Liquor online gambling soars, offline channel recovery still to be tested
Sauna Night News (training reporter Xue Chen) Even in the first quarter of 2020, the overall performance of the major companies in the liquor sector was not satisfactory, but through the recovery of consumption, the market remains positive and optimistic about the continued development of liquor companies.On May 8, liquor stocks also continued the performance of physics continued to rise for several rounds, has been collectively pulled up.It is pointed out that during the May 1st period, the consumer market released positive signals, which to some extent boosted the growth of liquor stocks.Online market pick-up ended at the close of May 8th, 15 of the 19 major listed liquor companies expanded their growth, and the highest growth rate has increased by 4.52%, Guizhou Moutai, Wuliangye and other well-known liquor companies also received 0.2%, 0.7% incremental increase.Other regional liquor stocks also performed well.Preliminary sources pointed out that the major listed liquor companies disclosed the 2019 annual report and the first quarter report of 2020 in succession at the end of April, which is different from the overall first quarter data due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.The situation of steady growth, so through the new coronary pneumonia epidemic situation is gradually controlled, the liquor market will usher in a new round of recovery growth.In fact, the performance of the liquor market on the May 1st holiday has already given a dose of “heart-lifting” to the consumption of liquor for several months.Sauna, Yewang learned from the relevant person in charge of Tmall that in Tmall’s May 5 antique promotion, a total of 210 alcohol brands have grown more than 10 times and 346 brands have grown more than 5 times.Well-known brands have achieved higher growth under the premise of having a higher market share.From the data provided by the person in charge, the reporter saw that Maotai grew by more than 6 times, Fenjiu grew by more than 5 times, and Xijiu grew by as much as 10 times.Another major e-commerce platform,’s alcohol consumption also ushered in a small upsurge during the May Day period.From the data provided by the relevant person in charge of, it can be seen that during the May 1st, all categories of wine and beverages on the platform of have surged.Moutai, Wuliangye, Xijiu, Red Star and other brands belonging to the liquor sector have achieved a two-fold increase over the same period, while Xifeng liquor has grown to 2 at the same time.Doubled, Fenjiu’s growth reached 2 over the same period.5 times.The offline market is still under pressure. There is a point of view that during the May Day period, the consumption of alcohol on the e-commerce platform experienced a high growth. A certain scale is related to the small-scale private activities and the gradual recovery of gatherings such as wedding banquets.However, it should be noted that the e-commerce platform during May 1st has promoted the promotion of antique consumption, especially the high discounts offered by the Tmall 55 promotion, and at the same time must attract consumers to consume alcohol in advance, soHelps to improve data.However, it should be noted that whether the consumption growth brought by e-commerce promotion activities during the May Day period will overdraft the consumption power during the following Dragon Boat Festival and even the Mid-Autumn Festival.The reason why the industry is cautious about the warming of the May 1st online market to promote the recovery of the liquor market is related to the current channel structure of the liquor market.Initial sources pointed out that the current offline channel is still the mainstream of liquor sales, the rapid growth of online channels, but not enough to stimulate the recovery of the entire liquor market.And during the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, a large number of merchants increased the layout of the online platform to mitigate the impact of the epidemic, which does not mean that this will become the normal layout mode of wine distributors.Directly facing consumers and building an offline sales model for alcohol consumption scenarios has remained the mainstream of the alcohol market for quite a long time.Therefore, from the current situation, offline consumption scenarios such as business banquets are still to be restored, and the pressure of offline alcohol sales is still not to be underestimated.Sauna Night Net Trainee reporter Xue Chen edited Xu Jingjing proofreading Li Shihui

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Yao Jinbo: 58 cities are moving towards an era where service income is the mainstay
On May 8th, 58 antiques from the same city were held annually at the “58 Magic Day”.At the press conference, 58 Jincheng CEO Yao Jinbo said that 58 Tongcheng is moving from a platform based on traffic revenue to an era in which service revenue will dominate in the future.According to Yao Jinbo, after more than ten years of development, 58 City has become a company with stable income and profitability.In the last year, the internal BG-based in-depth industry separated the property, recruitment, and automobile businesses.58 The same city is moving from a platform based on traffic revenue to an era where service revenue will dominate in the future, with quality services to promote further growth of traffic.”In the past year, we have increased industry investment and integration in many areas of our main business. We have acquired the used car auction platform Uxinpai. We have also initiated the establishment of 58 Aifang with the World Bank, Tongce, etc.”Yao Jinbo introduced.At present, there are more than 4 billion talented talents in 58 cities. In 58 cities, Anjuke’s second-hand housing service platform covers more than 100,000 real estate brokerage companies nationwide and more than 1 million real estate brokers.The new house online service covers 640 cities across the country, with market shares in more than half of key cities.Yao Jinbo said that as an Internet technology company, he also vigorously develops technological innovation products such as AI, big data, and VR visualization. He hopes that new technologies such as video interviews, VR viewing, and VR viewing will develop better in the connection between merchants and users.The role.58 Data from the same city shows that the ProSense VR tool matrix replaces offline viewing, and a total of 7 million sets of Prospective VR panoramic views have been digitized.Users and brokers can talk to each other across the screen. The average click rate of the VR viewing remote control is 1.53 times, the average stay time is 6 times the average.During the epidemic period, the number of visits of Pro Sense VR users nationwide increased by 500% month-on-month.”This epidemic has accelerated the onlineization of all walks of life for at least three years. Today, almost all small and medium-sized enterprises, no matter you are in a big city, a small or medium city, or even a township, no one will doubt that they must move their business and businessCome to the Internet.”Yao Jinbo thinks.In addition to providing services in the city, 58 Tongcheng has also further focused on the sinking market and content services in the past year. It has launched two new brands-58 Tongzhen and 58 tribe, which has begun an attempt to commercialize.It is understood that during the epidemic, 58 cities announced six major support measures for 10 million merchants on the platform, including the recruitment of special positions for emergency positions, the establishment of special funding assistance policies, and online online tools such as VR / live broadcast, real estate business.Announcing the announcement of one billion support funds.Sauna, Ye Wang Chen Weicheng Editor Wang Jinyu Proofreading Li Shihui

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