2015 World Women’s Volleyball Grand Prix, China 3-0 Zero, Germany leads the championship with two consecutive victories
On the evening of July 4th, Beijing time, the second round of the 2015 World Women’s Volleyball Championship Group B Group B Beilun Station in Ningbo ended.Although the Chinese women’s volleyball team suffered strong resistance from Germany in the second game, the key points were well grasped, and they successfully led the group with zero consecutive opponents. The scores of the three games were 25-15, 25-22 and 25-15.  The starting point of this campaign in China is consistent with the first battle. The main players are still the main attacker Hui Ruoqi, Zhu Ting, the secondary attackers Yang Junjing, Yuan Xinyue, Zeng Chunlei, second pass Shen Jingsi and freeman Lin Li.Germany changed to Boer and Brinker as the main attack, the secondary attack Shao Zeer, Brandt, to respond to Kozuh, setter Wes and free man Duer also made their debut.The Chinese women’s volleyball team celebrated the first round of China’s overcoming Hui Ruoqi’s breakthrough and Zeng Chunlei’s blocking net 6-2 surpass, Hui Ruoqi hit the team 8-4 lead into the first technical timeout.Germany, which is 4-9 behind, used Brinker and Kozuh to catch up to 6-9, and Hui Ruoqi and Zhu Ting’s flat pull effect was effective to ensure China’s 3-point advantage.Germany failed to withstand after 9-12. Zeng Chunlei’s counterattack, Yuan Xinyue’s probe has repeatedly scored, and China scored 4 points in the second technical suspension of 16-9.19-12 leading China changed Ding Xia and Yang Fangxu by two points and three points.Zhu Ting’s anode was successful, Hui Ruoqi’s back row ball was successful, China opened the score to 21-12.Zhu Ting scored the ball and China led 24-14 to get the game. Yang Fangxu missed the opponent’s goal and scored 1 point. Zhu Ting regained the success. China won 15-15 first.  In the second game, Germany’s 0-2 trailing German resistance Brinker’s serve chased to 4 draws. After 5 draws, Yuan Xinyue’s kick was blocked and his opponent was overtaken by 6-5.After the battle to 7 draws Kozukh hit after the attack, Germany 8-7 lead into the first technical timeout.Zhu Ting missed the ball by 10-8 in Germany. Zhu Ting and Shen Jingsi blocked and tied one after another. China scored 3 points and 11-10 to take the lead.In the stalemate phase, China’s pass was slightly fluctuated. After 14 draws, Zeng Chunlei successfully hung the ball, Yuan Xinyue blocked Bohr’s attack, and China scored 2 points in the second technical timeout to lead 16-14.Stiglot hit the ball, Vihmeier jumped for merit, and Germany tied to 16.Hui Ruoqi’s two spikings occurred in China more than 18-16. After Germany’s bite to 19-20, Zhu Ting succeeded in hanging the ball. Kozuh’s spiking was blocked and China led 22-19.Zhu Ting broke through and won the team’s 24-21 lead. Kozukh spoiled the ball and scored 1 point. Yuan Xinyue’s fast break locked the score at 25-22, China 2-0.  In the third game, China launched Zhang Changning and Zhu Ting as the main attack.After 4 draws, Shao Zeer made a fast break, Zhu Ting blocked the game and China surpassed 6-4.Germany tied to 6 draws, Zhu Ting made two spiking shots, and China led 8-6 into the first technical timeout.Zhu Ting counter-attacked the ball and China won a 3-point advantage. Zhang Changning succeeded in the attack. Kozuh made a missed shot and China took the lead 12-7.Zeng Chunlei served the drama, Kozuh then scored the net and China took a 16-9 lead in the second technical timeout.Zeng Chunlei once again served the team to gain an 8-point advantage. China, who led the score, replaced Ding Xia, Yang Fangxu, Zhang Xiaoya, Yan Ni and Wang Mengjie as substitutes.Yang Fangxu and Zhu Ting successively scored two consecutive consecutive points breaks in China, and Ding Xia succeeded in winning the match 24-13.Zhang Changning attacked the final word, China won 25-15, and Germany was zero.  In this campaign, Zhu Ting had 21 points for the blooming king, and his defensive offense was Yuan Xinyue. In response, Zeng Chunlei and the main attacker Hui Ruoqi both scored 9 points, and the substitute main attacker Zhang Changning scored 4 points.Germany’s main attacker Brinker won 13 points, and Kozukhe contributed 10 points.  In the first game of the round this afternoon, Russia swept the Dominican second team in three straight sets and remained undefeated. The scores in the three sets were 25-15, 25-22 and 25-8.In this campaign, the Russian rookie main player Ilchenko scored 11 points, the bench’s main attacker Pasinkova contributed 10 points, and responded to Gonzalova, starting the secondary attack Orlova and the backup secondary attack Yekaterina-EgyptFei Mowa scored 7 points.  Tomorrow prize competition Ningbo Beilun station will be the final day of the game.China and Russia, which are two consecutive victories, are fighting for the championship. Germany and Dominica, who have not yet won, compete for the third place. (Caucasus)

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