“Brave Heart” celebrates its 25th anniversary and is re-released in March every year in Scotland
On February 21, local time, Paramount announced that Mel Gibson ‘s 1995 self-directed classic war epic film “Brave Heart” will be re-run in Scotland on March 22 and 23, this timeIt was released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film’s release and to commemorate Scotland’s war of independence. The film is based on the court politics of England in the 13th-14th centuries, and it is said that the leader of the Scottish uprising William Wallace and the rulers of England are unyielding and unyielding.The film won the best film and best director at the 68th Academy Awards.The blues in Brave Heart and Robert Bruce are played by Angus McFidden. In addition, the sequel “Bruce Bruce” (the Robert Bruce in both films played by Angus McFidden), which was taken on the historical timeline of “Brave Heart”, can also be used for one night on April 16The screening will be shown.The film tells the story of King Robert Bruce of Scotland.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Huang Jialing school against Wu Xingfa

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Net profit differentiation of listed insurers in the first quarter: China Life Insurance, 3 insurers rose during the safe period
As of the evening of April 29, the first quarterly reports of the five largest A-share listed insurance companies (China Life, Ping An, China PICC, China Pacific Insurance and Xinhua Insurance) have been fully disclosed.Under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the five major insurers have clearly differentiated their net profits from their mothers. China Ping An and China Life Insurance’s two major insurers have dropped by 42%.7% and 34.4%.The remaining three companies have always grown to varying degrees, and China Pacific Insurance increased 53.1%, Xinhua Insurance rose 37.7%, the PICC rose 19%.9%.According to the opinion of the Industrial Securities Research Report, the first-quarter profits of listed insurance companies have a certain differentiation. CPIC has achieved a high profit growth and exceeded market expectations due to the relatively low share of stocks and funds and the decline in handling fees and commission expenses. However, China Life and Ping AnBoth are affected by the investment end and the base number leading to a negative increase in net profit.Listed insurers’ net profit at home is now divided: Ping An, China Life fell the other three rose. Specifically, China Ping An’s net profit at home fell in the first quarter and fell by 42.7% reached 260.6.3 billion US dollars, but the profit from its mother operation still increases by 5 every year.3%.The company admitted in the first quarterly report that due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, operations faced with the obstruction of offline business development, rising credit risk, fluctuations in the equity market, and falling market interest rates.At the same time, the internal and external capital markets have fallen substantially, and the company has implemented new financial instrument accounting standards, and the increase in the gains and losses of changes in fair value has increased, resulting in a decline in the growth of investment income.Indeed, in terms of annualized total investment return rate, China Ping An had only 3 in the first quarter.4%, down from 5 in the same period last year.1% level.China Life’s net profit in the first quarter also fell by 34.4% reached 170.900 million US dollars, the company also said that this is mainly due to the combined impact of the traditional insurance reserve discount rate assumption update and total investment income decline.Among listed insurance companies whose net profit attributable to their mothers increased, China Pacific Insurance had the largest increase, reaching 53.1%.Wanlian Securities Research believes that the high growth is mainly due to the good performance of the investment side.The data shows that China Pacific Insurance’s annualized total investment income increased by 4 in the first quarter.5%.Sauna and Yewang noticed that their shares in equity and equity funds accounted for a total of the first quarter.8%, down by 0 from the end of last year.5 averages.At the same time, the proportion of time deposit investment increased by 0 compared with the end of last year.6 coins, the proportion of investment in “cash, cash equivalents and others” also increased by 1 coin compared with the end of last year.Xinhua Insurance’s net profit growth rate in the first quarter reached 37.7%, the annualized total investment income is injected into 5.1%, increasing by 0 every year.9 single, Everbright Securities research report analysis weighs, the investment growth is expected to be the company’s investment accumulation floating profit in the background of the upward trend of the stock market in 2019, the first quarter of floating profit cashing is now raising high returns;Floating losses are not reflected in profits.At the same time, the proportion of non-standard assets of Xinhua Insurance is higher than the industry average, and it continues to contribute to investment income.The first quarterly report of China People’s Insurance said that the increase in net profit attributable to its mother was mainly due to an increase in investment income.The analysis of Huachuang Securities Research reported that the reason for the expected increase in investment was the timely reduction of positions and the realization of the bid-ask spread.The epidemic affects business personnel offline. The three oldest auto insurance premium locations in the property insurance industry are under the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. The challenges faced by life insurance companies and property insurance companies are also different.The sluggish auto market has affected auto insurance, the main source of premium income.Judging from the quarterly report, in order to cope with the epidemic, life insurance companies have more or less adopted online operations such as online attendance, training, and exhibition industry, while promoting short-term insurance or high-current-priced products that are easier to sell online;Obstructed, it turned to the development of non-auto insurance business.In terms of life insurance business, China Life launched the “air customer service”, which realized multiple services such as online insurance and electronic insurance policies; thus, it also built various live broadcast sharing platforms and strengthened online training and conference operations.China Pacific Insurance also said in its quarterly report that due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, traditional offline life insurance sales, staffing, and basic management activities could not be carried out, which had a significant impact on the development of life insurance business in the short term.In the number reported, the increase in the income of CPIC Life Insurance business decreased by 1.1%.In terms of property and casualty insurance, auto insurance revenue decreased, and the growth of non-vehicle business became a common characteristic of the first three quarters of P & C insurance (People’s Insurance, Ping An Property Insurance and CPIC Property Insurance).According to China ‘s Ping An Quarterly Report, affected by the epidemic, the sales volume of new cars increased significantly, and the premium income of the auto insurance business declined slightly, with a decrease of 2.2%, but non-auto insurance business continued to grow, with premiums previously increasing at 20.9%, every time, accident and health insurance also grew by 19 years.6%.China Pacific Insurance said frankly that new car sales dropped sharply due to the impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, and the auto insurance business was hit in the short term; the suspension of business and production, personnel travel, and logistics and transportation had a relatively weak impact on corporate finance, engineering, tourism, and freight business.But at the same time, the fields of health security, resumption of production and production are also ushering in the possibility of development.According to the report’s baseline, CPIC’s insurance business income increased by 10%.4%, of which non-auto insurance business income exceeded the growth rate by 32.5%, auto insurance fell by 0.5%.PICC P & C also had a similar situation, with its auto insurance premium income falling by 3 in the first quarter.At the same time, at the same time, the insurance premium income of credit guarantee insurance, which lost nearly 2.9 billion U.S. dollars last year, also plummeted by 48% a year, but agricultural insurance, accidental injury and health insurance are still growing.How do the three insurance companies’ outstanding performance support sustainable insurance stocks?It is worth noting that after the disclosure of the report, insurance stocks with better performance in the recent quarterly report gradually merged with the growth.On April 30, as of midday closing, the China People’s Insurance reported a quarterly increase of 2 yesterday.09%; A quarterly report of Xinhua Insurance was disclosed on April 28, and the increase was 3 the following day.6%; China Pacific Insurance issued a quarterly report on April 24, with a suspected increase of 3 on the 27th.1%.This is in stark contrast to the downturn in the first quarter of insurance stocks.Wind data showed that the insurance index fell by 19 in the first quarter.At 87%, the Shanghai Composite Index fell only 9 during the same period.83%, therefore, the insurance index underperformed the broad market by about 10 subdivisions.Thai Stone Investment Managing Director Han Wei reformed the sauna. Yewang explained that the main reasons for the decline in insurance stocks in the first quarter may be threefold. First, insurance stocks were relatively strong last year and are currently expanding; second, investment income from insurance companiesSensitive to the performance of the stock market, insurance stocks will suffer additional repression when the stock market falls; trends, recent stock market adjustments are related to the epidemic, and the market usually thinks that the occurrence of natural disasters and man-made disasters will be detrimental to the short-term performance of insurance stocks.However, at the current time, the dazzling quarterly reports of some insurance companies have given the market great confidence. There is a view that the impact of the epidemic on insurance stocks has already appeared in the quarterly report, and there are many favorable factors to support it.Tianfeng Securities Research reported that the first quarterly report has fully reflected the impact of the epidemic on the denial side. We judge that the subsequent recovery of the offline exhibition industry, the increase in protection demand, and the positive business promotion strategies will bring improved policy sales.At the same time, insurance stocks currently estimate the implied investment rate of return expected, and subsequent improvements in the insurance side will bring an estimated upward repair momentum.Sauna, Ye Wang Pan Yichun Editor Li Weijia Proofreading Li Xiangling

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