global crude oil market?Yu Chang: The decrease in oil prices on March 9 was almost a decrease from the previous trading day. It should be the largest one-day drop in the past three decades since the Gulf War.In my opinion, although for countries such as China that rely on crude oil imports, long-term low oil prices are beneficial, and may even decline further in the short-term, but the long-term continuation is unlikely.Judging from the fiscal surplus balance point of Saudi Arabia and Russia, Russia’s breakeven oil price point is around US $ 40 and Saudi Arabia is around US $ 65. If the international oil price remains at the current low level, there will even be serious deficits.For oil-producing countries such as Saudi Arabia, the fall in oil prices caused by the Gulf War is an uncontrollable factor, but such as an increase in production is within its controllable range. If the oil prices continue to slump, it should not be what they expected.Sauna Nightnet: Before the price war in Saudi Arabia started, the new crown epidemic had already made the crude oil market quite sluggish.How long will this downturn last?Yu Chang: The impact of the Chinese epidemic on democracy has already responded to the global economy.According to the information I have learned, during the severe outbreak around the Spring Festival, China ‘s average daily crude oil demand fell by 3 million barrels, and the global daily crude oil consumption was about 1 billion barrels, meaning that in a month,As far as the global market is concerned, the average daily crude oil demand has decreased by about 3%.The international oil price dive on March 9th, I think it was also affected by another factor, namely the fear of the spread of the global capital market.At present, governments of different countries have different measures. Some domestic countries strictly control and restrict the movement of people. Some countries will adopt loose measures. Which of these measures is more effective and has less impact on the economy. The capital market is currently uncertain.Sauna Night Net: Guande Chedao is a new player in the domestic gas station market. Currently there are about 1,000 gas stations in cooperation.According to your understanding, how much does the epidemic affect gas stations?Yu Chang: The impact is indeed quite big, but it is not the most powerful ranking with aviation, hotel, tourism and other industries.According to the data I saw, during the period from the first day of the first month to the fifteenth day of the first month, the sales volume of a large number of gas stations nationwide was less than 20% of the same period of the previous year.The Spring Festival was originally a low season for the gas station industry. This year’s situation is that sales are less than 20% of the low season, which can be said to be quite scary.It has been a month since this stage. According to my knowledge, the gas station sales recovery situation should have reached more than 50% in the past. I estimate that it can reach 70% by the end of this month, and it is expected to recover to more than 80% in April.Sauna Night Net: What is the latest stop-and-recovery situation for Guande cars in the epidemic?Yu Chang: As far as I know, our own-brand gas stations have not stopped during the Spring Festival.The gas station is 7 * 24 hours service, we use conventional management methods in the off-season, reducing the number of staff in each shift, allowing employees to take turns off.Our Guande gas station must be thoroughly disinfected every day. The key parts that are often touched by oil guns, oil machines, cash registers and other personnel will be disinfected many times a day. The gas station is also equipped with a thermometer, alcohol, and hand washingLiquids and disinfectants are used by car owners.Years ago, we urgently purchased colonial masks and distributed them to car owners free of charge. These measures are not only to recall customers, but also to do our part for epidemic prevention.As far as the entire industry is concerned, the gas stations that were closed during the outbreak were basically in accordance with the administrative requirements of the local government. As far as I know, there are no large-scale shutdowns of gas stations due to commercial reasons, and compared with other commercial businesses that are still returning to normalThe retail, service industry, and gas station formats have recovered quickly. I think the phase with the greatest impact in this industry should have passed.Sauna Nightnet: In addition to free-brand gas stations, Guande Automobile provides oil companies with online and offline integrated operation systems and other services. How much of these two parts account for each?Yu Chang: In terms of our own-brand gas station business, there are two brands, Guande and Chedao.The Guande brand is mainly located in the urban area of second-tier cities, both self-operated and franchised; the car-to-brand brand sinks to third- and fourth-tier cities and towns.There are about 100 gas stations of these two brands.In addition, we provide online and offline integrated operation systems, brand management services and efficiency improvement solutions for oil companies. This group of customers includes many family third-party gas stations from foreign, state-owned and private oil companies.At the revenue level, the two businesses of self-owned brand gas stations and third-party marketing services are basically half-open.There are also the number of gas stations for specific cooperation, and the data is constantly changing.Frankly, we did n’t expand too much last year, or chose to streamline some customers whose cooperation effect is not ideal or not enough.The refined oil market can be said to be a slow market. In the past, when the gross profit was extremely high, it turned out to be a state-owned private enterprise or a foreign country. The extensive operation of oil companies can make a lot of profits, but naturally it does not care enough for refined operations.After the epidemic occurred, the number of customers who came to our site increased. For oil companies, it may now be more necessary to use marketing methods to restore sales.Sauna Night Net: During the epidemic, Sinopec, PetroChina and other chain gas stations launched retail sales of fresh food and masks, which attracted attention.What do you think about the question of whether the gas station will usher in a business transformation?Yu Chang: In fact, in addition to the two barrels of oil you mentioned selling vegetables and gas masks at gas stations, Shell, a foreign oil company, launched a fueling and hairdressing service in Chengdu. Our investor, Guangdong private company Guande Petroleum, has always been during the epidemic.Refueling customers distributed millions of masks for free.In my opinion, under the influence of the epidemic, in addition to using simple and crude price wars to attract customers, oil companies have also adopted a warmer approach to marketing with brand customer experience, which is more worthy of attention.For now, I think there will be similarities between domestic and foreign gas stations in the development trend.Foreign countries have experienced so-called differentiated fuels. Various oil companies have launched high-end fuels with their own exclusive additives, established brand registered trademarks, and then promoted them through F1 racing and other activities, such as Shell’s V-Power fuels.Oil companies can make higher profits than ordinary fuel through these fuel products.At present, two barrels of oil are also promoting their own high-quality fuel, and I believe that private companies will also launch in the future.There is also the convenience store business of gas stations. I agree that this part of the business can increase the richness of the service content of gas station scenes.However, it should be known that in foreign markets such as Europe and the United States, over 50% of the profits of gas stations have come from non-oil products, that is, convenience store commodities. The profit of oil products continues to decline, so that it can be regarded as a diversion for convenience stores.However, there are big differences between the domestic and foreign markets. Many convenience stores in foreign countries close at 6 pm. Only convenience stores at gas stations provide services 24 hours, while in China, they are first-tier cities or towns.The form of individual convenience stores has been operating for a long time. Convenience stores at domestic gas stations cannot simultaneously have the same irreplaceable role.At present, in the overall profit structure of domestic gas stations, the profit contribution of convenience stores should be a numerical value in my judgment, and may even be lower than 5%.To increase the profit contribution from a numerical value to 10% or 15%, I think it will be achievable in the foreseeable future, but it still has a long way to go to develop it to more than 50%.There are also views that the development of new energy vehicles will be compatible with charging stations in the future.In my opinion, there may be a combination of oil and electricity in the integrated service area of the highway, but the gas station in the urban area is not realistic enough.The land of the city gas station is a commercial land with 40 years of use authority. For the owner, if the gas station business can no longer bring enough profit, it may be more realistic to push the gas station down to build a building than to install a charging pile.Sauna Night: How big is your own business under the influence of the epidemic?Yu Chang: According to my judgment, most oil companies in the first quarter of this year will be in a break-even or even reversed state, and the overall situation of the industry will be replaced compared with last year.As with other companies in the industry, the sales volume of Guande Automobile has shortened to more than 20% during the outbreak phase, but the sales of our own brands are recovering quickly and are in the leading position in the industry.In terms of performance this year, the epidemic is the biggest influencing factor.In addition, there are other factors that are constantly revising the industry’s profits.First of all, one of the major factors contributing to the high gross profit of gas stations is that our country has overcapacity. Refineries choose to sell at low prices, and the profit of oil prices increases.While we import large quantities of refined oil, exports of refined oil grew rapidly last year, and we can expect exports to increase further this year.Therefore, the situation of domestic overcapacity will improve with the increase in exports. The severe imbalance in supply and demand changes will transition to a relative balance. In my opinion, the gross profit at the market end will decrease accordingly.The second point is that the current market is fiercely competitive, and two barrels of oil are unwilling to reduce prices before. However, in the case where sales and profits are difficult to maintain, the two barrels of oil may choose to lose profits under the guarantee that the market share will not be degraded.There are price wars in some regions.In the case where oil companies are eager to resume sales after the epidemic, the price war may be more intense, and the overall profit margin of the industry will be further squeezed.Sauna Night Net: Under the expectation of a price war, what kind of market pattern will the gas station market form in the future?Yu Chang: The gas station market in China seems to me to be the long tail market. PetroChina and Sinopec each own more than 20,000 gas stations, with a combined total of more than 50,000 gas stations. Shell Gas Station ranks third in market share.There are only more than a thousand in the country, and then several foreign oil companies and China National Offshore Oil Corporation and Sinochem. The scale of their gas stations ranges from tens to more than a thousand. Next, the number of gas stations among private oil companies is the largest.There are only about two hundred, and the subsequent composition of more than 50,000 gas stations is mainly small operators with only one or two gas stations.In such a market, integration is a matter of time.Compared with any mature or mass-bonded market abroad, it is basically highly concentrated, and there are only a few big brand companies in the industry competing with each other.When the era of profiteering ends and the industry enters a standardized development, companies depend on brands, network scale, professional operation, and cost control.Sauna Night Net: How big is the future survival space of private gas stations?In February this year, Heshun Petroleum launched an IPO, sprinting the first share of a private gas station.What do you think of the development direction of private oil companies?Yu Chang: At present, the total number of gas stations of private oil companies has exceeded 50%, but the sales volume in the refined oil market is only more than 20%. The industry scale of private gas stations is not equal to the market sales, which means the sales of private gas stationsThe efficiency is lower than that of two barrels of oil and foreign countries.The reason for the low sales efficiency of private oil companies, I think it is still lack of brand recognition and network scale.If an enterprise has sufficient sales networks in local areas and gas stations are deployed in multiple locations, customer loyalty is not the same. There must be considerable room for improvement in service, refined management, and oil quality.The future integration of the gas station market will inevitably happen, and the sales efficiency of private oil companies is also in the process of improvement.But in this process, not all companies can do well.Brands need to continue to build, establish long-term brand awareness, and companies expand their test management capabilities and whether they have the capital to attract talent. I think there is very little that can be done.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhu Yueyi Zhao Yibo Editor Xu Chao proofreading Zhuo Zhuo

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Kashuai “class” spread to the national football team, the new issue list was re-published
Zheng Zhi became the acting head coach of Guangzhou Evergrande.Figure / Operation Due to the spread of Cannavaro’s “class incident”, the new national football training list has also been announced.Sauna, Yewang learned from the team that this list is expected to be announced before Friday.After a 2-2 draw with Henan Jianye on October 27, Evergrande Club announced that coach Cannavaro went to the group headquarters to attend a corporate culture class. The captain Zheng Zhi temporarily acted as the head coach and led the team to complete training.It is understood that Zheng Zhi was originally in Lippi’s new list of issues, and the sudden role of acting coach may make Zheng Zhi doomed.As soon as the news came out, the Chinese Football Association communicated with Evergrande Club, and the training list originally planned to be released on the 28th was also replaced.The reporter learned from the team that the relevant process has been basically completed, and the training list will be announced before Friday.Twenty-five players were selected for this training, and the staff has not changed much from the previous list.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Li Ming

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Win Vantone 4 years ago, this capital violent man joined the football club of Sovereign Health
Tianjin Tianhai Football Club, surrounded by financial difficulties, finally waited for investors.Tianjin Tianhai Football Club Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tianjin Tianhai”) released the distribution announcement on the official Weibo on March 13 with the text “Thank you in the past!””Continue to work for the future!”.According to the announcement, on March 12, Tianjin Tianhai shareholders reached an agreement with Wantong Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wantong Holdings”) to transfer all the shares of Tianjin Tianhai to Wantong Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.On March 13, Tianjin Tianhai Football Club announced via Weibo.”Capital strongman” Wang Yihui took the lead. On March 5, Tianjin Tianhai issued an announcement saying that in order to retain the hard-won qualification of the Chinese Super League, it will recruit 100% of the suitable transfer objects from today and transfer 100% of the club with a transfer fee of 0 yuan.Distribution, specific claims, debt and other details are negotiable.The deadline for transfer is March 14, 2020.Wantong Holdings, which transferred all the shares of Tianjin Tianhai, was formerly known as Beijing Wantong Industrial Co., Ltd.According to information from Qizha, the company was established in June 1993 with paid-up registered capital14.The registered address is Miaozhen, Huairou District, Beijing. The legal representative is Wang Yihui.Wang Yihui is also a listed company Wantong Real Estate (600246.SH) The actual controller and chairman.In 2019, Wang Yihui was shortlisted on the Hurun Rich List with a personal wealth of 55 million, ranking 747th.The 66-year-old Wang Yihui is a veteran of the capital market. He has many years of commercial “handle” experience with “real estate tycoon” Feng Lun.Wang Yihui was born in 1954 and graduated from Renmin University of China. He worked at the Central Party School from September 1985 to August 1993. Later he went to the army ‘s grain and oil industry and operated Yanji Jichen Economic Development Co., Ltd.In 1998, Wang Yihui and three partners established Beijing Pioneer Food and Agriculture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Pioneer Shares”), and served as vice chairman from 1998 to 2004.In September 2000, Pioneer shares landed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange for formal listing and trading.Two years later, Feng Lun, who founded Wantong Real Estate, “noticed” the pioneer shares.Beginning in 2002, Feng Lun used Beijing Wantong Xinghe Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wantong Xinghe”) as a platform to gradually increase its shareholding in Pioneer shares through share transfers and private placements. By 2006, the shareholding reached 60.04%.In 2007, the name was changed to Pioneer Shares of Beijing Wantong Pioneer Real Estate Co., Ltd., which was renamed Beijing Wantong Real Estate Co., Ltd. (that is, Wantong Real Estate). The trace of “Pioneer” was completely erased, and Feng Lun was completedWantong Real Estate’s “backdoor” listing.In 2009, Beijing Wantong Industrial Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of Wantong Holdings) completed the absorption and merger of Wantong Xinghe, and Wantong Holdings directly held Wantong Real Estate 51.16% of the shares.However, the capital market was unpredictable, and Wang Yihui, who left Pioneer AG after Feng Lun took over, later became the master of Wantong Real Estate and Wantong Holdings.In 2014, Wantong Real Estate further expanded its performance, and in 2015 it worsened6.1.2 billion, when Feng Lun had the idea of withdrawing.At this time, Wang Yi will appear.He took Jiahua Oriental Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiahua Holdings”) as a platform and invested 31.5 billion US dollars to subscribe for a directional increase of Wantong Real Estate, and ultimately hold Wantong Real Estate35.66% of the shares became the largest shareholder.Subsequently, Wang Yihui began to acquire the shares of Wantong Holdings, the former majority shareholder of Wantong Real Estate, and directly and indirectly held Wantong Holdings 85 at the end of 2018.39% equity.After successfully joining Vantone Holdings and Vantone Real Estate, Wang Yihui transferred some shares of Vantone Holdings to Beijing Zhongrong Dingxin Investment Management Co., Ltd. with a background of “Zhongzhi Department” in 2017. One year later, both partiesAnnounced the cancellation of the transfer agreement and restored the shares.As of the end of the third quarter of 2019, Wang Yihui was the actual controller of Wantong Real Estate, Jiahua Holdings and Wantong Holdings. He began to serve as the company’s chairman in January 2018, and then left in May 2019.In January this year, Wang Yi will return to the position of chairman.Wantong Real Estate Performance Forecast shows that it is expected to achieve a net profit in 20195.5 billion to 6.50 ppm, an annual increase of 68% to 100%; net profit excluding non-recurring gains and losses is 1.8 billion to 2.2 billion yuan, an annual increase of 100% to 145%.Two months after the Quan Jian case was sentenced, the announcement of Tianjin Tianhai ‘s 0 yuan transfer to Tianjin Tianhai Tactics revealed that at the end of the 2019 season, Tianjin Tianhai entrusted Beijing Zhongqihua Asset Appraisal Co., Ltd.The estimated value of the asset is 64882.500,000-77171.720,000 yuan.After experiencing the Quanjian storm, Tianjin Quanjian Football Club was renamed Tianjin Tianhai Football Club in January last year. In the 2019 season, Tianjin Tianhai has experienced three storms such as coaching, but in the end it was still thrilling and relegated, ranking 25th with 25 points.14th place, 5th place lower than the 2018 season, 4 points higher than the relegated Shenzhen Jiazhaoye.Currently, former international Li Weifeng is the team’s manager and substantive head coach.On June 6, 2006, Hohhot Binhai Professional Football Club was established, which was the original predecessor of Tianjin Tianhai; in 2007, the team moved back to Tianjin and reorganized, and changed its name to Tianjin Songjiang Football Club on April 26; July 2015On the 7th, Tianjin Songjiang Football Club and Quanjian Group announced a joint announcement, announcing the acquisition of Tianjin Songjiang Football Club by Quanjian Group.The acquisition of Quanjian Group made the club funds very abundant.In 2016, Tianjin Tianhai won the first division of the Chinese Football Association, and then scored 54 points at the end of the first season of the 2017 “Super League”, ranking third, and qualified for the AFC Champions League.It is hoped that Tianjin Tianhai was established on May 30, 2006 with a paid-up registered capital of 15 million yuan. It is currently 100% controlled by Quanjian Natural Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Quanjian Company”), of which Quanjian GroupCo., Ltd., Shu Yuhui and Shu Changjing each hold 75 shares.36%, 22.17% and 2.46%, the actual control is Shu Yuhui.On January 8 this year, the People ‘s Court of Wuqing District of Tianjin issued a public judgment on the case of the defendant unit Quanjian Natural Medicine Technology Development Co., Ltd. and the defendant Shu Yuhui, leading the pyramid scheme activities, and was determined to be the right of the accused unit.Twelve persons including Jian Company and the defendant Shu Yuhui all constituted an organization and led the crime of MLM activities. According to law, the defendant unit Quanjian Company was fined RMB 100 million, and the defendant Shu Yuhui was sentenced to nine years in prison and resulted in a gold RMB 50 millionYuan; the recovery of illegal income shall be turned over to the State Treasury.Relevant report: “Tianjian Tianhai intends to transfer 0 yuan two months after the sentence of Quan Jian is declared” sauna, night net Xiao Wei Li Yunqi editor Zhao Ze proofreading Liu Baoqing reporter contact email: xiaowei @

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Net profit differentiation of listed insurers in the first quarter: China Life Insurance, 3 insurers rose during the safe period
As of the evening of April 29, the first quarterly reports of the five largest A-share listed insurance companies (China Life, Ping An, China PICC, China Pacific Insurance and Xinhua Insurance) have been fully disclosed.Under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the five major insurers have clearly differentiated their net profits from their mothers. China Ping An and China Life Insurance’s two major insurers have dropped by 42%.7% and 34.4%.The remaining three companies have always grown to varying degrees, and China Pacific Insurance increased 53.1%, Xinhua Insurance rose 37.7%, the PICC rose 19%.9%.According to the opinion of the Industrial Securities Research Report, the first-quarter profits of listed insurance companies have a certain differentiation. CPIC has achieved a high profit growth and exceeded market expectations due to the relatively low share of stocks and funds and the decline in handling fees and commission expenses. However, China Life and Ping AnBoth are affected by the investment end and the base number leading to a negative increase in net profit.Listed insurers’ net profit at home is now divided: Ping An, China Life fell the other three rose. Specifically, China Ping An’s net profit at home fell in the first quarter and fell by 42.7% reached 260.6.3 billion US dollars, but the profit from its mother operation still increases by 5 every year.3%.The company admitted in the first quarterly report that due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, operations faced with the obstruction of offline business development, rising credit risk, fluctuations in the equity market, and falling market interest rates.At the same time, the internal and external capital markets have fallen substantially, and the company has implemented new financial instrument accounting standards, and the increase in the gains and losses of changes in fair value has increased, resulting in a decline in the growth of investment income.Indeed, in terms of annualized total investment return rate, China Ping An had only 3 in the first quarter.4%, down from 5 in the same period last year.1% level.China Life’s net profit in the first quarter also fell by 34.4% reached 170.900 million US dollars, the company also said that this is mainly due to the combined impact of the traditional insurance reserve discount rate assumption update and total investment income decline.Among listed insurance companies whose net profit attributable to their mothers increased, China Pacific Insurance had the largest increase, reaching 53.1%.Wanlian Securities Research believes that the high growth is mainly due to the good performance of the investment side.The data shows that China Pacific Insurance’s annualized total investment income increased by 4 in the first quarter.5%.Sauna and Yewang noticed that their shares in equity and equity funds accounted for a total of the first quarter.8%, down by 0 from the end of last year.5 averages.At the same time, the proportion of time deposit investment increased by 0 compared with the end of last year.6 coins, the proportion of investment in “cash, cash equivalents and others” also increased by 1 coin compared with the end of last year.Xinhua Insurance’s net profit growth rate in the first quarter reached 37.7%, the annualized total investment income is injected into 5.1%, increasing by 0 every year.9 single, Everbright Securities research report analysis weighs, the investment growth is expected to be the company’s investment accumulation floating profit in the background of the upward trend of the stock market in 2019, the first quarter of floating profit cashing is now raising high returns;Floating losses are not reflected in profits.At the same time, the proportion of non-standard assets of Xinhua Insurance is higher than the industry average, and it continues to contribute to investment income.The first quarterly report of China People’s Insurance said that the increase in net profit attributable to its mother was mainly due to an increase in investment income.The analysis of Huachuang Securities Research reported that the reason for the expected increase in investment was the timely reduction of positions and the realization of the bid-ask spread.The epidemic affects business personnel offline. The three oldest auto insurance premium locations in the property insurance industry are under the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. The challenges faced by life insurance companies and property insurance companies are also different.The sluggish auto market has affected auto insurance, the main source of premium income.Judging from the quarterly report, in order to cope with the epidemic, life insurance companies have more or less adopted online operations such as online attendance, training, and exhibition industry, while promoting short-term insurance or high-current-priced products that are easier to sell online;Obstructed, it turned to the development of non-auto insurance business.In terms of life insurance business, China Life launched the “air customer service”, which realized multiple services such as online insurance and electronic insurance policies; thus, it also built various live broadcast sharing platforms and strengthened online training and conference operations.China Pacific Insurance also said in its quarterly report that due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, traditional offline life insurance sales, staffing, and basic management activities could not be carried out, which had a significant impact on the development of life insurance business in the short term.In the number reported, the increase in the income of CPIC Life Insurance business decreased by 1.1%.In terms of property and casualty insurance, auto insurance revenue decreased, and the growth of non-vehicle business became a common characteristic of the first three quarters of P & C insurance (People’s Insurance, Ping An Property Insurance and CPIC Property Insurance).According to China ‘s Ping An Quarterly Report, affected by the epidemic, the sales volume of new cars increased significantly, and the premium income of the auto insurance business declined slightly, with a decrease of 2.2%, but non-auto insurance business continued to grow, with premiums previously increasing at 20.9%, every time, accident and health insurance also grew by 19 years.6%.China Pacific Insurance said frankly that new car sales dropped sharply due to the impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, and the auto insurance business was hit in the short term; the suspension of business and production, personnel travel, and logistics and transportation had a relatively weak impact on corporate finance, engineering, tourism, and freight business.But at the same time, the fields of health security, resumption of production and production are also ushering in the possibility of development.According to the report’s baseline, CPIC’s insurance business income increased by 10%.4%, of which non-auto insurance business income exceeded the growth rate by 32.5%, auto insurance fell by 0.5%.PICC P & C also had a similar situation, with its auto insurance premium income falling by 3 in the first quarter.At the same time, at the same time, the insurance premium income of credit guarantee insurance, which lost nearly 2.9 billion U.S. dollars last year, also plummeted by 48% a year, but agricultural insurance, accidental injury and health insurance are still growing.How do the three insurance companies’ outstanding performance support sustainable insurance stocks?It is worth noting that after the disclosure of the report, insurance stocks with better performance in the recent quarterly report gradually merged with the growth.On April 30, as of midday closing, the China People’s Insurance reported a quarterly increase of 2 yesterday.09%; A quarterly report of Xinhua Insurance was disclosed on April 28, and the increase was 3 the following day.6%; China Pacific Insurance issued a quarterly report on April 24, with a suspected increase of 3 on the 27th.1%.This is in stark contrast to the downturn in the first quarter of insurance stocks.Wind data showed that the insurance index fell by 19 in the first quarter.At 87%, the Shanghai Composite Index fell only 9 during the same period.83%, therefore, the insurance index underperformed the broad market by about 10 subdivisions.Thai Stone Investment Managing Director Han Wei reformed the sauna. Yewang explained that the main reasons for the decline in insurance stocks in the first quarter may be threefold. First, insurance stocks were relatively strong last year and are currently expanding; second, investment income from insurance companiesSensitive to the performance of the stock market, insurance stocks will suffer additional repression when the stock market falls; trends, recent stock market adjustments are related to the epidemic, and the market usually thinks that the occurrence of natural disasters and man-made disasters will be detrimental to the short-term performance of insurance stocks.However, at the current time, the dazzling quarterly reports of some insurance companies have given the market great confidence. There is a view that the impact of the epidemic on insurance stocks has already appeared in the quarterly report, and there are many favorable factors to support it.Tianfeng Securities Research reported that the first quarterly report has fully reflected the impact of the epidemic on the denial side. We judge that the subsequent recovery of the offline exhibition industry, the increase in protection demand, and the positive business promotion strategies will bring improved policy sales.At the same time, insurance stocks currently estimate the implied investment rate of return expected, and subsequent improvements in the insurance side will bring an estimated upward repair momentum.Sauna, Ye Wang Pan Yichun Editor Li Weijia Proofreading Li Xiangling

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Liu Tianchi: Actor’s acting skills are criticized, “pot” should not be backed by actors
On November 21st, the “New Wave Forum” antiques in Beijing.This issue of the New Wave Forum focuses on whether “actor variety shows can make the market return to acting as king”.Liu Tianchi, a teacher in the acting department of the Central Academy of Drama, said that the actors ‘acting skills were criticized. The“ pot ”should not be borne solely by the actors.The role is king, and now many times the actor has come to the front of the role.”At the same time, above Liu Tianchi, the director should also help the actor more to complete the role.Liu Tianchi.The picture comes from a webcast. Through the rise of variety shows such as “Actor’s Birth”, “Actors are in place” and “Acting School”, “Acting Skills” was brought directly to public view for discussion.Talking about the original intention of producing the “acting skills” program, Song Binghua, the general director of “Acting Skills”, admitted that in the art category, there are competitions in music and dance, and there is no competition in “performance” because everyone understands the performance differently. “WeI also hope to popularize what the performance is and give the audience more content than they expected.In Song Binghua’s view, the purpose of “acting skills” variety shows is to expand the audience’s performances and enhance the audience’s appreciation level. “Although it is not necessarily the most ideal way, but the effect is accelerated.”Talking about such performances, Liu Tianchi, who once “sited” the “Birth of Actors”, believes that the show’s PK mode does not show acting skills. She said that she would have “academic spirit” when she first started this kind of show.It will be harder, but I slowly found out that this is a variety show and a reality show. “The so-called PK of the actors should not be true. It is also a good thing if you can spread some performance knowledge in a show.”Niu Junfeng, a young actor who has just participated in” Actors in Place “, said that he regarded the show as an opportunity and never thought about winning or losing the game.” The show is a stage where teachers can guide themselves.”Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Wei, Tong Na proofreading Li Shihui

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Yao Jinbo: 58 cities are moving towards an era where service income is the mainstay
On May 8th, 58 antiques from the same city were held annually at the “58 Magic Day”.At the press conference, 58 Jincheng CEO Yao Jinbo said that 58 Tongcheng is moving from a platform based on traffic revenue to an era in which service revenue will dominate in the future.According to Yao Jinbo, after more than ten years of development, 58 City has become a company with stable income and profitability.In the last year, the internal BG-based in-depth industry separated the property, recruitment, and automobile businesses.58 The same city is moving from a platform based on traffic revenue to an era where service revenue will dominate in the future, with quality services to promote further growth of traffic.”In the past year, we have increased industry investment and integration in many areas of our main business. We have acquired the used car auction platform Uxinpai. We have also initiated the establishment of 58 Aifang with the World Bank, Tongce, etc.”Yao Jinbo introduced.At present, there are more than 4 billion talented talents in 58 cities. In 58 cities, Anjuke’s second-hand housing service platform covers more than 100,000 real estate brokerage companies nationwide and more than 1 million real estate brokers.The new house online service covers 640 cities across the country, with market shares in more than half of key cities.Yao Jinbo said that as an Internet technology company, he also vigorously develops technological innovation products such as AI, big data, and VR visualization. He hopes that new technologies such as video interviews, VR viewing, and VR viewing will develop better in the connection between merchants and users.The role.58 Data from the same city shows that the ProSense VR tool matrix replaces offline viewing, and a total of 7 million sets of Prospective VR panoramic views have been digitized.Users and brokers can talk to each other across the screen. The average click rate of the VR viewing remote control is 1.53 times, the average stay time is 6 times the average.During the epidemic period, the number of visits of Pro Sense VR users nationwide increased by 500% month-on-month.”This epidemic has accelerated the onlineization of all walks of life for at least three years. Today, almost all small and medium-sized enterprises, no matter you are in a big city, a small or medium city, or even a township, no one will doubt that they must move their business and businessCome to the Internet.”Yao Jinbo thinks.In addition to providing services in the city, 58 Tongcheng has also further focused on the sinking market and content services in the past year. It has launched two new brands-58 Tongzhen and 58 tribe, which has begun an attempt to commercialize.It is understood that during the epidemic, 58 cities announced six major support measures for 10 million merchants on the platform, including the recruitment of special positions for emergency positions, the establishment of special funding assistance policies, and online online tools such as VR / live broadcast, real estate business.Announcing the announcement of one billion support funds.Sauna, Ye Wang Chen Weicheng Editor Wang Jinyu Proofreading Li Shihui

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No gender, they are all human angels in the world
Answer: All played.The first line is Audrey Hepburn, Ben Stiller, Cecilia Cheung; the second line is Juliet Binoche, Lin Xinru, Mao is not easy.They have all played nurse roles in film and television dramas.The International Nurses Day is held on May 12 each year to commemorate Florence Nightingale, the founder of the modern nursing discipline.This day is also of great significance to China. Today, 12 years ago, an earthquake gave medical workers time to celebrate the holiday and began to save lives, and this year’s epidemic made them the focus of everyone.Although not directly deciding life or death like a doctor, nurses are also silently guarding the recovery of everyone with their white clothes.The first line corresponds to the work stills.Audrey Hepburn played a nun in “Nun’s Biography”, and was later admitted to medical school as a nurse. After graduation, she was sent to serve in Columbia, Africa.Modern nurse uniforms evolved from nun uniforms, because many of the initial manual nursing jobs were nuns and monks.The nurse who also worked in the war also has the role of Juliet Binoche in “British Patient”. Because the lover and friend died in the war, she thought she was threatened with a curse, so she took the burned “British”The “patient” stayed in a house to avoid harm to more people.Lin Xinru also played a nurse in the TV series “Love and Rain”. When Japan invaded China, she let go of the life of the young lady and went to the battlefield hospital.The second line corresponds to the work stills.Ben Stiller is a male nurse in “Meet Your Father-in-law”.Since the Industrial Revolution, nursing work has been considered to have feminine qualities and should be occupied by women among nurses.But now there are redundant male nurses, and the identification of their gender traits is relatively one-sided.Singer Mao is not easy to play a male nurse in “Sha Hai”, he was a nurse before becoming a singer.The image of Cecilia Cheung’s nurse in “Star Wish” should be everyone’s expectation in peacetime.She is beautiful and kind. I look so pitiful and crying is beautiful. This kind of nurse image is believed to help patients get comfort both physically and psychologically.Numerous nurses are doing preparations and aftercare before and after doctors save the disease. Their contribution should be affirmed.Taking stock of movies and TV dramas related to medical care, we found that the literary and artistic works focusing on nurses are still going on, and we hope that more works will reflect their lives in the future and show their dedication to patients.Written by Wu Longzhen, proofread by Li Lijun

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Li An mourns the “adult school”, calling his death a loss of film art
Director Li An was on the shooting scene of “Fantasy Rafting of Teenage School”. Sauna Night News (Reporter Li Yan) On April 30, according to Taiwan media, the adult actor Irfan Khan, who played the adult school in “Fantasy Rafting of the Teenage School,” died in Mumbai yesterday.Director Li An mourned that Yifan was a rare good actor and a rare gentleman.Working and socializing with him is the luck of life.Two years ago, when he heard that he was suffering from this disease, he greeted him. He said that he would face calmly and bravely.He is a person who loves life and art. His death is the loss of film art and the pain of his friends.May he rest in heaven.Miss him. >>> 54-year-old Indian actor Ilfan Khan died of illness and once starred in Ang Lee’s “Youth School” Irfan Khan played the adult school in “Fantasy Rafting of Youth School”. It is reported that Ilfan Khan has performed more than 100 Bollywood movies since the film, and later successfully transferred to Hollywood development, participated in many masterpieces including “Slumdog Millionaire” “Juvenile Fantasy Rafting” “Jurassic”World “etc.He suffered from endocrine adenocarcinoma in 2018 and was admitted to the hospital yesterday due to a colon infection. Unfortunately, he died in Mumbai Hospital at the age of 53.His public relations company confirmed the news and issued a statement: In the end of his life, he was accompanied by his favorite family and left the world in a loving environment to go to heaven.Sauna, Yewang Editor Li Yan Huang Jialing Proofreading Wang Xin

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