2018 World Footballer top 3 preset list revealed that Messi missed
On September 3, Beijing time, FIFA announced the last three candidates of the seven FIFA best practices in 2018.In London on September 24th, FIFA will announce the final winners of 7 awards.  Among them, the most notable list of the last three men of the world’s men’s footballers is to unveil the suspense. The final three-person list is Ronaldo of Portugal, Modric of Croatia, and Salah of Egypt. They will compete for the final laurels.  Candidates for Mr. World Football: Ronaldo, Modric, Salah. The top three best men’s coaches are the French Deschamps who won the World Cup, Zidane, who won the Champions League three times by Real Madrid, andDalic, who became the first time democracy reached the World Cup finals.  Candidates for the best male coach: Dalic, Deschamps, and Zidane’s best goalkeepers are respectively faced with France’s captain Lori, the World Cup gold glove, and Courtois.Leicester City and Denmark performed the brave Schmeichel.  Best goalkeeper candidates: Courtois, Lori, SchmeichelOriginal title: World Footballer’s top 3 list: C Rodriguez Salah Messi missed

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