Ding Junhui returned to the top ten in the world ranking, the goal is still the world championship
Ding Junhui held up the championship trophy.Picture / Visual China In the early morning of the 2019 Snooker Championship, Ding Junhui defeated Maguire 10-6 to end his 806-day championship.After 10 years, he finally won the British Championship for the third time.At the moment when the Barbican Centre won the championship, Ding Junhui shouted with fists, venting the pressure and the doubts he had suffered in the past 806 days.In the cheers and applause of live fans, Ding Junhui held up the championship trophy of the British Championships.”I still believe in myself, I still want to impact the World Championship.There have been a lot of doubts about me in the past two years, but now that I have won the game, this is a good start.”Ding Junhui said after the game.In this victory, he has forever ended the history of untitled for more than two years. He has also become the first three-time champion of the “post-80s” British Championship, and the number of champions in the ranking reached 14.Then he pointed out: “I believe more and more parents are watching snooker and watching my game in China.Maybe their children don’t understand what snooker is, but they will discover it slowly and try to pick up the club.”Ding Junhui hopes to let more and more people fall in love with this sport.”After the game ended, the World Taiwan Federation also updated the latest world ranking. Ding Junhui won the British Championship and received a prize of 200,000 pounds.

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