Yu Long and Renee Fleming will conclude the 22nd Beijing International Music Festival
On October 27th, the Beijing International Music Festival Organizing Committee held a press conference on the antique closing concert of the China Philharmonic Rehearsal Hall.Ming and Zou Shuang, artistic director of Beijing International Music Festival, participated together.The 22nd Beijing International Music Festival will have a closing concert on the evening of October 28th.American soprano singer Renee Fleming made her debut at the Beijing International Music Festival, and with the China Philharmonic Orchestra, the director of the Beijing International Music Festival Arts Committee and conductor Yu Long, brought German and Austrian art songs, Italian opera ariaWaiting for various styles of singing.American soprano singer Renee Fleming.Renee Fleming was born in Texas, USA. She has created many classic characters on the stage of major opera houses in the world and won the Grammy Music Award four times.She sang the American National Anthem at the “Super Bowl” and became the first classical music singer to sing the National Anthem at this important sporting event.In addition to singing classical music, Fleming also dabbled in various musical forms such as jazz, indie rock and musicals, and even sang original songs in popular films such as “The Story of Water” and “Three Billboards” and even participatedPlayed Broadway musical “Heaven on Earth” was nominated for Tony Award for Best Supporting Actress.On the evening of the October 28th concert, Renee Fleming will sing the classic works of the two classical music cultural positions of Germany and Italy for the audience in the first half and the second half respectively.In the first half of the concert, Fleming will sing a series of Schubert’s classic art songs.As a representative of early romantic music, Schubert composed more than 600 songs in his short 31-year life. This time Fleming will sing “To Sylvia”, “Night and Dream” and “Night and Dream””Democrat Fish” can be called a population.Renee Fleming and Yu Long.In the second half of the concert, the Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra under the leadership of Fleming and Yu Long will focus on Italian opera music.In Verdi’s opera “Othello”, “” The Willow Song “and” Ode to Our Lady “is an aria that is loved by lyric sopranos.Fleming once shaped Shakespeare’s Tess Dimona on several world-class stages. On the stage of this concert, the famous aria “” Song of Willow “and” Ode to Our Lady “will also be sungring.In addition to the familiar melody of these audiences, Fleming also specially chose a relatively small aria, Mimi ‘s aria “Misai” in the opera “Bohemians” by Italian composer Leon CavalloSpecially open the lips. “In 2009, Fleming included this aria in his solo album “Verismo”.In the second half of the concert, the Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra will perform Verdi’s “Fortune of Fate” overture.After the concert, the 22nd Beijing International Music Festival, which will dedicate 16 sets (22 plays) of wonderful performances over 25 days, will come to an end.Sauna, night net editor Liu Zhen Xu Meilin proofreading Lu Qian

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